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21 Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen


Every food lover and cook adores the spices in their kitchen, but smartly storing them is difficult. While cooking, you struggle with picking up the particular spices from many spice containers, often messing with the quantity.

What’s worse is when you have handy spice storage jars, but once the cooking is complete, you must find space again to rearrange them because of the lack of smart spice storage racks.

No worries, We have curated this list of 21 pull-out spice rack ideas to help you organize your spices and spice containers smartly and smoothly to improve your pre and post-cooking experience.

In this post, we have covered the pull-out spice rack for cabinet, from built-in spice rack ideas to rotating spice racks, from auto-measure spice jar racks to back door spice jar racks, from acrylic to creative designer spice racks, from industrial style touch to hang magnetic pull-out spice rack for cabinet and much more.

1. Built-In Spice Rack

If spices are the most adored essentials for you while cooking, having a built-in space pull-out spice rack is worth it. The great benefit of this spice rack is that it doesn’t consume additional space in your kitchen. You can incorporate or build this type of pull rack in the wall while designing the kitchen.

The built-in rack looks aesthetic and offers a seamless experience while picking up particular spices. The visibility will make it easier for you to reach out to the particular spice box easily. You can use the small transparent spice jars for more storage and a better experience.

Built-In Spice Rack

2. Revolving Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

The portable and hassle-free pull-out spice rack for cabinet idea is the one that offers you comfort and easy accessibility when you need particular spices. So this revolving or rotating spice rack will help you pick up spice jars when needed. The spice jars are transparent, making it easier to check the spices without opening them.

On the other hand, the glass jar storage packaging makes your spices long-lasting without affecting their quality, odor, and taste in the long run. You can easily store the spices in this rack without worrying for the next five years. All these features make this spice rack good quality and affordable.

Revolving Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

3. Free Standing Spice Rack

If you have already designed your kitchen and need extra space, this spice rack idea is for you. When Your cupboards are full, add the spice rack separately. In this case, the freestanding pull-out spice rack will help you provide enough space for storage.

You can store from small to large spice jars on the freestanding rack according to your requirements. Many of these freestanding spice racks offer the comfort of a turning mechanism where you can easily change the turning side and position of spices while looking for them, saving you time too.

Free Standing Spice Rack

4. U-Shaped Spice Rack

For the sleek and stylish design that offers maximum storage, a U-shaped spice rack is a perfect idea. In this pull-out spice rack, you can add layers according to your requirements, like a single-layer spice rack or double or triple layers. This U-shape spice rack can stretch and expand to fit your kitchen cabinets in the side walls.

The bottom surface of the u-shaped spice rack offers enough grip to hold the spice containers and great stability. The non-slip area allows you to store maximum spice jars in the U-shaped spice rack. This spice rack is customizable according to storage space and affordable price.

U-Shaped Spice Rack

5. Back Door Spice Rack

If your kitchen cupboard is full or you want to create a hidden spot for your spice jars, creating a back door spice rack is worth trying at every cost. This back door spice rack idea will help you save extra kitchen space. This back door spice rack will also help you to organize the things and kitchen containers in the kitchen interior theme and doesn’t affect the aesthetic theme of the inside view of the Kitchen.

You can create the spice rack in the backdoor of the kitchen cupboard or the big shelves already incorporated in your kitchen design. It is easier to install, and you can easily store the small nonglass spice jars.

Back Door Spice Rack

6. Under-Shelf Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

This under-shelf spice rack looks smarter and helps you save lots of time. This under-shelf pull-out spice rack for cabinet is perfect, especially when you need clever and modern storage space. The good thing about this storage space is you can easily slide and change the location of the spice rack when not needed or according to the requirements.

Depending on the spice jar container size and quantity, you can add more spice racks to store more containers. This under-shelf pull-out spice rack for the cabinet is easy to relocate by sliding the whole rack attached to the shelf and offers a pull-out spice rack for cabinet feature.

Under-Shelf Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

7. Auto Measure Spice Rack

The desire to have a spice jar that helps you to pick up the spice quantity automatically to make things much easier for you is valid. You can make it real with the auto-measure spice rack. The spice jars of this rack are pleasing and maintain the aesthetic vibes in your kitchen. These auto-measure spice jars have eight glass jars and the installed rotating jars base.

