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Learn How to Paint Your Stone Fireplace Step-By-Step

How to paint a Stone Fireplace

Paint protects the walls with its coating layers. But can paint be used for the stone fireplace as a coat of protection?

If you are thinking about using regular paint without checking the factors like durability, and heat-resistant capacity, the last thing you want is to ruin everything. Ruin the costly paint, all your efforts of painting the stone fireplace, the room interior around the stone fireplace, and money.

Yes, painting a stone fireplace is easy and worth trying. You must choose the right paint for the painting stone fireplaceand DIY it in the right way, and you will be glad that you did it.

In this post, we have covered how to paint a stone fireplace, what tools you will need, some best tips to select the pain for painting a stone fireplace and more.

Materials and Tools Required for Painting Stone Fireplace

Materials and Tools Required for Painting Stone Fireplace.jpg

Before you start the firestone painting, you will need some paint-related material, such as Painter mask taps to cover the side areas, Old wallpaper or Clothing pieces to cover the floor area, Wax Sheet Paper, and particular paint type according to your preferences like Latex paint, Whitewash, Brick- A new Paint, Sealer or Primer to apply before paint, Older frame, and cover. You will also need Water, Dusting Cloth, Or Broom for cleaning purposes.

You will also need some handy and good-quality tools to utilize the material. Such as Wall Paint Brushes of different sizes Large, Small and Medium, to apply the paint, Wall Paint Roller, Scrub Brush, Buckets for Paint, Paint Trays, Gloves,Goggles, Staining Pads or Sponge, and Stirring Stick to mix up the paint, and the Paint Cleaners to remove the old paint.

1. Preparing for Painting Stone Fireplace

The first thing you must do before painting a stone fireplace is, remove the precious and extra things from the surrounding so they don’t spoil or might not create a disturbance while performing the job.

Use a wider paint mask tape to cover the boundaries of the stone fireplace so you do not end up spilling the paint on the outside walls. Keep an old wallpaper or cloth piece you no longer need on the floor near the Firestone place to save it from paint stains.

Clean the Stone Fireplace.jpeg

2. Clean the Stone Fireplace

The first thing to do before cleaning the stone fireplace is the protection of your eyes. Pick up your Goggles and wear them to avoid further dust or paint itches and damage caused by them.

Pick up a dusting cloth or broom to remove the dust. Use water to clean the Stone Fireplace area. Take the help of a cleaning scrub brush used for harsh surfaces to remove the stubborn particles on the stone fireplace, and wash them off with the help of water. Let the stone fireplace dry.

Then examine the complete area properly for cracks and damage. Repair the larger cracks, if you observe any, with the plaster, liquid cement, or any Latex paint crack healer. Once done, let the repaired parts dry well so they fill the cracks and gaps without falling out, and you are ready to paint the stone fireplace.

stone fireplace.jpeg

3. Right Paint for Painting Stone Fireplace Area

Selecting the right painting color and suitable type for the stone fireplace area is necessary. You have the option form painting the stone fireplace from dark to white and even a brick pattern for a natural look.

  • The Black or darker paint will make your room’s interior dramatic and cozy. It is highly suitable for the inside stone fireplace walls too.
  • A white paint color will light up and brighten up your room. It will give a fresh and natural look to the room’s interior.
  • A Whitewash is different from white paint. It makes the stone fireplace area softer with its thin layer.
  • You can paint the stone fireplace with the Brick-Anew Paint. This will add textures to the room’s interior for a solid look.

For better flexibility and durability, use latex paint on the stone fireplace. Latex has good fade resistance and adhesion on hot area walls too. Use the paint color according to your room’s interior color to make it aesthetic. Along with the paint, select a good primer like Primer and Sealer for rough walls so that the paint lasts longer.

Right Paint for Painting Stone Fireplace Area.jpg

4. Use the Primer to Seal the Painting Stone Fireplace

Before painting the stone fireplace, use the latex primer as a sealer on the rough walls. The job of the sealer is to prevent the rusting and peeling of the top layer of the rough wall, and it prevents the paint from bleeding or peeling. The sealer will soak in unwanted porous and moisture. You can apply the paint evenly and smoothly when the surface becomes dry. Pick up a roller, dip it in the primer or sealer, and roll it over the stone fireplace from the top to the bottom of the wall. Seal the cracks and fine lines with the primer. Use your collection’s smaller and thinnest brush to seal the fine cracks. Wait until the primer is completely dry on the stone fireplace.

latex paint

5. How to Paint the Stone Fireplace

After a few hours, you can test a small part of the stone fireplace to examine if it is dry. Once sure about the primer gets dry, start the painting.

  • Pour the paint into the paint tray from the bucket.
  • Pick up the largest paintbrush or the paint roller to start the job.
  • Don’t apply a thick coating of paint, or else it will be only a waste of paint and money.
  • Use the top-to-bottom approach while painting the stone fireplace.
  • Use the free-style wiggle strokes of a paintbrush in back-and-forth movement to cover and polish the stone fireplace wall.
  • Once done, let it dry.
  • Paint one more coating by repeating the abovementioned process for better durability and stone fireplace wall protection.


6. Cracks and Touch-Up Spots with Painting Stone Fireplace

Once you finish the significant part of the painting on a stone fireplace, it is time to give the finishing touch. Use the smallest brush to fill the hairline cracks and gaps on the stone firewalls. Start sliding the smallest paintbrush between and over the line gaps of each stone on the fireplace wall. Insert the wax paper in the side firewall space area to avoid painting on walls.

