25 Things

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1. I really want to bake a chocolate cake. Not for guests. Not for a special occasion. Just for me to, like, eat.

2. I really want to bake a chocolate cake alllllllll because of Pinterest. Doesn't this picture look absolutely scrumptious?!?
Image: Pinterest
Original Source: Real Simple

3. I just read a post on someone's blog about pet peeves and it was hilarious. One of mine? People who chew weirdly, loudly, or with their mouths open. Ugh.

4. I think we've settled on a name for Lil' Ninja. We're not officially announcing it or anything yet but we're close to making a final decision. Although we could change our mind once we see his smushed little face and decide that he looks more like a "Fred" or "Harold".... you never know.

5. I have no idea how I lived almost my whole life without ever tasting tzatziki sauce. The name sounded weird so I always assumed it would taste gross. It just might be my favourite thing right now. We're about to eat it some on grilled chicken and cucumber flatbread sandwiches for supper tonight. Yummers.

6. I entered my little numbered dresser in Whisperwood Cottage's contest for a feature in Cottages and Bungalows magazine. It was chosen as a "finalist" out of 200 entries. I was so giddy and wanted to win SO BAD! Alas, it did not win. I was so close to becoming famous. Bahahaha.

7. I have recently discovered that I was not cut out for stenciling entire walls. More details on that to follow next week. :S

8. Alex bought me pink and yellow roses the other day. What a sweetie pie. They were pretty. And they smelled good.

9. One of my friends (xoxo) lent me the Twilight series over a year ago and I haven't read them yet. I saw the first movie and the part where the guy gives the girl a piggy back right up the tree at the speed of light??? Really??? But my friend has really good taste in girly shows, clothes, shoes, and purses so I'm going to take her advice and read the series. Soon. 

10. I only have two days of work left. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. The countdown to my new life of joggers and soap operas is on.

11. I am slightly (okay alot) afraid that I will love my new life of being a stay-at-home wifey and mama so much that I will never ever want to go back to work.  

12. I love DIY projects, furniture refinishing, and all the little crafts n' things that I've done on this little blog. I just want to make sure that I don't start doing a zillion "crafts" just for the sake of having posts to publish. I really don't want a basement full of 5000 wreaths for every occasion under the sun. I also don't want to feel like I have to paint a piece of furniture to "reveal" every week. I'll just keep blabbering on about curtain rods and picture frames with an occasional craft here n' there and maybe, just maybe, you'll stick around anyway.

13. The generosity and kindness of people amazes me sometimes. I've had the sweetest emails lately from readers just saying hi, commenting on how they like my site, or offering to mail me white picture frames, pie plates, and vintage tart tins. (Thank you so much btw, you are all the awesomest).

13. Al and I went to see 21 Jump Street on opening weekend and the line was so long to get into the theatre that we had to stand outside and around the corner. I'm not ashamed. It was sooooo funny.

14. Alex and I can't share popcorn at the movies because (he's going to kill me when he reads this) he is a total popcorn hogger. He shovels it in like it's the last food he'll ever eat in this lifetime. We do two bags now: big one for him, mini one for me. It drives me crazy but I kinda love it about him at the same time.

15. We both have a theory that movie theatre popcorn butter is actually melted Crisco. What do you think?

16. Some decorating trends kind of annoy me. And decorating/blogging terms, too. Like "mood board". And "vlogging".

17. I once thought it would be fun to skateboard down one of the steepest hills in the city. I wasn't a good skateboarder. I fell. Someone from school just happened to be driving past when I bailed. It was a great story at school the next day. Not.

18. I am loving the children's author Oliver Jeffers. If you haven't seen or read any of his books you just have to! They are adorable. I'm thinking about framing some of the illustrations for Ninja's nursery. It's on the list.

19. I want to live in this music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkOKCWDJ4iA

20. I'm writing this post because I made it a goal of mine to post more often but don't really have any projects done at the moment. That's okay because your comments on these posts are always so funny!

21. I bought winter boots for the first time this winter. I hadn't owned a pair since I was a kid! One of the best purchases ever. I didn't have cold feet ONE TIME this whole winter. Whoever invented boots was a real genious.

22. Giant preggo bellies really get in the way of wearing pants. Even the stretchy ones are really uncomfortable. Could I get away with wearing no pants for the next 4 1/2 weeks? Please?

23. I still want to bake a chocolate cake.

24. I still want to eat chocolate cake.

25. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake.



