I Wish For Climbing Vines and Flowers

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lately I've been imagining what my house could look like covered in these:

Climbing roses, clematis, or hydrangeas.

Aren't they so pretty? One day I will have the cutest house on the street. Unfortunately the exterior bricks on our house aren't holding up well and have been stained from our white siding. Boooo. I've tried scrubbing the icky white stains off with many-a-substance but with no luck. So my next plan is to plant some climbing vines and/or flowers, hide the yucky brick, and give the old house some curb appeal. Add that to the project list. I'm not sure about your project list but mine is long. Really long. Two pages long, to be exact.

I already have one little trellis with purple clematis growing over it. Baby steps!

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