Framed Alphabet Cards

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I had to change up my original plan for displaying this set of alphabet cards. Since there were 26 different cards (all adorable), I wanted to make sure I displayed as many of them as possible.

I've seen lots of pictures around the web and on Pinterest of whole sets of alphabet cards adhered straight to the walls in neat little rows or displayed on hanging wires with clips (thanks for all of your suggestions, btw!!!). However....

a) I really wanted the polished look of a set of matching gallery frames
b) The room is too small to display the whole set of 26 cards
c) I wanted to surround the colourful cards with large white mattes and frames to tone them down a bit and make them go with the neutralish room

In this post I mentioned that I decided on a set of six frames over the crib but that my lousy town didn't have six matching white frames anywhere. Booooo. Here's how they were kind of supposed to look:

{Yes, I know that the bottom row of frames would be kinda low for little fingers but hey! it's all in the name of looking cute, right?}

I ended up driving to Wal-Mart to see if they had any white frames since I hadn't checked there in a long time. It turns out they did, and there were even some frames that were bigger than the ones I had originally chosen.

I finally decided on using three very large white frames instead of six kind-of large frames.

We thought we could make use of all the cards by switching them out every few months. The first set we chose spells d-o-g. Get it? 'Cause we like dogs???? Yeah, we're nerds.


 Alex has been making fun of me for the last two weeks that picture frames can get me so stressed out. What can I say? I am kind of obsessed with little details. 

Here's another picture although I'm trying not to show you the adjacent wall or the crib just yet........

I know it's not much progress but it's a little bit. At least I can cross something off of my massive to-do list for the room. :)

The next three items on my list:

- finish sewing crib skirt
- finish stenciling accent wall
- buy and install curtain rod

Hope you have a fun and productive weekend. Check in tomorrow if you're lazing around surfing the net because hopefully I'll have some more pictures for you.

P.S. The alphabet cards were purchased from Chapters for $34.
P.S.S. The frames were purchased from Wal-mart for $20 each.
P.S.S.S. The size of each frame is 15" x 19" (with an 8" x 10" opening).



  1. Oh these are adorable! Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. those are adorable! i love two things- that you used an owl, and that it spells dog! :)

  3. they look adorable. careful how close they are to the crib--i had reachable wall art, and the little guy totally destroyed it. i luckily didn't use glass, which could've made it much worse than just ruined artwork! but, of course when your baby is not yet mobile this won't be a problem, and you can always move it if it becomes an issue!

    the nursery is going to be gorgeous...


  4. CUTE! I think it's adorable and I am so proud of myself for noticing it spell dog before you pointed it out :)

  5. Cute! But trust me, coming from a mom- you won't have time or you won't feel like changing up the cards every so often..:)

  6. Really cute! Or you could just do the babies intials!

  7. These are gorgeous little cards and I definately love the big white matts - it makes it so much more polished. Can't wait to see the rest of this nursery! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  8. This looks so pretty and professional :) Cozy too!

  9. Those are really precious. Love 'em!

  10. I saw those ABC pictures and wanted to buy them so badly, but all I wanted was the elephant for my youngest. And I didn't buy them, and now I regret it...glad you are enjoying them, they are gorgeous!

    I've never commented before, but I enjoy reading, and you've inspired me to make some small decorating changes around here.

    I would make you chocolate cake if I could, my sister is a pastry chef and gave me her recipe, it's so good. But, here's another recipe that's wonderful, a bit more work than I would normally do, but so worth it!



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