Winnie's Poor Neglected Nursery / Big Girl Room


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sooooo by accident I haven't even touched Winnie's poor neglected nursery. Can I even call it a nursery anymore? Her first birthday is creeping up at lightning speed. Waaaah!

I'm feeling a lot of mom guilt about it actually. The poor girl has been staring at bare white walls for months and months. 

There are a few reasons that I haven't made any progress on her room since we repainted and purchased some crib bedding

Reason #1. The days are kinda chaotic with the Coopster running around (and doing about a thousand outfit changes a day), Winnie crawling around (trying to eat every power cord and cable she can find), Lexie barking outside (and sounding like she's going to eat the neighbor's dog for breakfast), and Roary knocking the kids over (trying to steal scraps of food like it's his job). It's fun, buuuuuut it's kind of like we live in crazy-town. 


Reason # 2. I was kinda stumped on the direction that I wanted to go with the room. I was holding out for some more inspiration f-o-r-e-v-e-r and it all kind of came to me over the last few weeks. 

Reason #3. Self-diagnosed A.D.D. The struggle is real.

Here's where we left off. We repainted Cooper's old nursery with a fresh coat of white paint. I relocated the crib across the room in between the windows and purchased some cute bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. That's how the room has looked up until a few weeks ago.

I really liked the idea of the crib centered between the windows. However, the room is so tiny that it didn't leave a lot of room or options for furniture placement. I relocated the crib back to it's original spot in the opposite corner of the room.

I would have loved to do a wall of horizontal, white planks (they're my favorite) but I didn't want to rope Alex into another big project at the moment since he's still finishing up the trim-work in our side entry. 

So. I kept thinking and thinking (obsessing?) about the adorable raindrop wall that Young House Love did in Clara's room. I decided to use the best form of flattery there is - yup - straight up copying!

I ordered some vinyl color samples from Leen the Graphics Queen since I've heard nothing but great things about her Etsy shop. I pulled five colors from Winnie's baby quilt and asked if the shop could custom make some 1.5" x 3" raindrops. They said yes and they are being shipped as we speak!

Quilt - Pottery Barn Kids

Custom Wall Decals - Leen the Graphics Queen

Once I made that decision everything else kind of came together. Here's where I'm heading with Winnie's nursery / big girl room. I'm going for a light, airy, whimsical, cottage vibe.

Light, Airy, Whimsical, Cottage Girl's Room Idea Board

Since I'm doing this little makeover on a budget I'm going to be reusing the round, jute rug and white, slip-covered armchair that were used in Cooper's nursery.

Jennylund Armchair - Ikea

Jute Rug - Natural - Pottery Barn

I looooooove this blue wire wall storage basket. I used it for inspiration when I picked up a powder blue, wire floor basket from Homesense to corral stuffies and dollies. Awwww, stuffies and dollies.

Blue Wire Basket Inspiration - This Modern Life

Adorable Stuffie Inspiration - Hazel Village

When I was cleaning out my front closet I found an old slate chalkboard that I used for a few photo sessions. I think I'll use it on one of the existing wall shelves.

Slate Chalkboard Inspiration - Source Unknown

We really need some more storage in the room so I've been on the hunt for a nice, tall dresser that will fit between the two windows. I've been using this one for now but three drawers is just not cutting it. The girl's got a lot of ruffled butt pants. 

I love the character of old / antique pieces of furniture but we just couldn't seem to find any that we really liked locally. After months of looking on Kijiiji we finally decided to just go with the Hemnes, six-drawer dresser from Ikea that Alex would pick up on his next work trip to Toronto. 

Then! Two days ago Alex found a listing for an antique, solid oak dresser. It's perfect!

Antique Dresser Gonna Get a Makeover

We're loading up the kiddos and picking it up tonight. Tip: you've gotta start the kids early on antique furniture finding adventures.

I'll also need some kind of lamp for cozy story-time. I love this simple white lamp from The Land of Nod. I'm not digging the price ($80 CAD for just the base) but I just saw a similar one at Wal-Mart for $30. I'll have to run back and snag it when I get my weekly allowance.

White Lamp Inspiration - The Land of Nod

Easily accessible (and durable) toy / book storage is a must. I want to use some woven baskets and wooden bins to warm up the space. I already found some boxes from Homesense that are soooooo cute. I'll make sure to share some pictures in my next-ish post.

Wooden Storage Inspiration - Serena and Lily

Woven Basket Inspiration - Pottery Barn

I found a super cute art print that I'm going to order when the next weeks' weekly allowance comes in. I love when things look cute enough to eat. Was that cheesy? I think that was cheesy.

Ice-Cream Watercolor Art Print - Kelly Ventura - Etsy

My last idea (for today) is curtain fabric. I've scoured all ends of the internet for something really, really, really cute. The fabric that I keep coming back to is ADORABLE. But it is also super expensive at $44 CAD a yard. Boooooo. 

