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Friday, March 16, 2012

Good morning friends. I hope you're having a b-e-a-u-tiful week so far. I'm supposed to have about five different projects done by the end of this week but it's been slooooow going (as always). 

I think I have a bit of apprehension to start two of the bigger projects (wall stencil + bean bag chair) because I'm worried that they won't turn out. It's a silly attitude to have but I kind of get frozen by fear of failure. I've got three days left before back to work, though so it's crunch time!!!

{Insert pep-talk here.}

In other news I had to go and pre-register on the hospital yesterday. All of a sudden this baby thing is starting to get way real. Ahhhhhh! Panic!!!!!! I don't have any diapers or strollers or bottles or anything practical yet. What I do have is a tiny little numbered t-shirt that I picked up on sale last night for Little Ninja. I'm so good at priorities aren't I?

And, some more random stuff. 

Blog Housekeeping

I've been playing around with my Photoshop skillz the last few weeks, trying to get the hang of making those inspiration board things. I was also getting tired of my old blog header so I decided to start playing around with a new one this week. I really have no idea what I'm doing but with a little help from Alex here's what I came up with.


It's not perfect and definitely not very fancy but I'm pretty happy with my novice skills so far. Which one do you prefer, old header or new header?

Also, I had no idea that with the new followers gadget, Linky Tools, you have to update your own posts?!? I read that somewhere and had no idea. Can anyone shed some light for me on how to do this? Kind of strange if you ask me.

Also, also, are blog Facebook pages really necessary? I created one this week but it looks so ugly! Does it connect more people or is it just a waste of time?

White Gallery Frame Woes

I've mentioned my frustration on this topic before, but I just have to vent again. My plan for Ninja's nursery was to have a gallery wall of framed alphabet cards.

I wanted at least six large frames or eight smaller frames. You can see where I was testing this out yesterday:

However, this town is so frustrating. There are only TWO places that sell white picture frames off-the-shelf: Michaels and Chapters.

The Michaels ones are cheaper quality so I went to Chapters yesterday to get my six large frames. They only have four. They are out of stock and cannot tell me if they will be getting more in. They also cannot tell me if they can order any more. They also do not order stock from other Chapters locations. Seriously!??! What kind of business is that!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

So, I headed to Michaels instead. They have some newer gallery-type frames and they were on sale to boot. Except the mattes on the Michaels frames don't quite cover the corners of the alphabet cards. So I need double mattes for them. Except they only have TWO mattes on the shelf and won't order any more because the computer says there are ten in the store when there are clearly not. What kind of business is that!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!

So now I have no frames to frame my alphabet cards and that was one of the easy projects I was supposed to get done this week.

My options now are 1) a 4-hour road trip to Ikea or 2) buy some cheap Wal-Mart frames and spray-paint them white. Booooo and boooooooo.

Woe is me.

Lighting Indecision

With only six weeks left until Little Ninja jumps on the scene, I need to choose a light for his nursery. I've been going a little crazy with the purchasing lately so it's not in the budget to order a fancy-schmancy one online. 

Here were some of my ideas:

A) Oil-Rubbed Bronze Semi-Flushmount by World Imports - From Home Depot
We purchased a similar one for our bedroom from Lowes (which was on the small side) but I think this one is a bit bigger. It's cute. Cost? $52

B) Hampton Bay Morovian Star Pendant - Home Depot

I love the idea of this light in a nursery, however the Home Depot version is a pendant light which means it would hang down a bit in the centre of the room. I think I'd only use one or two chain links but it's still a pendant light. Alex isn't a fan of this one but I think it's pretty cute. Cost? $150

C) Steel Polyhedron Pendant - Homesense

The above picture is a fixture from Restoration Hardware Baby (priced at $400). It's kind of funky. I found an almost exact replica at my local Homesense store and brought it home to try it. Holly from In the Fun Lane used it in a little nook off of her kitchen and it looks really cool (see her post here). However when I brought it home, it just looked weird in the teeny tiny room up against the ceiling. I still have it but haven't returned it yet. Cost? $79

D) Good Earth Semi-Flushmount - Lowes
I came across this post by Chris over at Just a Girl. She just installed this linen-look drum shade in her craft room. I really, really like it! I thought it might tie in with the circles in the stencil that I'm going to use on the accent wall in the room. Plus, it's close to the ceiling and very neutral. I think this is my favourite choice at the moment, although I've heard it's really big. Cost? $84 


So, I'm really needing your advice today. Please pretty please click on the link at the bottom of this post that says "Leave a Comment". You don't have to have a blog to do it, AND it can even be anonymous. You can even scold me for not buying practical things for Little Ninja if you really want to. I won't be mad.

P.S. It's sunny here today and the snow is melting off of our deck. Yeah!!!!

P.S.S. I really feel like an english muffin with cheesewhizzzzz but we don't have any english muffins left.

P.S.S.S. Thank you so much to everyone who left sweet comments on my last post (Numbered Dresser).

P.S.S.S.S. Bye!


  1. I like the school house lamp, then the drum shade, and then the geometric one. I would love the geometric one in a hallway to get the shadows of the metal.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I'm sure you thought of this already, but I'm putting it out there anyway - any reason why you can't order your gallery frames from Chapters online?

