Oh Etsy, You Have the Cutest Stuff

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As I was surfing the net a few days ago, I came across a post (I forget which one!?!) that recommended a site called Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project. Oooooh, free art. I like it. The only problem is that we have a black and white laser printer. No colour. :(

So I headed on over to their site and thought that the artwork was so freakin' cute. I clicked on an artist whose print caught my eye. It took me to her Etsy Shop.

Then, by accident, I ordered something. It only made sense because the artist, Angela Vandenbogaard, is from Ontario and the shipping was super cheap!

Plus, I find it so hard (in my neck of the woods) to find prints that are a) unique b) cute and c) in light, pastel colours. So, here is the print that I chose. It's called Fireflies.

Words can't express how sweet I think this print is. I will be stalking the post office every day until it arrives. :)

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