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21 Entryway Rugs for a Stylish and Inviting Entrance

The Best Entryway Rugs

Rugs make the doors or covered area more gorgeous. But are rugs a good way to protect your floors?

If you are thinking of buying the cheapest rug without even considering the requirements and footfall of your room or door, the last thing you want is to ruin the rug and money.

So how to select good quality rugs?

Rugs are a great way to protect your floors and trap dust. To select the high-quality rug, you must consider factors such as how frequently you have to walk over the rug, where you will place it, outdoors as a doormat, or in the room to protect the floor. The backside of the rug should offer a non-slippery grip and experience for safety.

In this post, we have covered the 21 best entryway rugs classifying if they are a good fit for high-traffic areas or low-traffic areas, with several other features.

1. Pottery Barn Anti-Slip Backing Rug

If you are looking for a flexible and durable rug, a Pottery Barn rug is the best choice. This rug offers all the features of a rug. This is protective for your floor and easier to clean. Since it is woven from recycled polyester, it resists stretching. Pottery Barn is durable and can last long even if your doorway has more traffic than the average.

This rug has slip-resistant backing. You can shake it up to remove the dust, and it will refresh within a few minutes after a few shakes.

The only downside of this rug is it is not water-resistant, hence not the best choice for rainy days and wet weather. But depending on your door-traffic area, this rug is the best choice.

Pottery Barn Anti-Slip Backing Rug

2. Indoor Doormat Entryway Rug

If you are looking for an affordable entryway rug that is lightweight and offers many features, this indoor doormat rug is a great fit. It is a perfect replacement for the Pottery Barn if the price is the main factor in selecting the best rug. This rug offers a nonslip backside which makes it a safer choice.

This doormat is easier to clean and dry. The top firm pile offers a great walking experience over it, making it easier to clean the feet and shoes. The variety in color selection further makes it a good choice to select the doormat to match your room’s interior aesthetics.

Indoor Doormat Entryway Rug

3. Safavieh Rag Rug

This rug is affordable, and you can use it for multiple purposes like a door mat, kitchen floor area, and dining room. The Safavieh Rag rug is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable multipurpose rug. You can easily wash it in the machine and select the size and color of the rug according to your requirements. Their rustic appearance keeps them fresh by hiding the tearing fabrics of woven well.

The downside is their thin appearance makes them shrinkable, affecting the size of the area they cover. Order a bit larger size. The good side of this thinness and softness is these rugs are soft and comfortable to walk over.

Safavieh Rag Rug

4. U’Artlines Boho Chic Rug

If you are looking for an affordable rug suitable for both the outdoors and indoors and has quick drying abilities, U’Artlines Boho Chic rug is a good choice.

This rug is durable. And the synthetic fibers of the rug make it odor resistant. The rug is versatile, super affordable, and stain resistant and is a perfect fit for your door placement. Along with so many abilities, this rug is also attractive, so it is not going to affect your home’s interior aesthetics.

The rug can dry itself quickly, making it hygienic from moisture and related issues. The downside is the rug is not a softer one, but the good thing is it can easily catch the dust and dirt of shoes and footwear.

U’Artlines Boho Chic Rug

5. Best Splurge Rug

If you are looking for a rug that offers you dirt-disguising abilities and provides a luxurious look to your door floor area, this jute blend rug is perfect. This rug is the best splurge. This rug is thick and woven from natural jute. It is suitable for the high traffic zone of the door and lasts for a longer period.

The rug pattern makes it easier to hide dust and stains. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning purpose regularly beyond removing the dust just by shaking it up. The downsides of this rug are nonslip backsides, so you have to attach the rug pad to overcome this weakness. Overall this best splurge is a good choice if you want a quality rug that will last longer.

Best Splurge Rug

6. Sierra Concepts High Traffic Entryway Rug

If you are looking for a perfect rug for the high-traffic door area where people frequently use the door, this Sierra Concepts doormat is perfect. The rubber grip of this entryway rug mat offers a nonslip backside, making it safer to use on smooth floors, tiles, or even hardwood. So you don’t have to buy the rug pad separately, which marks it affordable.

This rug comes in a set of two pieces. It is super affordable and a perfect fit if you are looking for a smaller doormat. The thin rubber hairs easily trap the sand particles, mud, and other junk.

Sierra Concepts High Traffic Entryway Rug

7. Hand-Woven Jute Entryway Rug

The hand-woven rug has natural jute fiber which makes it a great option to place under frequent walking areas such as the door, kitchen, and dining room. You can select the color according to your room interior to maintain aesthetic vibes. This rug is flexible and has a delicate and flat appealing appearance.

