Lounge Chairs for the Deck

Sunday, March 25, 2012

If you're getting sick of me going on and on about decorating Little Dude's nursery, then you might like me again after this post. :)

We've been in our house for about six years now, and since the day we moved in I wanted a deck in the backyard so very badly. It was a huge project for Alex but he was able to get most of it completed by the end of last summer. (We still have finishing details to add such as stairs and skirting.)

If you're new around here you can check out the two previous posts I wrote about the deck here:

We chose a two-level design to create two distinct areas: one for eating and one for lounging.

(This picture was taken last summer.)

(This picture was also taken last summer.)

The tricky part has been finding outdoor furniture to actually use for each space. So far we've been using those plastic muskoka chairs that you can get at the hardware store for about $10 apiece. 

My inspiration pictures were these ones from Pottery Barn. Soooo nice but we all know...... soooooo expensive.

Image: Pottery Barn

Image: Pottery Barn

I knew I wanted a similar look but didn't want giant, deep cushions. I wanted people to be able to sit on the furniture without cushions if they had to. I also didn't want a zillion cushions to worry about storing every time it rains or is windy, etc. We live way up North, remember?

They have lots of mega-expensive sets at a few places around town like Sears and Home Depot. But with everything else going on, we just don't have the money to spend $1000-$2000 on outdoor furniture that we can only use for four or five months out of the year. 

Lowes has a new set this year called the Severson collection. It's an outdoor wicker set of two lounge chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table for $298. And it's CUTE! And it's well-made. And you can sit on the chairs without a cushion! And they're the right colour! 

And...... they're in my backyard this very second!!!

We bit the bullet and brought the set home last night. They're still packaged up because I wanted to make sure that I really liked them before we decided to keep them.

Here they are:

We got four of these chairs.

We got one loveseat.

And also the matching coffee table. "ALEX!!!! You have something to put together!!!!!!"

They did have thin little cushions at Lowes that were sold seperately but I want to see if they have any cute ones at Homesense first.

I'm so excited that we'll actually have some "grown-up" furniture outside on our deck this year. Yeah! Now you can come over and read magazines / eat sunflower seeds / sip fruity drinks in the sunshine with me. Ooops, I almost posted my address on the internet. I'd better not though, I don't want anyone sneaking in the backyard to steal my new chairs! Hee hee.


  1. So cute Sarah!I I always look SO forward to your posts. And I LOVE hearing about the little dudes nursery!

  2. Very nice and a big savings too!

  3. Did I hear "Road trip!"? he he! Love the whole set and the price is great!

  4. Very nice! Perfect for the summer! Hope you have lots of sunny days to enjoy relaxing in them.

  5. Great choices. I saw that set when I bought my rockers at Lowe's this weekend. If I only had a Money Tree I would have snatched those up too.

  6. THAT is a great deal for that beautiful set, Sarah! Wow! They look very French vintage - and you're so right about the color. Just perfect, girl!!! LUV LUV LUV!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  7. Looks great! Thanks for the post on my blog re: baby. I am very excited to see your little one and hear your birth story! The nursery is looking awesome!!!

  8. Very nice and you have a lovely deck area. Are they the kind that can be exposed to the elements or real wicker. We need some stuff for our patio because I sold the first outdoor sectional we bought, and then our painted windsor chairs didn't do so well in the rain and sun so I had to throw them out.

  9. Your deck is coming along fabulously! I remember when you started it. I love the new furniture. I too didn't want a whole bunch of cushions. Even though we are in Florida my patio is not covered, just screened, so everything gets wet and they dry out faster without cushions! I'm sure you are excited to decorate it!

  10. Perfect find!! The pieces look great and the price is unbeatable! I am in the planning stage for making an outdoor dining area and it is all so expensive. But the fun part is taking our inspiration and finding the affordable pieces to make it work. Enjoy your new deck!



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