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Setting Plaster Color by Farrow and Ball: A Honest Review

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster Color Review

When it’s about home decor, we all want to experiment every once in a while, but since choosing the correct wall paint or plaster shade is a crucial decision, one must be careful while experimenting.

Amidst all this buzz around the Barbie movie, did you also feel like having a vibrant pink Barbie dreamhouse? Well, you may or may not have felt so, but we most certainly did! So, we went ahead and searched for the most rich and vivid plaster to make your house look straight out of the Barbie world. And we found farrow and ball-setting plaster.

Farrow and ball setting plaster is a blush pink shade setting plaster. This setting plaster by farrow and ball is a hidden gem in the world of plasters. So, here’s our review and a short guide on this unique setting plaster option to give your home and life a touch of beauty.

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster: Review

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster

Farrow and Ball setting plaster is a blush pink plaster with high saturation, vividity, and just the right amount of pigmentation. This setting plaster is a standalone and non-duplicable product that can be used on both the interiors and exterior. However, the most usage it has seen till now is indoors. You’ll know the reason for the same further in the blog.

So, when we say the farrow and ball setting plaster is a high saturation plaster, what we mean is that this paint is highly pure and intense as compared to other alternatives in terms of shade and brand. Further, as mentioned above, setting plaster farrow and ball is a non-duplicable paint. This means that this paint may have similar shades available from competitors, but no company or manufacturer can create a shade exactly the same as farrow and ball-setting plaster.

Its light, neutral shade makes it suitable for all types of rooms indoors and sometimes even outdoors. From walls to ceiling to the trims, setting plaster farrow and ball can be used in all diverse ways.

Now, before diving into the usage guide of farrow and ball-setting plaster, let’s first take a look at different aspects of the paint.

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster: Pros and Cons

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster

  • So, starting with the good, the farrow and ball-setting plaster is the most efficient plaster paint out there, as it can be used both on the interiors and exteriors while having the best saturation.
  • Also, this paint will not only make your home interiors look welcoming and flattering but also create a calming aesthetic for your family. To say the least, the farrow and ball-setting plaster has ‘positive vibes’ written all over it.
  • Regarding being written, one of the many specialties of the setting plaster farrow and ball is that it is washable and wipeable. This means if, out of excitement, your small kids draw their favorite cartoons on their bedroom walls, you won’t have to spend more bucks to get a new coat done. Easy peasy, right?
  • Furthermore, the farrow and ball-setting plaster is a quick-drying, durable, low-VOC paint. And how durable? Well, it’s wipeable, as said above, and quick drying, so definitely easy to manage for longer durations. Also, farrow and ball-setting plaster is one of the most eco-friendly paints out there.
  • Oh, did we forget to mention the farrow and ball setting plaster comes in 8 unique finish variants, namely, Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Dead Flat, Estate Eggshell, Full Gloss, Exterior Eggshell, and Exterior Masonry? All these eight finish types have their own unique usages and properties, thus proving the versatility of the setting plaster.


  • Since our aim is to give you a completely balanced and unbiased review of the farrow and ball-setting plaster, here are the drawbacks of the setting plaster farrow and ball that you must keep in consideration before choosing it for your next home decor spree.
  • So, the first of the few drawbacks of farrow and ball-setting plaster is that while it’s pretty efficient in terms of saturation and quality, it most definitely is expensive as well. Therefore, if you are planning to opt for farrow and ball-setting plaster as a first-time experiment, you should take into consideration the price bucket as well.
  • The next thing about the farrow and ball-setting plaster is that while it can be used both on interiors and exteriors, it may not look as flattering in the outdoors as compared to interiors. The reason is the constantly changing shades due to the Sun and daylight. The setting of the plaster farrow and ball is itself such a subtle shade that when the sun’s bright rays fall on it, its beauty fades. Unless, of course, you wish to have its true shade toned down, then farrow and ball-setting plaster would not be the right fit for your home exteriors.
  • Another peculiar thing that may or may not be considered a drawback as such is that sometimes the paint requires more than one coat. Although that isn’t a bad thing, after all, many paints require extra layers, but with setting plaster farrow and ball, the price makes a special factor.
  • Also, while going for farrow and ball setting plaster, do keep in note that this paint requires a peculiar type of decor considerations, which we will discuss ahead.