You can easily clean it by shaking or vacuuming it. The downside of this rug is it is not highly water resistant, making it vulnerable to wet and humid days, and the color fades away gradually. But when needed, you can clean the spot area with less water.

Hand-Woven Jute Entryway Rug

8. Threshold Woven Runner Entryway Rug

Suppose you are looking for a comfortable and durable door entryway rug that is most suitable for high traffic. Threshold woven runner rug is the best choice. The latex cotton backside of this rug makes it a great choice by offering a good traffic threshold when you are looking for comfortable footwear.

This rug has durable jute fibers, and the other thing is this rug is handmade, so a great option while walking or running barefoot over it. The neutral hue of jute offers you to place it outside of any door without affecting the aesthetic and the beauty. This rug can handle frequent foot traffic and is suitable for high-use areas.

The downside of this rug is you can’t wash it, as the handmade weave can loosen its knot grip and fray if you try to vacuum it. But the good thing is you can easily remove the dirt and dust by shaking and beating it.

Threshold Woven Runner Entryway Rug

9. Woven Cotton Rug

If you are looking for a suitable textured pattern rug that goes well with your doors or even room areas? This Dash and Albert Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug is worth trying. It doesn’t affect your room’s interior and center of attractions.

The texture and pattern of the rug make it easier to hide stains and unwanted marks well, keeping it fresh for a longer time and making it suitable for bedrooms and kitchen areas.

The downside is light colors in the rug don’t allow its use in the high-traffic door areas, as the dirt and junk will make a mess. Also, this rug shrinks after washings, so you must order larger pieces according to your requirements.

Woven Cotton Rug

10. Dexi Durable Door Mat

If you are looking for an entryway rug of higher quality that can cover your entire door width area, Dexi durable door mat is worth trying, and it is a great choice. This doormat is available in various sizes and colors. You can easily pick up the one according to your home interior preferences.

The rubber backside makes it nonslippery and a great choice for safety. The polypropylene fibers make it a great fit for outdoors by offering greater tensile strength. This entryway rug doormat is suitable for high-traffic door areas because of the higher tearing resistance.

Dexi Durable Door Mat

11. Dirt-Resistant Rug

If you are looking for a rug suitable for stain and dirt resistance, this rug is the best choice for dirt-priority rugs. The design and attractive pattern adds creativity to the front of your door, becoming the center of attraction. This rug is suitable for high-traffic door areas, and the polyester and polypropylene fibers of the rug make it easier for it to retain dirt and dust with its tight woven grip.

The only downside of this rug is the plastic feel surface is not softer, but this makes it a great choice for shoe cleaning. The good side is this rug is great at water resisting and mud, making it a perfect choice for doors that estimates more dirt.

Dirt-Resistant Rug

12. Ruggable Hallway Runner

If you are looking for a longer rug that can be used halfway to the door or the kitchen floor area, a Ruggable halfway runner is a great choice. This rug offers elegant and timeless looks and goes well with the home indoors area. The rug sustains well in the high foot traffic area of doors or kitchen, making it a perfect choice to use in frequent walking usage areas of your home.

You can choose the color of the rug among a wide variety of options available according to your requirement. The good side is you can easily wash this rug in the machine without any hassle and fear of tearing or losing the grip of the woven.

Ruggable Hallway Runner

13. Ruggable Kamran Runner Rug

If you are looking for a rug that is a perfect fit for your pets and easily washable, Ruggable Kamran Runner rug is a great choice. You can easily wash it in the machine without any fear of tearing up. This rug is a great fit if you have to face the consistent situation of muddy paws of your pets or muddy feet of your kids. This rug has strain-resistant features and water-resistant fibers, making it a good choice for muddy areas.

The downside of this rug is, with time, the color fades out, so it is not suitable for zones where UV rays exposure is higher. If you are thinking about a large-size rug to place in front of your door, it will turn out to be heavy.

Ruggable Kamran Runner Rug

14. Thinner Low-Pile Water Resistant Rug

This thinner low-pile rug is easily washable because of its thin appearance and structure. The rug is suitable for fewer traffic areas like bedrooms, workout area mats, or light furniture areas. For support, you can use the rug pad that comes along with it, so you don’t have to invest money in buying a separate one.

The rug fiber is water-resistant, durable, and suitable for outdoor low-traffic areas. The nonslippery backside makes it safer to use. The downside is this rug takes time to settle on the floor as a flat surface and is more expensive.

