Simple & Neutral Christmas-y Shelves


Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm still all about keeping it simple, natural, and neutral when it comes to Christmas decorating. Maybe one year I'll live on the edge and decorate with lots of colour and sparkles. Oh who am I kidding - that will probably never happen! 

For our dining room shelves, I used a combination of white ceramic dishes, real greenery, and a few Christmas decorations made with natural materials. 

After fiddling around with these shelves for a good three hours, I was finally happy with how they were arranged. 

I'd still like to know how it's possible that I can spend three hours decorating a shelf and oh, about three minutes folding laundry before I am bored out of my tree.


What about you? Are you into white and neutrals or colour and sparkles this year?

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Our First Ever Family Photo Session


Friday, December 5, 2014

Well hi there.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had our first ever family photo session. I finally made the decision to go for it after I lost all of my own pictures on a fried hard-drive (sniff, sniff). 

Some of the reasons I was avoiding family pictures:

- the awkward head tilting thing
- the matching outfit thing
- the stare-into-each-other's-eyes-and-look-romantic thing

I also have a tendency to smile so hard in pictures that it looks like my neck veins are going to pop out. And for some reason in every single picture (but not in real life of course) I have like, ten chins.

Despite my initial reservations, I'm so happy we had the photos done. I might even put one of them in a frame one day.

Here are a few of my favourites. But please remember that when these were taken I was still on crutches (I had to throw them out of each frame) and my knee was locked in one place and wouldn't bend. Oh yeah, and I had the first trimester "pukies". Good times!!! 

I was this close to ordering some Christmas cards from Minted (such a cool looking site). I backed out at the last second though. I couldn't stand the thought of having an awkward picture of me on someone's fridge. Ahhhhhhh! 

I'm posting these on the internet because a) I said I would and b) I absolutely have to show you how cute my little dude is when he gives the stink eye. 


What about you, have you ever have family photos taken or do you dread it like me?!?

P.S. We're ordering pizza, taking Coops to family swimming at our local pool, and then putting up our Christmas tree tonight. What a great start to the weekend!
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