The auto-measure spice rack also offers the comfort and opportunity to install another rotating base to double the spice rack according to your requirement. It is easier to pick up the spice from this spice jar, as on shaking the jar, it will automatically dispense the one-fourth tablespoon jar. So you don’t need to open the jar to pick up the spice. Thus, this spice rack will save you lots of time.

Auto Measure Spice Rack

8. Ever-Popular Spice Rack

If you are okay with creating small shelves in the kitchen walls with wooden racks, this idea is worth trying. This popular spice rack is like the Scandi style in look and vibes. The spice rack is installed with the birch wood theme and is perfect for the pared theme style kitchen.

This spice rack idea will help you save space in the kitchen, which is impossible in spice racks like freestanding spice racks. On the other hand, it also allows you to store as many spices as you want. You can add a rack in the wall when you need more spice storage jars to keep or organize.

Ever-Popular Spice Rack

9. Hang Magnetic Spice Jars

If you want an aesthetic yet clever spice jars container display, trying out the hang magnetic spice jars idea is worth it. You can stick these magnetic spice jars in your fridge, the kitchen shelf, or the cabinet drawer according to your comfort. These spice jars not only help pick up easy spice with their visibility, but they also help save space in your Kitchen.

These spice racks come in hexagonal shapes, and they are tightly golf and fit with magnetic forces like the honeycomb structure. The strong magnetic force of the complete spice rack holds all jars or containers in one place and offers great stability without any slippery issues.

Hang Magnetic Spice Jars

10. Wall Unit Spice Rack

If you are looking for another smarter idea that offers great freedom to store big spice jar containers, then the wall unit spice rack is worth trying. You can install this pull-out spice rack while designing your Kitchen or incorporate it later in the kitchen wall. The smart finish of the wall unit pull-out spice rack helps you to fit the spice jars and big spice contents seamlessly.

The theme also goes well with the fixtures of your kitchen interior and does not affect the aesthetic or creativity. The good thing about the wall unit space is you can either create a whole new storage space during the kitchen design or renovation, to make your storage or spice storage space highly stable.

Wall Unit Spice Rack

11. Base Unit Spice Rack

This type of spice pull-out rack is incorporated into the bottom part of the Kitchen. You can incorporate it in the shelf, behind the door, or even the kitchen cabinets separately by making space for spice jars on the side wall that is no longer in use.

This base unit pull-out spice rack for cabinets can also incorporate in the center counterparts of cabinets in the kitchen, which store big items. Once you choose the cabinet doors or push the drawers inside, empty side walls are the smart way to utilize and create the spice racks. You can smartly utilize them as the pull-out spice rack.

Base Unit Spice Rack

12. The Flip-Down Spice Rack Idea

This spice rack is handy when you want to adjust or renovate your existing spice storage organizer. This flip-down design spice storage rack helps to save lots of space in your Kitchen and offers great storage availability of spices and containers. You can easily insert and fix this flip-down design theme in your spice jar organizer.

The flip-down trays are inserted and fixed separately in each drawer. The good thing about this type of spice storage is you can buy flip-design trays in customizable size and design according to your spice rack organizer and the spice jars or bottle you use.

The Flip-Down Spice Rack Idea

13. Industrial Style Rack

The uniqueness of this rack comes into the limelight when you need a professional approach or are looking for a spice rack idea to help you organize things neatly and professionally. In that case, this industrial-style spice rack touch idea is worth trying. You can easily mix your kitchen style with a homely and industrial feeling to bring new vibes to the kitchen theme.

This industrial-style rack comes in a metal base that ensures sufficient security for your spice storage jars. This spice rack fits in the exposed wall by head mounting or full mounting, making it easier to pull out while keeping security in mind.

Industrial Style Rack

14. Acrylic Rack

This acrylic is one of the most personalized and customized spice rack theme ideas. You can choose and pick elements and colors separately from the shape and size to the color and aesthetic look. To create this spice rack, you will need an open shelf, or you can easily convert any open shelf space.

Pick up the spice jars or containers to store the spices. Use the labels to attach the spice names on the spice jars. Insert the spice jars into the open shelf. This new Acrylic spice rack will offer the comfort of easily spice pick up from several spice jars and is also space-saving.

Acrylic Rack

15. Pop Spice Organizer in Drawer

If you want the seamless pull-out spice rack for a cabinet that can hide jars well, this pop spice organizer in drawer idea is worth trying. This spice rack seamlessly fits in the drawer or cabinet, and you can easily store your spice jars in it, and This spice rack offers you the minimalistic kitchen theme vibes and comfort as you can easily hide the spice pull-out rack when you don’t need it.

