Deck Progress - Deck Boards and a Railing

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I haven't been posting much about our deck project lately. It's partly because I want my deck to look like one of the ones they'd feature in Better Homes and Gardens magazine before I show it to you but of course right now it looks more like it could be featured in an episode of Junkyard Wars. 

First let me explain to some of my new readers (hi, yer pretty) that our backyard used to be very non-functional. There was no door leading out into the fenced in backyard, and no pretty deck to sit on and suntan with a magazine and a pepsi.

Before we tackled the deck, Alex had to install a door which you can read about here.

Once the door was installed, we had to settle on a deck design. Oh let me tell you that that part was not fun. There were just too many options and styles and layouts to choose from.

I knew I wanted two levels so that there would be two distinct spaces, one for dining and one for sitting and lounging. I also liked the idea of having a lower level that was open to the backyard with no railing.

Note: Alex thought the two-level deck idea was ultra-pointless. So feel free to leave a comment saying what a brilliant idea it was. ;)  

Last fall, Alex and his fam installed the deck posts (read here), built the frame, and got all the deck boards on the upper deck. This spring, he was able to finish framing the lower level and install the rest of the deck boards.

We're making progress, people, progress!!!!!

This week, we agreed on a simple railing style and have almost finished that phase, too. 

So here's where we're at so far:

So, that's where we're at right now. There's still a lot of finishing work to do but it's slowly but surely coming together. Yay!


  1. De-lurking here... we have a 2 level deck and we LOVE it! Top for dining, nice and close to the kitchen, and lower for lounging and sending our little Ethiopian princess down to play while the grown-ups sit up top and finish eating.

  2. ooh it is looking awesome, sarah! and i am really glad you thought of the dogs and gave them their own spot to play fight.

  3. Two levels is brilliant, especially with no railing on the lower level. It makes you part of the rest of the garden.

  4. looks awesome!! your yard is perfect!!

  5. looks great! i love the two tiered concept ;)

  6. very nice job and i think the 2 tier deck was the way to go........

  7. A beautiful place for a beautiful garden!
    Also the dogs are beautiful!
    Bye Bye by Francy

  8. The deck is fab, and also Roary looks very enamored with his new doggy friend. :)

  9. We've been talking about putting in a second lower level to our deck for about two years. This weekend we had friends over and they also suggested it. All the cool kids are doing it.

  10. It looks AWESOME...and I think the two level idea is fabulous!! So glad Roary has a playmate now!! He looks so happy!

  11. I really like 2 tier decks, we plan on putting one our home next summer (stage 2 of the landscape plan). Lovely blog, glad I found a fellow Ontario gal.

  12. Hi all have made great progress and it's going to look amazing when it's done! And I too like the lower deck idea (more room to "play"!)love the pups, keep us updated! ~devon:)

  13. I love the two level deck!! We have two levels to ours and I love the two areas,,,ours is the same, one for eating, one for nice furniture, complete with a fireplace. We are in the process of finishing ours up as well, so we can keep each other posted for a deck reveal!! Enjoy!

  14. The deck looks fantastic - I love it! Just started following your blog upon the recommendation of a friend a few months ago :)

  15. I wanted a two tier deck SOO bad. I designed it myself and had plans printed and everything! It was SOOOO cool.

    Then I got vetoed. The man (i.e. the boyfriend) building the deck said that since he was doing the building he got to make the final decision, and if I really wanted to argue I could build it myself...ha.

    I love your two tier deck. It IS brilliant!


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