Usage Guide of Farrow & Ball Plaster

Finally! Now that we have discussed all the good and bad of the farrow and ball-setting plaster, We are sure you must be excited to find out how and where you can use this splendid yet subtle wall paint.

You must have seen many paint companies offer usage or application guides. As in which all places the paint or product can be used. Various specifications and precautions related to the particular product. But that’s only after you purchase the product. But guess what! In this blog, we are sharing with you the many ways and creative ideas to use the farrow and ball-setting plaster in your home.

In this short and brief guide, we will tell you which areas you can use the paint on in your home. What type of furnishings look good with the paint, what to do and not do, and even which shades complement the setting plaster?

Let’s check out the various practical and creative usages of the paint.

1. Interior Decor

Interior Decor

The farrow and ball-setting plaster can be used in any room. Be it your master bedroom suite or your living area, or even your dining space. The blush pink shade is sure to enhance the charm of any wall that it’s applied on. The subtle, soft tone of the paint makes the room look spacious and reflects the sun’s light properly. Next comes the decor; when used in the bedroom, if your bedroom has wooden furnishings or wood accents, then the setting plaster farrow and ball will definitely suit your interior decor.

Also, if you have trims in your walls, then using the setting plaster paint can be achieved in an impressive manner by using paint shades like farrow and ball white or Farrow and ball windborne white, which is an off-white shade to compliment the setting plaster farrow and ball.

Now, let us discuss what type of furnishings go best with setting plaster farrow and ball. So to start with, you can choose warm greys with green undertones, especially on indoor furniture placed against setting plaster-shaded walls. Also, you can try Charleston Gray, for that matter. Another decor tip for you here would be to use white and grey bed sheets with farrow and ball-setting plaster-shaded walls. Furthermore, you can opt for muted blues and mid-toned rich colors to pair with farrow and ball-setting plaster. And oh! Do not forget to use prints and patterns in your interior decor.

Another unique usage of the setting plaster farrow and ball is in the home ceilings. Imagine a blush pink-colored ceiling with a sparkly chandelier enhancing its beauty. This will not only make your room look brighter but also give it a subtly elegant look.

Finally, let’s not forget the highlight of the home, well, literally, the architectural patterns. If your home has ceiling designs carved into it, then using a rich pairing of white and setting plaster would really do wonders.

2. Exterior Decor

Exterior Decor

Often it is observed that when it comes to exterior paint, there are a few fixed shades preferred by most people. A few of these shades are whites, greys, and neutrals.

Using farrow and ball-setting plaster outdoors is, although a pretty rare choice, definitely worth trying. On the exteriors, the subtle, royal, and welcoming shade of setting plaster farrow and ball gives a neutral and flattering feel to your guests. While it’s true that the blue daylight may change the tones of setting plaster, having a breezy and bright exterior wall paint is worth every shot.


Finally, when it comes to farrow and ball-setting plaster, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, its beauty is unmatchable. It cannot be recreated using different shades, or no other brand has yet been able to match the unique shade of setting plaster farrow and ball.

Next, if you know the tricks to use subtle, saturated colors effectively in your home decor, this paint is definitely your next call. Another great thing about farrow and ball-setting plaster is that while it is so much of a toned-down shade, it gives a royal vibe.

Furthermore, while farrow and ball-setting plaster is a unique shade, it comes with its drawbacks. One such drawback is that it’s not widely available. Therefore, here are a few alternatives for the same, such as the Benjamin Moore Boudoir or Sherwin Williams classic sand, or even sherwin williams pinky binge. These brands are almost similar to farrow and ball-setting plaster. None of them have the exact shade.

So! Dear home decor lover, what’s your decision? Are you in for some rich, royal experimentation with setting plaster farrow and ball?

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