Thinner Low-Pile Water Resistant Rug

15. Best Water-Resistant Entryway Rug

If you are looking for the most durable entryway rug that is water-resistant and lasts longer, even on rainy days, the Woven Kitchen Mat rug is a good choice.

This rug is made up of polyester fibers that are knitted together by hand woven. The appearance is attractive and creative and is a suitable option to use without affecting the beauty of your doors. The synthetic fibers make it shed-resistant and a perfect choice for high-traffic doors.

The downside of this rug is there is no anti-slipping backside, making it risky to use without the rug pad. So you have to invest separately to buy the rug pad.

Best Water-Resistant Entryway Rug

16. Entryways Aegean Cotton Rug

Looking for a rug that offers you the comfort of cotton and is perfect for door usage if you have small kids or toddlers in your home?

This entryways Aegean Cotton entryway rug is worth trying. It is made up of natural cotton fibers that don’t affect or irritate the soft skin while walking over it. Apart from the soft fiber, this rug is malleable and gentle.

You can easily wash it in the machine without affecting the woven and color shades. Apart from the door mats, you can use this rug for more purposes, such as a sitting doormat or playing mat, especially for your kids. In this case, buy extra pieces for them.

Entryways Aegean Cotton Rug

17. Ombre Wool Rug

This rug provides a soft feel of comfort along with the luxurious vibes in your room or doors. So if you are looking for a rug that can provide the warmth of softness, the Ombre wool rug is worth trying. The fibers of this rug are a hundred percent woolen, making the rug easier to spot-clean with water. The cotton backside makes it non-slippery and safer to use.

The downside is this rug is not a good fit for door mats and heavy furniture. But that doesn’t affect its features and push it in the usage of suitable for room and kitchen.

Ombre Wool Rug

18. Best Washable Entryway Rug

If you are looking for a rug that is easy to clean and wash along with its durability, This Ruggable washable entryway rug is a perfect choice. The removable rug pad makes it sleek and easy to washable directly in the machine.

This rug also looks modern doormat in front of your door, with a touch of minimalism. The stain and water-resistant abilities keep it fresh and clean for a long time.

The only downside of this rug is it is thin, and you may not feel anything beneath your feet while walking over it.

Best Washable Entryway Rug

19. Boho Runner Rug

The trend has its benefits, which are often looked at according to most of the demands. The entryway rug trends are no different. If you are looking for a rug that is trendy and offers you chic look vibes with utilities in an affordable range, This Boho Runner Rug is worth trying.

This rug provides the comfort and softness of cotton blends and gives the vibe that it consists of wool. But this rug is a blend of both. The neutral hues make this suitable to pair well with your door areas without affecting the aesthetics or beauty.

You can easily wash and dry this rug. This rug is a perfect fit for not only the door mat but for narrow frequent usage areas like in front of the bed floor, kitchen area, and office table.

Boho Runner Rug

20. Best Traditional Area Rug

If you are looking for a rug that is smaller and also adds a traditional look to the front of your door, the Lahome collection traditional area rug is a great choice. This rug is a perfect fit if you want to place it in a smaller area. This rug is stain and water-resistant. The nonshedding features make it highly durable and suitable for frequent use.

This rug also takes time to become flat on the floor surface, which is approx two weeks.

The downsides of this rug are it will get wrinkles with time affecting its appearance. This rug is not going to hold the dust. You have to clean it frequently or vacuum it to keep it fresh. But the best thing is the fibers of this rug will not shed.

Best Traditional Area Rug

21. Safavieh Milan Shag

The luxurious rug looks on an affordable budget, making this super slug plush entryway rug a great choice. This Safavieh Milan Slag rug provides a good under-the-foot experience making it a great choice for the kids playing room.

The polypropylene primary fibers don’t irritate the skin, and the backside offers a great non-slipping surface experience making it a safer option.

This rug trap dirt easily, but the downside is it is not easier to clean because of the high-trapping fibers woven. The rug is also expensive, but it is worth trying and offers value.

Safavieh Milan Shag

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to use the best quality rugs in the affordable range, and selecting the one according to frequent usage, traffic area, non-slippery backside, cleaning, and washing factors is a way to buy the most suitable rug for your floor. Or door.

This post showed you the 21 best entryway rugs for 2023 so that you can use the best rugs for your doors and floors. This post has covered the best choice of rugs to the best rug for washing purposes, from the best splurge to the best hallway runner, from traditional area rugs to the water-resistant rug, and more.

If you are looking for more ways to select the best products for your home and strategies to make it more creative and beautiful, sign up and get our best strategies sent to your inbox.

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