  1. LOL! I would say you are craving chocolate cake! :)

    Take your friend's advice & read the Twilight books & then read the Hunger Games trilogy when you are done!! LOVE them both!!

    You are totally going to love your new life as a stay-at-home mommy/wife and no, you won't want to go back to work....trust me, I speak from experience! :)

    And last, but not least...I think we need to see some updated belly pics!!

  2. I Love chocolate cake especially with white icing but chocolate is fine too!

  3. I LOOOOVE staying at home! Sometimes, mostly on days I want to pull our my hair, my hub says things like, "You can go back to work and I'll stay at home with the kids." Only he's really serious and I give him really dirty looks. ;) But for the most part, I LOVE it! We have a great routine, which I also LOVE!

    This was one of the best posts I've ready in a long time! I like posts like this and would love to do one, except I feel like my life is so boring... :/

  4. If you REALLY want chocolate cake, I have THE best and most simple cake recipe EVER. It's pretty much fool proof. If you're interested, please email me at... carmenbothhotmailcom

  5. LOL!! I will totally make you a chocolate cake!!!

    It's fun to learn more about the people behind the reveals. Thanks for sharing a little piece of you!

  6. I just L.O.V.E. your blog and have used you as my personal interior decorator for just about everything in the house my husband and I bought last October! It certainly has a long way to go to be "cozy cottage cute" thought. :) Keep posting, love what you have to say. And you are TOTALLY going to want to stay home forever!

    Oh and, I love that video too. I always felt that way about this one thought http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wigqKfLWjvM&ob=av2e its an oldie, but a goodie!

  7. ha!
    i wore stretchy leggings from thyme maternity...all the time. in fact, i still am. oh the baby weight :( oh well, totally worth it! enjoy your last month of pregnancy, it is so wonderful!!! i miss it. hope you are feeling well!

  8. You are SO cute!! I have read the twilight series and loved them, MUCH better then the movies.

    I just recently tried tzatziki sauce and I agree, SO yummy! I put it on falafel :) But your sandwich sounds better.

    I agree movie theater butter is crisco, blech, but I still get it every time.

    And now I want chocolate cake haha!

  9. Make the cake, and eat it! Quick, before the baby is born and you have no time for cake baking! Also, spend one whole morning in bed. Enjoy it, it will be the last time for years :)
    Love your nursery, so so cute! Also, I wouldn't bother reading Twilight, I tried reading the first one and it was just awful. Just my opinion!
    Have a great day!

  10. CONGRATS on being a finalist in Cottages and Bungalows magazine. It’s still a great achievement! :0)

    I read the entire Twilight series a while back and it’s a great read with an interesting, well thought out plot. However, I find the awesomeness of the books were not conveyed in the movies very well. :( The movies made the concepts in the book seem so cheesy (like with the guy giving the girl a piggy back ride up a tree at the speed of light…)

    You should also read The Hunger Games trilogy! It is also an amazing read.

  11. If you find a good chocolate cake recipe, share it!

  12. I actually have to make a chocolate cake today or tomorrow, since my husband turns 35th tomorrow. Hmm. Better choose a recipe. That one you posted looks delightful. Salivation.

    (Oh, and in case anyone wants to be excited with me, our boys, adopted last spring, arrived only wanting strawberry cake, strawberry candy, strawberry fake-tastic everything. And less than one year later, they are both talking about chocolate cake for their birthdays. Miracles happen. Hooray)!

  13. If you like chocolate Texas sheet cake, let me know, and I will give you an awesome recipe.

  14. I have a quick question totally off topic from this post, lol. Where did you get your roman blinds again? I can't remember. Just moved into a 'new' house (more like 'dated') and it is time for some nice blinds! Thanks!


  15. I'm fairly certain that if you are home and you have curtains that pants are completely totally 100% optional - pregnant or NOT! If it's my day off and I'm surfing the web, let me assure you there are no pants holding me back! And I don't have a baby belly to blame for it either.

  16. 5. I love Tzatziki sauce. Like LOVE. With chicken. My fave? With lemon and oregano french fries.

    6. So cool!! Congrats! I've decided fame might be overrated. I'll change my mind when I'm famous.

    12. Completely agree. That must be why I'm not famous. :)

    14. My hubby & I cannot share popcorn because he doesn't want butter & I'm all "bring on the crisco"

    16. makes me laugh!

  17. I wish I had one of thoses rolls right now. Looks good!

  18. hello hello hello

    I love your beautiful white, uncluttered blog and your lovely sense of humour.

    You are just lovely and I'm following (stalking) you.

    And now, i also want chocolate cake!


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