Use the larger paintbrush, dip it in the paint tray, and paint the untouched areas left on the side walls. You don’t have to worry about painting it freely when you cover the side wall with wax paper. Remove the wax paper from the corners once the paint starts getting solid yet wet. And your stone fireplace painting is complete.

Cracks and Touch-Up Spots with Painting Stone Fireplace.jpg

7. How to Paint the Surrounding of The Stone Fireplace

This surrounding is made of wood and covers the two zones. One is the area covered with the paint masking tape so you don’t spill paint outside the boundaries. And the other is the cover around the firebox opening.

The very first thing you have to do is, clean the wooden areas with sandpaper. And wipe it off with a wet cloth to remove the dust and stubborn marks. Let it dry for a few minutes. Once dry, use the primer coating and let it dry again. After sealing it with the primer, paint it with a particular paint color of your choice. Keep it in the same tone for aesthetic and a different for contrast. If the stone fireplace is painted white, you can paint it gray, black, or a darker shade for contrast.

How to Paint the Surrounding of The Stone Fireplace.jpg

8. How to Paint the Stone Fireplace Firebox

Once you finish painting the stone fireplace pouter area, don’t forget the inside firebox and inner walls.

The painting process will remain as deceived above for the outer stone fireplace area.

  • Remove the leftover firewood sticks and ash from the firebox.
  • Clean the area properly with the help of a broom or dusty piece of cloth. Then wash it using a scrub brush to remove the stains or clogged smoky marks.
  • Use the primer to seal the walls and let them dry. Once the sealer is dry, it is time to start painting. But don’t use the same painting color type you have used for the outer stone fireplace area.
  • Use high-temperature paint for painting the firebox for better durability. The most suitable painting color for the firebox is black to avoid dirty and shabby stains.
  • After applying it on the stone walls, the high-resistant paint for the stone fireplace has a strong odor. It will remain until the paint does not dry completely on the wall. So for betterment, keep the windows and ventilations open before you start the painting. Use a mask to cover your nose and mouth if you find it hard and irritating to bear the odor of highly resistant paint for the firebox.

How to Paint the Stone Fireplace Firebox

9. Clean up for Complete Painting of Stone Fireplace Finishing

Once you are done painting the stone fireplace, the next thing you must do is clean it. Clean the mess that spread while painting. Seal the painting cans if there is leftover paint. Use the scrub brush to clean the painting brushes with the help of hot water and other paint-cleaning tools. Remove the paint mask tapes you have used in the stone fireplace surroundings as a safety boundary. Remove it just after painting the fireplace, or the paint will start freezing and be difficult to remove.

Pick up the draped clothes you have spread on the floor to avoid paint stains on the floor.

Clean up for Complete Painting of Stone Fireplace Finishing.jpg

The Best Paint Tips for Painting Stone Fireplace and Firebox

If you want the paint to stay on the stone fireplace wall for a long time, use the paint made for particular usage.

  • You can use latex paint for flexibility and durability on Stone Fireplace.
  • If durability is the concern, pick up the paint made up for bricks and masonry.
  • Use high-heat paint over the coating you have done with latex or brick paint for the inside areas of stone fireplace walls.
  • To make the paint stay longer on the outer stone fireplace, use heat-resistant paint coating over the painting.

The Best Paint Tips for Painting Stone Fireplace and Firebox

Paint Technique Selection Tips And Tricks

Before selecting the color suitable for the stone fireplace, decide on the painting technique you want to try. And learn about how to make it ready for the painting purpose so you can paint the stone fireplace.

1. White Washing

Whitewashing makes the stone fireplace area softer. It is a thin layer of white limestone paint. Whitewashing protects the rough wall, is easy to apply, and provides a light glow with time.

To make the whitewash ready for paint, create a mixture by adding water. Keep the ratio of whitewash and water 1:1 and mix it well so that the whitewash powder doesn’t sit down, leaving the water alone. Once the mixture is ready, test it by painting a smaller area. If you want more thickness in painting a stone fireplace, add more whitewash powder to the mixture without extra water. Paint as deceived above in the how to paint stone fireplace section. And wipe away the excess whitewash paint with the staining pads.

2. Solid Painting Color

Solid painting stone fireplace has a thick layer compared to whitewashing. The coating of solid painting color covers the stone fireplace area very well, where you can’t identify what stone is used behind the paint coating.

You do not have to mix water in the solid paint. The thing it needs for setting is primer. Then paint the stone fireplace with the solid latex paint as described above.

3. Brick Anew Stone Paint

If you want to keep your stone fireplace natural, as the stone looks itself but want to make it aesthetic with painting color, Brick A New Stone Paint color is worth trying. It offers a lighter look to the hash layer of the stone fireplace. This paint color is latex type, which comes in three to five color shades depending on the brand you will pick for painting the stone fireplace of your home.

The Brick-ANew paint kit comes already in the prepared form. You do not have to prepare it separately for painting the stone fireplace. Simply follow the above-described steps of how to paint a stone fireplace for this type of painting technique.

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to paint their stone fireplace to make it better, aesthetic, and protective, and selecting the right paint for the stone fireplace to paint the stone fireplace in the right way is the way to get there.

This post showed you what you need before painting the stone fireplace, how you prepare for the painting, the surroundings of the stone fireplace, how to clean the targetted area and the process and directions for painting the stone fireplace.

This post has also covered how to add the finishing touch and the best tips for paint selection for the stone fireplace and inside area. This post also covered some paint selection techniques to help you get the most out of the DIY painting stone fireplace job.

If you are looking for more ways to make your home interior aesthetic and creative with the easy DIY steps, sign up and get our best strategies sent to your inbox.

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