The Homies 2014, Random Pictures of the Coopster, Grey and White Polka Dot Fabric, and My Cute Tray Has Been Hijacked

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Homies 2014
So every once in awhile when I'm feeling particularly unproductive I end up clicking around on my blog to see what posts peeps have been reading, or what pictures peeps have been pinning. I probably do it the most when there is a basket of laundry to fold. (Like right now.)
I happened to notice that I had a few visitors that linked over from Apartment Therapy today. Since I haven't completed any projects lately.... or renos.... or room makeovers.... or, well, anything.... I was curious to see why.
That's when I saw The Homies 2014. It's a sort of contest over at Apartment Therapy where certain home improvement and DIY blogs get nominated. I scrolled through the list. Then scrolled some more. And, scrolled quite a bit more. At the very end of the list I saw the sweetest thing.
Five nominations for this little blog. My little heart skipped a beat and I've had a perma-grin ever since.
If it was you that nominated my little site, thank you. It really means so much.
Smiley face, smiley face, smiley face.
Random Pictures of the Coopster
Just because I love him to bits and assume that you do too.
Colouring.... for 10 minutes straight!

Swiffer in one hand, giraffe in the other.

When the camera comes out, the stink eye comes out!

That time he taught himself how to skateboard around the house on a tray.

Silly faces.
A goofy smile. I'm pretty sure it's because he got me soaking wet with some crazy tub splashing.
Grey and White Polka Dot Fabric
I just ordered a yard of this white and grey polka dot fabric from Tonic Living. Isn't it the cutest? I'm going to make something with it - I just haven't decided what yet. 
I love polka dots. In fact, I'm wearing a polka dot shirt right now. Old Navy for $6, baby.
My Cute Tray Has Been Hijacked
My grey tray in the living room has been hijacked. One minute it had magazines and a plant on it. The next minute it looked like this:
The things toddlers do sometimes.... are pretty adorable.


  1. Awww, yay on getting the nominations! :-)

  2. Haha, So cute! Great post.. loved it all, and yes, we love him too!! xo Jen

  3. Love it all--yay homies, Cooper is the cutest and lovely polka dots! I sometimes have to restrain myself or else I am afraid I might become known as a crazy polka dot lady!

  4. I think he is adorable! I just voted for you (Congrats) and I also love the polka dot fabric...a lot!

  5. Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing!

  6. Baby boys are Adorable! Cooper has beautiful eyes...enjoy this time mom it zooms what "the coopster" did with your tray...a little of his mom's decorating gene showing


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