    What are the dimensions of your flashcards? Could you do something with bulldog clips or something else more industrial looking like this (I know I've seen better examples but can't find them right now)

    I like the light that is the same as on Just A Girl best from your bigs.

    Just some ideas!

    Claire @

    P.S. The new header looks great! Photoshop terrifies me.

  3. Here's another fun way to display groups of artwork

  4. I feel your pain with the framing problems. How fustereating! Hope you find something soon!
    I really love lamp A the best. I think it would great with all the other things you've been showing us. :)

  5. love the schoolhouse one.

    re pic frames--just be careful having them so close to the crib, unless you'll be switching them up when the wee one is more mobile. maybe clips would be better?

    we used the same cards to spell out our son's name--we just put sticky tack on the back, so the walls/cards wouldn't be damaged.

    and we used an ikea light for the nusery--soooo cute--the fillsta--we just did not have it hang like a pendant light.

    i wish i could post pictures over the net--let me know if you'd like some emailed.

  6. Love the school house light ... it carries the theme better .... second choice is the last drum light.

    The tiny little numbered t-shirt was an excellent buy ... it's nice to have simple choices to make sometimes ... and who can resist baby clothes.

  7. Oh, that is going to be the sweetest little boy's room! I vote for light A too. I'm such a fan of those lights! In fact, you got me thinking that I should put this bigger one up in my kitchen rehab. Sorry I can't answer any of your techie questions!

  8. I like the round light at the bottom of your list! How big would it be in the small room though? I think the star pendant one is cool too, but don't let anybody tall walk into it - looks like it could hurt...
    As far as the frames - were there any at Michaels you could spray paint? You seem to want matching frames, but have you considered getting coordinating white frames - each with subtle differences? Or maybe 2/3 bigger frames and you could put more than 1 of the cards in each? Idk. Good luck!

  9. i am adding a vote for A! and i love the new header! :)

  10. I vote for light A; it's good to coordinate things around the house when you can and it's charming. Good luck on the frame fiasco, I would have given up and made frames by now... Congrats on the Ninja!

  11. love the new blog header!!! deff has my vote :D really like the colors!

  12. Love light D. Second choice is A to "keep the flow".

    English Muffins with cheezwhiz?! *Giggles*

  13. Definitely like the new header!
    I like the first light- the one that's $50ish from home depot- but I should warn you it's back ordered online. Estimated shipping is march 28th so it could be worse- I just ordered 2 for my sons rooms in my new house that we're moving into next weekend- woohoo!
    I have been stalking your blog since I found it a week ago- its my favorite- you have very nice taste.
    My name is also Sarah and I live in Ontario too. Have you been to aberfoyle antique market? I think you'd like it. Not sure how far away Ikea is for you but their white gallery frames are super nice.
    Hope you're feeling well!

  14. Hi Sarah!

    Go with lighting choice A! I think it will look the best in your room, and will suit a little boy / big boys room later on.

    I just checked on Chapters/Indigo web site, and you can order your frames (I think) on line, and right now they have a sale if you order multiples!

    I like either Blog header, they are both great!

  15. Sweet Sarah, I love the new header - good job playing with Photoshop! The schoolhouse light will probably make you the happiest. I didn't bother adding the new linky tools thing when the google one was discontinued - I just left it at an rss feed, Facebook, twitter and pinterest. No worries about baby stuff, it's so fun to get the room ready. Anyone can run to the store fit diapers and sleepers, should there be a need (like if you're
    early!). Picture frames are tough...ikea has the best for the best prices, so if you can't order online or find the ones in your town that you want...let me know if I can help find anything anytime...I live 20 minutes from ikea and 5 minutes from 2 homesenses, 2 bouclairs, jysk, 2 pier ones, a surefit outlet, Home outfitters, sears, the bay, home depot, Lowes, Rona, millwork, home hardware, 2 Solutions (organizing store) and probably a few places I'm forgetting. :) And I think you better go get some English muffins!

  16. Like the new header! Also, I think a FB page is helpful. There will be people that will 'like' you on FB but not subscribe to your blog. So when I write a new blog post, I put "New on my blog...." and post the link on my FB page. Then if I have FB followers, they can click the link and read my new post. If they don't subscribe via email or feedburner, then they wouldn't know about your new post.

    That's just my 2 cents. Hope it makes sense!!


  17. Ooh, I LOVE the Polyhedron Pendant and what a great price! That has my vote!

  18. I love the light from Lowes. The linen shade will put out a nice soft light. I would probably put in a dimmer switch too so you can turn the light really low when you are doing late night diaper changes, or story time, etc..

  19. i actually like your old header better, but maybe with a different font and x out the web address? you picked out some gorgeous lights!! i might have steal one of them for my kitchen, since we have 8' ceilings. the morovian star is so fun. good luck with the frame issues.

  20. I like your old header, but I really like your new one. Change is good once in a while, don't you think?

  21. Instead of returning it, I would have bought the polyhedron Homesense light from you! Live in the U.S. and wish Homesense had an online store we could order from!

    1. I totally agree! Although I think I would be broke if they had an online store. :)


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