But I really, really, really, really want it. 

Ruffled Ribbon Fabric - Minted

Ruffled Ribbon Fabric - Minted

Ruffled Ribbon Fabric - Minted

I could get the fabric shipped to my in-laws (they are in Florida right now) to avoid paying international shipping / customs / duties. However, I wouldn't be able to see the fabric in person before purchasing. What are your thoughts?!?!? Oh, I just don't know.

I'm tossing around a few other project ideas that I will of course share if they ever, you know, actually happen. 

For now, I am super pumped that I've got some decisions made and cute projects in the works. Let's hear it for a wall of colorful raindrops and a soon-to-be freshly painted dresser! 

Woot woot!

P.S. My little Coopster deserves mad props today. He just sat at the dining room table and put together a 48 piece Spiderman puzzle by himself while I worked on this post. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Boy genius? 


Our Exterior Side Entry - Before and After


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Can you even believe that it's the middle of January?!?!?!? Sorry if I'm late to the party but Happy New Year and yay and let's make 20 resolutions together that we will try our best to keep but will probably forget about in three weeks' time.


We had a fabulous Christmas (we were all super duper spoiled by friends and family) and had a nice, quiet week afterward to relax and putter around the house with lots of coffee and the playing of toddler board games. I am very good at Operation, btw. Who would've thought!?! 

Before the holidays I was able to make the last few changes to our exterior side entry. I thought I would document it here today that I actually, for once in the last four years, finished a project from start to finish with the exception of a mailbox

In my original post in 2013 (cough, cough) I shared how our side entry was the royal pits and was in dire need of a makeover. 

Our Exterior Side Entry is the Royal Pits and Needs a Makeover

With a little bit of elbow grease (sanding, primer, paint) it was starting to look a tad better.

We had a bit of trouble finding a light fixture that would still leave clearance for an outward swinging storm or screen door if we decided to replace our old one. We eventually found one for a great price at a local lighting store. We also replaced the exterior door with an inexpensive, off-the-shelf option from Home Depot. I wasn't sure whether to leave it white or paint it a dark grey. 

After weighing in with my dearest readers I painted it charcoal!

Charcoal Painted Door Love

Once the door was painted I was left with the fun stuff. I was on the hunt for house numbers, a welcome mat, a wreath, a black planter, some greenery, and a mailbox. 

With the exception of the mailbox (there isn't much of a selection in the middle of winter!) I pretty much found everything I was looking for. 

I dragged a planter from the backyard and filled it up with pine and cedar boughs, birch sticks, and faux berries. 

I went to eight, yes EIGHT different stores trying to find the perfect welcome mat. I had all but given up when I found this adorable one with the exact colour of grey that I painted the door! I'm so glad I held out on that one. 

I dug around in my stash and found a wreath that I already had. I adhered it to the window with a single command hook. 

In order to save some $$$ I decided against the slate address plaque and got a set of simple, black house numbers from Lowe's. I love how big they are!

And lastly, I gave the side window box a coat of matching paint and filled it with simple greenery.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Now all I need is a little black mailbox. I certainly won't mind shopping around for that in the spring.

Black Planter - Real Canadian Superstore
Wreath - Local Home Decor Store
Welcome Mat - Local Home Decor Store
Light Fixture - Local Lighting Store
Exterior Door Hardware - Weiser Ashfield Handle-Set - Lowe's

Thanks for reading my first post of 2016. One of my 20 resolutions is to be more on top of my junk and, you know, post more. We'll see how long it lasts.......


Christmas Stuff


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Remember how I was going to be all super mom-ish and sew a giant bean bag chair as a gift for Coops on Christmas morning?

Bahahahahahaha. That was funny.

I was able to decorate a few little spots around the house. It helps to have a few areas that look pretty and tidy and not strewn with superheros, pirate hats, and mini hockey sticks.

It's funny because I tidy our living room about 50 times a day and it never fails that two minutes later I'll turn around and it looks like this:

Keepin' it real, yo.

I try not to stress about it. We did have an epic game of sit-in-the-tiny-chair basketball and my pink suitcase is packed to the brim with toys "FOR CAMP!!!!" even though we're not going again until the spring.


So. Back to Christmas stuff. I decorated my dining room shelves pretty much the same as last year. Except I made a few small changes. Like, a different white pitcher. Sparkly pine cones instead of plain. A strand of red berries. White pine boughs instead of fir. Why mess with a good thing, am I right?  

We had our Christmas tree up three weeks before Christmas this year! I even remembered to water it every day. We got a Fraser fir again. It's pretty.

My little Coopster was VERY into the decorating this year. He's got some pretty good skillz as you can tell from the next picture. Hee hee.

