Mmmmm, Fudgy Cookies

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I found this recipe (Fudge Ecstasies) in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It has a little "best-loved" icon beside the title which means they must be good. The link will take you to the online version of the recipe.

The cookies in the cookbook picture look cookie-ish. Let's pretend that mine look more like chocolate macaroons than doggie you-know-whats.

The recipe called for a full cup of chopped nuts so I chose hazelnuts. Mmmm, hazelnuts. The only problem now is that I have 36 cookies upstairs and I felt sick after eating two.

Cookie anyone?

P.S. This is the first time I've used this little cake stand. Isn't it adorable? Alex got it for me for my birthday in May. He has such good taste! Oh wait, I was with him when he bought it and I picked it out. ;)


  1. Great cookies! You could have brought those to our picnik if it wouldn't have rained all day :)

  2. Awww, raincheck on the picnic. I promise!


    P.S. I'll bring cookies.


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