Three Deck Projects That Are Totally Getting Done This Year

Friday, April 24, 2015

Now that the weather is warming up a teensy, weensy bit (Oh how I love sunshiiiiiiiiiine) I've started dreaming about our back deck and how I'm going to spend the entire summer out there drinking homemade lemonade and suntanning while the two kiddos happily entertain themselves and the dogs lay calmly at our feet.

{Oh who am I kidding, I'll be out there with bedhead and shorts from 1999 trying to enjoy the weather while the dogs dig holes and bark at the fence and the two kiddos constantly demand silly things like food and diaper changes. Hee hee!}

Sorry, let's get back to the dreaming part. Last summer the boys did some work on the deck by adding some finishing touches like building the wide stairs, adding stair railings, replacing the warped post caps, and enclosing the upper deck with skirting.

I also decided to splurge on some outdoor cushions to make our inexpensive outdoor furniture (from Canadian Tire and Lowe's) look a little bit more Pottery Barn-ish. Oh Pottery Barn, why do your outdoor spaces have to be so darn magnificent?

This year, I'm trying to keep things real (oh hello, newborn) and limit my to-do list to three manageable projects for the spring / early summer. 

Here they are!

Project #1: Stain the deck.

Oy. We put this project off for a loooooooong time. Originally we said we were letting the pressure treated wood sit (is that even a thing?) but then it just became pure avoidance because staining a two-level deck with a thousand spindles sounds absolutely terrible. But the wood on our deck is starting to split and dry out. It really needs some protection from the elements ASAP. 

We've got deck wash, deck brushes, and large / small stain brushes purchased and hanging out in our shed. All we have to do now is settle on a stain brand and colour. I can't decide whether to go with Behr deck stain or with Benjamin Moore. Any advice or recommendations? I'm hoping to find a nice, medium brown shade with some grayish undertones. 

And pretty much the only reason that Alex and I are going to take this project on is because our super awesome family offered to do it all help. Sa-weet!

Project #2: Build a privacy screen.

Our lower deck is open on all sides (no railing) and is kind of close to our neighbour's yard. My plan is to build a three-panel privacy screen along the back of our lower deck so that I can sit down there in a tube top (pretending that I'm 21 and don't have wiggly jiggly cellulite) whilst not scaring our neighbours. Also, I think that the privacy screen will help that sitting area feel a bit cozier since, again, it doesn't have a railing around it. 

The plan for the screen is to have it centered behind the lounge furniture and be about as wide as the stairs. I would love to plant some fast growing vines as well as some flowering perennials to climb up them this summer. 

I'm thinking of a simple design like the following picture, except with three panels instead of two and without the top arbour thingie. I have a fear of bugs falling / jumping on my head. I would like to avoid that at all costs.

Project #3: Plant a container garden.

Last summer I found some pretty galvanized planters and scattered them around the deck with some easy to care for flowers. It was a start, but the deck still looked pretty sparse. 

I'm hoping to step it up a notch and add some more plants and flowers. You know, like those Better Homes and Gardens pictures. 

Herb Garden - Better Homes and Gardens

I might also be on the hunt for outdoor dining cushions, cute place mats, white lanterns and outdoor string lights. But those purchases will only happen by accident when I'm out shopping for bathroom cleaner and diapers. I will stick to our three-project deck plan this year. (Pep talks are good.)

How 'bout you..... what are your project plans for the spring / summer?


  1. Our new deck has been "sitting" without stain for 8 months now! As soon as the rain stops, it is our plan to decide on a stain and get that stuff on there! I'm fairly certain we will go with a Benjamin Moore stain, which one I don't know yet. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

  2. Oh absolutely people leave their pressure treated wood to "sit"--we are in a new area and surrounded by a sea of pressure treated fences now waiting 3, 4, 6...8 years to stain! We stained ours after a year and were told by some we had "lost the beauty of the wood." Maybe if you used beautiful cedar or hardwood, but pressure treated?! We used Benjamin Moore stain after many people told us it goes on and lasts better, although I don't really have experience otherwise. That and our neighbour knew a guy at the store there too! If your budget allows, I would really get a few tester pots to try first-local variations will change a colour so much-the colour of your house siding, how much shade etc. Even the colour on a rainy day vs a sunny day! We are hoping to finish off our yard this year finally too--we've been here for 4 years, but have had two more babies in that time so projects have crawled along! My advice for deck planters when you have a newborn--succulents! Large pots--less watering! And my favourite trick is to buy the giant already grown hanging planters and transplant them into my own deck pots instead for instant giant planters. Good luck with the new baby!

  3. Funny! I do hope you get your projects done and get to enjoy them. Love the trellis! My outdoor space horrible right now! With 40 mile an hour winds, dust, and even a few tumbleweeds, we don't get to enjoy outside much right now.

  4. My summer project goals are to finish painting the outside of house (started last year and only have a few spots to finish up on - and if we don't finish soon it will sit for 6 more years), add edging to 2 of the front flower beds and the third project (and why I share is it reminds me of your project) is to add 3 of these backyard privacy screens to the yard. I don't want to add a fence, but would like some privacy and when I saw these knew it was the perfect solution:

    Good luck with your projects and look forward to your sharing the outcome.

  5. Your deck is amazing! I would spend my entire summer there if I had one of those :)

  6. Jealous of your deck, it's beautiful!

  7. Amazing deck.. Lovely Home furnishing items. I love to spend my vacation at this place.

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