25 More Things

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1. Two weekends ago I complained that I didn't have any projects to work on. This past weekend I could have worked on five different projects.... but I was too tired. Wah wah.

2. I watched 50 First Dates last night and then went to bed at 9:00 p.m. Livin' it up at my house! Woo woo!

3. I went to Homesense after work yesterday for some retail therapy. I ended up buying a new garbage can for the kitchen. I brought it home and told Alex it was a present for him. I think he liked it???

4. Yesterday I ordered a tea biscuit from Tim Hortons on my way home and attempted to butter it while driving. I dropped it on the stick shift and now there's butter and crumbs all over the car. I'm making a mental note to clean it all up before Alex sees it and freaks out. But knowing me I'll probably forget.

5. Now that we refinished the hardwood floors on our 2nd floor, it makes me really hate the yucky main floor floors. They look extra crusty now. Crus-ty.

6. I'm dreaming of the day (hopefully soon) when I can sit out on our back deck in the sunshine, with a t-shirt and an ice-cold pepsi.

7. I've been spending all of my time and energy worrying about and planning a cute baby room and cute baby outfits. Maybe I should start reading up on how to actually take care of a cute baby.

8. Sci-fi movies aren't my thing. Alex thinks I'm too judgemental that I won't even give one a chance. So I tried to watch a new release called In Time (mostly because Justin Timberlake was in it). But the characters exchanged time with their arms. I had to stop the movie. It was just so dumb!

9. I've been having the worst sleeps lately. It doesn't help that Lexie has decided that from now on she is going to sleep half on my pillow and half on my face.

10. I'm afraid to move this blog over to Wordpress. Alex thinks I can do it myself (with his help). I'm afraid everything will get lost and messed up. I know I should just go for it.

11. I actually like cleaning up the yard in the spring. Doesn't everything seem fun in the spring?

12. Yesterday at work we spent the better part of the afternoon learning what "tattling" is. Glamorous, yes I know.

13. Our basement is taking forever to finish. It's so hard to decide where lightswitches and outlets and potlights go. Drywall will be soooooooo nice. I heart drywall.

14. We almost purchased a second house (a street over from our house) for Alex's parents to rent. We had an offer ready but another one was accepted before ours. Sarah and Alex, Real Estate Moguls. Hmmm, sounds kind of good.

15. I tell myself every year that I'm going to go strawberry picking and blueberry picking. I always, always, always miss the time when they are in season.

16. I had an allergic reaction once and my lips swelled up about triple their regular size. Wow, did I ever look hideous for those few days!

17. A few months ago I was craving processed cheese and bologna. I ate them. Alex thought I was gross.

18. I almost ate a mushy grape yesterday. I spit it out just in time. It was disgusting.

19. Sometimes I listen to reggae, sometimes country, sometimes folk, sometimes pop, sometimes R&B, sometimes rap. NEVER classic rock. Shudder.

20. I mix my chocolate milk half and half with white milk, kid-style.

21. I love my iphone.

22. I want to start offering online design consultations through my blog but I'm afraid that no-one would take me up on it.

23. One day I want to be the kind of girl who has pretty necklaces and purses. I've been wearing the same heart necklace from American Eagle for the last five years.

24. When I was at my cousin's wedding on the weekend, I was reminded of how much I hate high-heels. I kicked those suckers off real fast.

25. Even though I've probably never met you, you feel like a real friend. True story.


  1. 22. Um, yes please! Did you see the bedroom ideas I posted on your FB a while back? Stil waiting for your brilliance to weigh in...

    25. Totally, dude! Online-never-met you-but-we-could-be-BFF's-if-you-aren't-a-crazy-axe-murderer-in-real-life!


  2. Awww! You feel like a friend of mine too!! I got to go to Blissdom last weekend & finally met some of my online friends!! It was kinda surreal!! Maybe one day I'll meet you too!

    p.s. I think people would totally take you up on the idea of offering design consultations!! You have great style & taste!

  3. I love posts like this, which adds humanity to a blog. I laughed at your attempt at buttering a tea biscuit while driving. You had to know that would end in disaster! ;-) It's the exact kind of thing I'd do, but likely never have admitted it to anyone (never dreaming others do stuff like that!). ;-Þ

  4. I love getting to know you a little better. Too bad we all can't enjoy that Pepsi with you some afternoon...

  5. Reading your list made me smile, thanks.

  6. You're so hilarious Sarah!! I love reading these things because I can actually hear you saying them.

    Butter in the car hahah. Oh man.
    P.S. We're the same with music, I listen to everything EXCEPT for classic rock. The worsttttt.

  7. I would use your consultations services!! I secretly do already... and then one day you can fly to South Africa and come admire your work :)

  8. I would so use your online services!!! I secretly do already...:) Then you could fly to South Africa and sleep in your creation!

  9. It's YOUR blog, so go ahead and offer consultations if it's something you'd enjoy and you want to do. You might just be surprised at how much interest you get. Besides, it's not like anyone will know if you are working on your 5th or your 50th consultation.

  10. I so would too! We are building a new house next year and it would be handy dandy to have a go to gal!


  11. #22 Do it! If you build it they will come!

    #24 Me too. They are evil inventions! Pretty, but evil!


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