Nursery Plan Part 3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey Girlies (and the one boy who reads this)(oh wait, it's Alex).

Sorry I haven't been around the last few days. I've been busy 1) watching a new teeny-bopper show (I'm too embarassed to tell you what it's called) and 2) going to bed at 8:30 p.m.

The most super-amazing news of all time is that tomorrow is my last day of work before the March Break. 

Oh, nine days of lazing around I love you so much already!!!!!! I love you and want to marry youuuuuuuu!!!

I will thoroughly enjoy a week of rest and relaxation (a.k.a. working on Little Ninja's room) but I am a wee bit jealous of my teacher friends who are all going on tropical vacations next week. Silly me chose getting our floors refinished instead of sun and beach sand. It sounded like a good idea at the time..... wah wah wah. ;)

{Note: I still do like the floors, though.}

I did work on priming and putting the first coat of paint on the dresser for Little Ninja's room this past weekend. I didn't finish it yet but I'll make sure to share some pictures when it's all done.

In the meantime, here is my little plan for another wall in the baby's room. It's another tiny wall. If you've noticed a trend this room is teeny, teeny, tiny, tiny.

Again, I just might be trying to cram too much stuff into one space, but here goes.

Plan for Wall #3

1. Four / six white gallery frames over the crib. They have some really nice ones at Chapters but they also have some new cheaper version ones at Michaels. Haven't decided if I'm splurging on these or not yet.

2. A cute mobile. Those are essential, right? The above-pictured one is the Transportation Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids. It's painted metal cars n' stuff. Adorable. Although it's got a hefty price tag so I might craft up my own mobile.

3. Alphabet flashcards to frame in the four / six gallery frames over the crib. I already purchased the above-pictured ones from Chapters last weekend. I love them!

4. Eli's Elephant Nursery Bedding, also from Pottery Barn Kids and also already purchased. I'm making progress!

5. White Straight-Up Crib from The Land of Nod.

In case you missed my little plans for the rest of the room, here they are too. Hopefully everything will jive well together without looking too matchy-matchy or too random. I'm nervous! I want it to be the perfect little room.

Plan for Wall #1:

Plan for Wall #2:

My goal is to finish the following projects by the end of next week:
  • Repaint / distress / add hardware to dresser
  • Order curtains
  • Install 3 crown molding ledges
  • Sand / add casters to antique crates
  • Frame and hang 6 alphabet flashcard pictures
  • Stencil wall #4 (I'll share my plan for that wall soon, too)
Eeek, that's quite the list already....... :)

How 'bout you? Are you off on the March Break? Where are you going? Whatcha doin?

P.S. I've been playing around with Photoshop trying to make those little inspiration board things. Not perfect but I'm getting better I think!


  1. Hi Sarah - I really like the shelf for displaying books that you are showing in your Nursery picture- have you found something like this anywhere? I have been looking for one just like that! (I am hoping this is not something I would have to make myself - I'm not that talented!)


    1. I've seen the shelving units like the one in Sarah's picture, at lowes!

  2. That mobile is adorable and would go so well with your vintage cars shadow box! I love the flashcard artwork, too. It looks like Little Ninja is going to have a very nicely outfitted tiny nursery!

    Where did you end up finding casters?

    I'm another teacher who will be sticking around for March Break but it's always been that way for me. The last time I went somewhere on March Break was when I was in Grade 3. Maybe I don't have my act together but I could never wrap my head around taking off for March Break once I started teaching. Too much to catch up on and plan!

    I hope your week off is as restful and productive as you are anticipating!

    Claire @

  3. I love everything you have bought and chose, your little Ninja is going to have the perfect room!

  4. Enjoy your week off!! Watch that teeny bopper show and eat lots of ice cream :) It can't be as bad as teen mom 2, which I admit to watching, even DVRing. I'm lame, I know. Love the nursery plans. And mobiles are overrated, I spent 40 dollars on one and it was like a disco in my girls' cribs and they could have cared less. If anything they might be more useful above the changing table. Wow longest comment ever...sorry. :D

  5. Yay for photoshop, alphabet cards and March break for you!! We never had a mobile for Maura and she seems to be doing ok;)

  6. I think you did great with Photoshop! It's not easy to get the hang of. I love all of your boards, but the crate storage is so cute!!!

  7. Tracy,

    They have some simple shelves like the one in the picture at Pottery Barn Kids:

    I've also seen a lot of people use $6 wooden spice racks from Ikea. I was actually going to use some but they were sold out the last time we were there!

    Hope that helps!

  8. Looks like its coming along nicely!! Enjoy your spring break!!

    p.s. I would have chosen floors over the vacation too! :)

  9. his room is going to be so precious! i purchased frames from michael's with a coupon, so that helped a lot. i think we are talking about the same white frames. i love 'em, but the tabs on the backs are a bit annoying.


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