Happy Chocolate Day, Tee Hee

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Four day weekends are pretty much the best things ever. We've been keeping busy with brunches, DIY projects, Easter dinners, family time, movie dates, spring yard work, and, most importantly, eating chocolate (hee hee).

I splurged at the grocery store and bought myself some tulips. I split two big bunches into three smaller bouquets and stuck each of them in a mason jar wrapped with twine. The dining room looks so spring-y. It really helps that I packed away the last of the winter decor a few days ago. 

Aren't toddlers just the cutest things ever? Our little guy is currently in LOVE with the idea of Superman. He calls himself Super Cooper and flies around the house saving the day with his super powers. I find this so strange because he's only ever read one book about superheros. He imagination takes care of the rest!

I kept the Easter decorating pretty simple this year. A few bunnies, a few tulips, and a few pastel eggs scattered around. Just the way I like it.

Coops' Easter basket was a hit again this year. I tried to sneak in a few practical items like a toothbrush and some big boy undies. Here are a few items from his stash:

I'm always curious (just call me Snoopy McSnooperson) about other peoples' Easter baskets so here's what Coopie's looked like this year.

Easter Pail - Target
Crinkly Paper - Michael's
Easter Bunny, Marshmallow Bar, Peanut Butter Egg - Laura Secord Chocolates
Cars Underwear - Wal-Mart
Spiderman Spinning Toothbrush - Wal-Mart
Paw Patrol Sticker & Colouring Book - Wal-Mart
Sky from Paw Patrol - Wal-Mart
Sparkle Stickers - Dollarama
Glitter Chalk - Superstore
Bubble Wand - Superstore
My First Superman Book - Pottery Barn Kids


P.S. Did I ever mention how much I love brunch? Mmmmmm cheesy hashbrowns, mmmmmm fruit dip, mmmmmm blueberry pancakes, mmmmmm bacon.

P.P.S. I hope you have a lovely weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of a little makeover in the works. :)

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  1. Cute little Cooper! Love his Easter basket. I don't go all out on Easter baskets. Never really have. This year, my kids who are 9, 10 and 6 received a carrot shaped bag of coloured popcorn (orange and green of course) and a bag of three pastel-marbled chocolate eggs (all from Sobey's). I usually hide mini-eggs around the house for them to find, but this year we got a dog and we couldn't risk him finding the chocolate and getting sick. I have some friends who give Easter gifts that could double as Christmas gifts, but that is not my style. I guess I fear that expectations get too high- and with 3 kids it gets really $$$$$.


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