Nursery Progress: A Crib and Some Bedding

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dude needs a place to sleep!

So we made it mission critical to choose and order a crib and some bedding.


I knew I wanted a white crib with a simple design. I finally narrowed it down to this one:

I chose this crib in particular because I really liked the simple design, the colour is a crisp white (as opposed to the creamy antique white at Pottery Barn Kids), the price wasn't too bad, it's made out of solid wood, and it had really good reviews.

We had to order it from the States though. The shipping quote they gave us wasn't all that bad, and the cost of everything worked out to be the same as the cost of a fancy-shmancy crib at our local Babies R Us. So we went ahead and ordered it.

Alex put it together and while it looks great, it also looks GIGANTIC in that teeny tiny bedroom. I just might have to re-evaluate my original furniture placement plan.

I'll show you a pic soon, k?

We also had to decide on some crib bedding. I was looking for a quilt and some crib sheets that had some soft colours. I also wanted the bedding to go well with the wall colour that I had already chosen. It was hard to find anything with a greeny-grey but finally I found this set:

Simple and cute, just what I like. The greens in the bedding go nicely with the wall colour of the room without looking too matchy-matchy. Just what I was hoping for!

It's called Eli's Elephant Nursery Bedding and we found it at Pottery Barn Kids in Toronto.

We got the quilt, the bumper, the sheets, and a little pillow. (Apparently bumpers are bad now, though? Huh???) I wasn't a fan of the crib skirt so I'll have to find a different one from somewhere local.

I'll take a picture of the crib with the bedding as soon as I have a chance. I gotta jet though 'cause after a challenging work week for both of us, we're off for a dinner and shopping date. Oh yeah, baby!

Happy Friday! P.S. What are you up to this weekend?


  1. So cute! Can't wait to see the whole room!!

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm a new blogger and came across your post on the DIY butterfly wall art. I was so inspired that I made this:

    Thanks for the awesome ideas and keep up the great blogging! I love reading your blog and it gives me great DIY project ideas! :0)

  3. I love that crib, it is just the kind I want when i have a baby. the bedding is adorable too. I'm on vacation so my weekend is super quiet and easy, just beach and relax.

  4. Check out this link on how to make no sew crib skirt. I haven't found anything I like as well so going to attempt this:)There is a u tube video as well

  5. Awesome! Love the Straight-Up crib. Land of Nod always makes me laugh! Their product names and catalog descriptions are so funny. Nerd alert:)

    Super cute bedding. We used the pretty bumper on Maura's crib until she started to roll over and move around when she was sleeping. Up until then I liked that it made the inside of the crib feel a bit more cozy and dark, plus to be honest, if you have to in a jiff you can crouch down on the floor and hide behind the bumper to check if he is sleeping/so he won't see you - as opposed to completely open slats on the sides that let in lots of light and let him see out:) When she started moving around in there we switched to an ugly but functional breathable bumper - I liked that it still protected her from banging her head, etc on the slats and also helps keep her feet from sticking out in between the slats. Hope that helps:)

  6. You prompted me to look for more info on the crib bumper question. This is an article I found:

    I'm just as happy to learn this since that will decrease the baby stuff I need to buy/ make whenever I get pregnant and I like a minimalist aesthetic.

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and am looking at it with my two little girls. We LOVE it. Your cozy cottage is adorable and light-filled. We are in the process of buying a tiny house that is rather dark inside, and seeing what you've done with an equally tiny house has cheered me up considerably! Lovely job!


  8. Super cute! I actually chose the same bedding for my son 4 years ago... it's so sweet for a baby boy.
    Not sure if you're aware of this, but PBK used to have matching window panels that were the same blue and green stripe that is around the border of the pillow. I don't think they carry them any more. Anyway, my son is in his big boy room now and I still have the 2 matching window panels. Not sure what you have planned for window treatments, but if you're interested in the coordinating curtain panels, let me know :)

  9. Super cute! I actually chose the same bedding for my son 4 years ago; it's so sweet for a baby boy.

    Not sure if you're aware of this, but PBK used to have matching window panels for this set that are the matching blue and green stripe that borders the pillow. My son is in his big boy room now and I still have the 2 panels.
    Not sure what you're planning on for window treatments for the nursery, but if you're interested in the matching panels, let me know :)

  10. Thanks for the links girls!!!!

    I just checked 'em both out and they helped alot.


  11. Are you guys happy with the crib? This is one of the one's we're looking at. I love the PB ones but can't stand how off-white they are! Drives me crazy.


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