Since we have four Christmas stockings this year (hey Winnie!!!) I wasn't able to fit them on our tiny stair railing. I decided to try hanging them under our dining room window. They were looking pretty cute. Until....... little decorator decided that the S for my name needed to be decorating somewhere else. It hasn't been seen since. I searched high and low all over the house because I want Santa to be able to find my stocking if-you-know-what-I'm-saying. I made an emergency trip to Michael's to buy another matching S and could you believe that they had every single letter except for S. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I started to have a mini panic attack in the middle of the aisle. I did what every person with no free time and a to-do list a mile long does. I bought four different letters, repainted them in chalk paint, conditioned them all with chalk, and rehung them so that they all matched. Phew.

Well, that's about it for now. I only have to finish wrapping gifts, do groceries, prepare my appetizers for Christmas Eve (we're having my side of the family over for appetizer night, nom nom nom), finish my Christmas baking, make homemade ornaments with Cooper, sew a bean bag chair, and clean my entire house. I've got time, right?

See you in 2016 my friends! I hope your Christmas is all lovely and stuff. :)

If you want to check out some other Christmas posts here are a few oldies!

What We've Been Working On - Part Two


Friday, December 4, 2015

In my last post, What We've Been Working on Part One, I shared that we've been tinkering away on some random projects around the house. 

One of the bigger things that we've been working on has been our side entry - but the inside this time! You'll be able to see in the next few pictures that it is a super tight area that we use many, many, many times a day. I'm sure you can imagine the wear and tear the space takes on a daily basis with two adults, a little boy, a baby, and two dogs coming in and out often at the same time. My face is starting to twitch just thinking about it. 

I shared a long time ago that the original house had the exterior door open right onto the stair landing. The previous owners added on a teeny, tiny (12 square foot) addition with a little cubbie for coats and shoes. 

While I'm grateful that we have a little bit of extra space, the previous owners used a real mishmash of materials. In that one little space there was painted brick, painted plywood paneling, and textured plaster. They had a window, trim, and baseboards that didn't match the rest of the house. The entry also had very old Berber carpeting that was stained and unraveling. I took a picture but can't even share it because it is SO bad. Okay I'll show you but just know that it hurts to look at it.

Oh man, I am dying from all of the ugliness right now.

I tried and tried to convince Alex that we needed to gut the entire area and start from scratch with new drywall, a new window, new trim, new flooring, new wainscoting, etc. However, my pleadings were flat-out denied.

Oh yes. We just bought a cottage ($$$$$). And we still aren't finished the basement. And we still haven't finished our ugly kitchen upgrades. And our storage room in the basement looks like an episode from Hoarders and needs to be emptied and organized. And I'm in the middle of three sewing projects and five painting projects. And, and, and, and.

So, we're doing a quick and cheap rehab instead: new paint, new flooring, new baseboards, new exterior door trim, and a new light fixture. 

A few weekends ago the boys got to work ripping the carpet out. 

I wrangled the baby, took pictures, made coffee, and of course did a little happy dance.

Cooper made sure he was prepared for work with his construction hat, soccer t-shirt, pajama bottoms, and Buzz Light-Year wings.

Don't you just love old houses when you pull up old carpeting to find about ten layers of different flooring glued on top of each other?!?!?!?! So awesome.

Once the carpet was ripped up, we cleared everything out and got ready for paint. I have no idea what went through my mind five years ago when I decided to paint our side entry a medium shade of green in a small space with minimal natural lighting. Oy.

We decided to carry the basement colour all the way up the stairs and into the entry. It's called Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore and I looooooove it. It's light, bright, and not green!

We've finished painting the walls and ceilings and are getting ready to repaint all of the existing white trim. 

Alex spent last weekend figuring out all the cuts for the laminate flooring that he will be installing SOON. I can't wait. It's the same flooring that we used in the basement. We had quite a bit leftover anyway. Score!

Quick-Step Reclaime - Mocha Oak

I've got googly eyes when I look at this picture. 

Once the new flooring is down Alex can reinstall the door trim and baseboards. Then I'll be able to add some fun touches like curtains for the window and coat cubby, new hooks, a cute carpet, etc.

I don't have any great after pictures for you today, BUT I will show you the cute light that I found to replace the bare bulb that we've had for three years.

Light Fixture - Lowe's

Tada! Cute, right?

I wish I could tell you that I'll be back with some after pictures in a few days. Unfortunately due to something I like to call 'the old house phenomenon' the floors are too uneven to put the laminate down as is. Alex will need to do some leveling first.

Fingers crossed that the majority of this redo will be finished by Christmas? New Years?



P.S. Please tell me there is a spot in your home that is beyond hideous like our side entry was? It will make me feel better about sharing these pictures.
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