Four Cuter-Than-Cute Finds

Friday, July 16, 2010

I just got home from a furniture/decor/antique road trip today and while my brain is too fuzzy to go into too many details, I just can't contain my excitement for the following cuter-than-cute items:

1. A creamy white pitcher with stripes and scalloped edges. Do I need to say more? I saw it buried behind a million other kitchen items and it caught my eye right away. The saleslady had to pry it out of my arms to put it on the counter. No word of a lie. I already have 4 white pitchers, but, I need at least 5 of them to make a collection, right?

2. A round, metal/wood tray for the dining room. I've been looking for a tray of some kind for the last few months. I knew the second I saw it that this was the one. I can't help but notice that the little swirls are almost identical to the ones on my little metal basket.

3. A teeny white fish bowl. This just might look perfect in our newly renovated bathroom (before and after pictures coming very soon).

4. A small painted metal flower. It was only $2.50 and it's got a little cream, a little green, and a little purple. Sold, sold, and sold!

P.S. I'll share some details about (and photos from) my trip later on this weekend. :)

P.S.S. Can you see the yellow walls in the background. Ahhh, yellow (happy sigh).


  1. That pitcher is to DIE for. I love it. I would have snatched it up too.

    Did you paint the yellow - and if so, what shade is it? Yellows are so hard to pick.

  2. Painting the yellow is the first thing we did when we bought this house 3? 4? years ago. It took forever for me to finish as I had to paint out all the trim/baseboards/mouldings back to white as well. I did paint yellow on most of the main floor: the sun room, dining room, living room, and entranceway.

    I bought 3 different gallons in 3 different shades of yellow before deciding on this one. My first choice was WAY too neon and bright, the second choice was way too pale, and the last choice was juuuust right. It does look a little bright in some lights but most of the time it's a nice buttery shade.

    It's called Sweet Buttercup and you can get it at Home Depot. :)

  3. I'm debating Benjamin Moore's Weston Flax. I'll have to check out yours. :)


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