A New Picture and an Old Dresser

Friday, July 9, 2010

I had a bit of an at-home-by-myself-DIY emergency yesterday while Alex was at work. I phoned his work number and his cell number. No answer. I couldn't figure out how to change the drill bit in his rotten drill. Bah, I was frustrated! You see, I wanted to hang a picture that I've had leaning up against the wall since Christmas. I had finally said, "enough is enough" and attempted to hang it up all by myself.

The problem with hanging pictures at our house is that we have crumbly plaster walls. Also, the last time I tried to hang a gigantic mirror (I was doing so well, too) I attempted to adjust it after it was already successfully hung up and the whole thing fell, chipping and denting the mirror frame, the trim, the baseboard, and the hardwood floors. So after that traumatic experience I've left all the picture-hanging to Alex. Until now.

Tools for the big job:

Here is the print. It is by Sarah Ahearn which I ordered through Etsy. It's called Lotus Pods and I just love the colours. The frame was surprisingly cheap, considering the large matte. If I remember correctly it was $24.99 from Homesense.

Ta da! I did it. It's even level. And I didn't drop it this time.

I wish I had a before picture for the dresser. My mom found it on the side of the road and gave it to me when we moved into our house and had no furniture. Well, a few apartment-ish Ikea pieces but those don't really count.

It was white but yellowed and in pretty rough shape. I sanded it, primed it, and painted it a light green.

I was going to change the hardware but I ended up keeping the original little pulls. I love the little castors on the bottom, too.

Now that the spare room finally has a picture (and a dresser and bamboo roller blinds and a mattress/boxspring and paint), it only needs:

- crown moulding
- floors refinished
- quarter round along baseboards
- a headboard
- curtain rods
- curtains
- side tables
- lamps
- a rug
- more pictures
- shelves
- accent pillows
- accessories

Oh, my!


  1. That dresser looks amazing! I love the old hardware and the castors are too cool!

  2. Love it! When can I come stay in it?? LOL!!

  3. Nice project! The vintage hardware are awesome


  4. I love this dresser. Such a pretty shade of green. And I have a thing for wheels!

  5. I love this dresser. Such a pretty shade of green. And I have a thing for wheels!


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