Also, it is easier to pop up this pull-out spice rack for the cabinet by pulling out the drawer, and spice jars are also easy to access. The organizer of the spice rack offers you a smooth and seamless experience while cooking.

Pop Spice Organizer in Drawer

16. Spinning Countertop Spice Rack

If you prefer a revolving or spinning spice rack, you can also try this spinning countertop spice rack. Till now, you have observed the rotating base spice racks. But this spinning countertop spice rack offers more than just rotating base racks. You can easily organize up to sixteen spice jars or containers in these racks. Also, you can label the spice name on the top cover of boxes or spice jars.

The sleek countertop pull-out spice rack for the cabinet allows you greater stability while storing in a spinning and durable way. If you need more storage space, you can get one more spinning countertop spice rack that can fix on the already one or be placed adjacent to the one spinning countertop spice rack.

Spinning Countertop Spice Rack

17. Pick Up Spice Caddy

Pick up the spice candy if you are looking for a handy and portable spice pull-out rack that is also smaller and easy to relocate; this spice caddy rack idea is worth trying because of its many options. You can always keep the required spice jars while preparing the food or organize the frequently used spice jars in the spice candy rack.

This spice candy rack not only makes portability easier for you but also makes accessibility easier. On the other hand, the spice jar is visible and easy to select while maintaining your Kitchen’s charming looks and vibes.

Pick Up Spice Caddy

18. Glass Test Tube Storage

This small-quantity spice storage idea is fruitful and worth trying if you have a small family or live alone. The glass structure of the test tube spice rack helps you with visibility and easy accessibility while looking for a particular spice. It also helps to store the spice for a longer time without affecting the taste and odor of spices.

On the other hand, the greatest advantage is you no longer need tablespoons to measure the spice unit or pick up the spice from the test tube. Test tube spice storage allows you to take a minimal amount of spice and helps you avoid the wastage of unnecessary spice addition.

Glass Test Tube Storage .jpg

19. Uniform Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet with Labels

If you want the trending pull-out spice rack for cabinets, this uniform spice rack is worth using in your Kitchen. You can use glass jars or containers to store the spice to create a uniform look. If you don’t want to use the glass material, use the transparent spice jars that won’t harm or affect your health in the long run.

If you don’t get the transparent one, you can use the labels or stickers to create a uniform look and write the name of the spices over them, making it easier to pick up the slice jar when needed. This spice rack allows you to store the spice jars in alphabetic code, to make things easier.

Uniform Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet with Labels

20. Four-Tier Pull-Out Spice Rack for Cabinet

Using the organizer is a wise idea to store the maximum spice jars in the drawer or cabinet. So using the four-tier rack organizer in your drawer or cupboard is worth trying, especially to store the spices. This will not only create more space to store the spice jars, but it will also help you to keep the spice jars on eye level and to easily pick up the spice separately without disturbing other spice jars or bottles.

Another good thing about the four-tier pull-out spice rack for cabinet organizers is you can use as many organizer racks as you want according to the spices you use or create enough space in your cupboard. You don’t have to create this separate space for this organizing idea, and you can easily pull out the four-tier spice rack organizer when needed.

Four-Tier Pull-Out Spice Rack for Cabinet

21. Designer Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

If you want a creative way to store spices, a designer pull-out spice rack for cabinets is a perfect choice. It is the deadly combination of both aesthetic and creative approaches that add unique visibility to your Kitchen without affecting the interior design looks of your Kitchen. You can easily store the spice in spice jars or glass bottles.

Smartly organize the spice jars in the designer spice rack by inserting them according to their usage time. You can keep the frequently used spices on the top and least use spices in the middle or bottom layer. Label the top covers of spice jars for easy accessibility.

Designer Pull out Spice Rack for Cabinet

Final Thoughts

Every food lover wants the comfort of picking up certain spices and organizing them hassle free from before cooking to after cooking. Using the right type of pull-out spice rack for cabinets idea and fixing it in the right location in your Kitchen according to the usage and space is the way to get there.

This post showed you twenty-one pull-out spice racks for cabinet ideas that do not require much space and effort to set up. Many pull-out spice racks for cabinet ideas are also affordable, durable, and can last five or more years.

For an easier spice storage journey, an auto-measure spice rack is a perfect choice that automatically helps you to pick up the spice by just shaking the spice jar.

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