Our Christmas Stockings and Other Simple Holiday Decor

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Okay, so I'm a bit late in the game here. Since it's the first day of 2013 (Happy New Year, what-what!) I probably should be posting about my New Years Resolutions for the blog and for my life, blah blah blah. I'll probably get around to that in a few weeks.
I took these pictures a while back but just never had time to whippersnapper them up into a post. So here they are. Plus, I'm sure many of you won't be reading this anyway since you're probably training for your first marathon of 2013. (I'm a wee bit jealous of people who can stick to their New Years resolutions.)(I'm pretty sure I made some last year but I don't really remember what they were.)(Wah wah.)
Back to Christmas stockings.
Back in 2000-and-something, when Alex and I first started dating, we sewed up some stockings for each other with his mom's sewing machine. They were cute but sooooo wonky. We had no idea what we were doing.
Since it was Coopie's first Christmas this year, I wanted to find/make some matching stockings for the whole family. It was a lofty goal. I barely had time to wrap gifts this year let alone sew three stockings. 
On a trip to Canadian Tire a few days before Christmas (to buy new lights for the tree since neither Alex or I could find them in the mess that is our basement) I took a browse through the Christmas aisles.
ALL OF A SUDDEN I saw these white, quilted stockings by Debbie Travis. I was like, what!?!?!?!? And then I saw that they were on clearance for half price and then I was like, WHAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?
I snagged up three of them lickety-split. Except they were all the same! I decided to dress them up a little by adding some wooden letters, some cedar branches, and some adorable white tree ornaments that my mom bought for me a few years ago.

I bought the wooden letters from Michael's and then added some walnut stain to darken them up.

I hung them from each stocking with a little bit of twine.

The little white ornaments are adorable. There's a snowman for Alex.

An angel for me. Because I'm so angelic, dontchaknow.

And a Santa Claus for Cooper. (The Santa one is my favorite.)

I love how simple they are.

Surprisingly, the stockings fit a LOT of stocking stuffers. Tee heeeeeee oh how I love stocking stuffers!

I kept the rest of the decor around the house really simple too.
I decorated the tree with white lights, simple white bows, a few bells with twine, and pretty clear ornaments.
I hung a snowflake cookie cutter in the kitchen window. Yeah, so I stole this idea from my mom, whatevs. ;)
I strung some snowy pine cone garland around the light fixture in the dining room.
For a simple centerpiece, I put a few bits of greenery and some white birds on my dessert stand that I paid too much money for but love to bits so it's okay.
And I hung the burlap stockings I made a few years ago on the front of the living room console cabinet thingy.

So, how's that for a little Christmas tour before I, you know, take all of the decorations down this afternoon. :)
I hope you and your family had a splendid New Years Eve and that you get to spend the day lazing around in your pajamas. That's what we'll be doing since it was -30 C with the wind chill here this morning. Eeeek!
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  1. LOVE your stockings! Pinning and copying! Happy New Year!

  2. Love the stockings and gotta love CT for their Debbie Travis lines. The accents you added to the stockings are just perfect. Love the simple and white decor you used -so fresh. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  3. Adorable stockings! Love all of your Christmas decor!

  4. Love your decor but I really, really love your sense of humour too. Must remember to steal your mother's cookie cutter idea. Your home looks lovely, very impressed with all you have accomplished on a limited budget and time.

  5. your stockings are adorable!!! love the letters!

  6. Your stockings are beautiful and so is your home. I love the simplicity of your decor...very lovely and elegant. I wish they sold those stockings online. I would scoop some up for neat year! Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for keeping it real! Love the honesty! I took mine down last week because as much as I love Christmas, I love how fresh and de-cluttered it looks when the decorations are gone. I also seem to notice all the things I want to change, so it's gotten me motivated for some new projects.

    Love the clean style and the wall color with all the white is so pretty... kind of makes me want to paint over my downstairs... but my husband would kill me, it's only been 2 years!

    1. I really like seeing the mostly white Christmas decorations instead of the usual red and green. Your home looks so bright and calm with all the white and neutral colors. I was wondering if you knew whether the cute ornaments inside your stockings are still available? They are adorable and all your stockings look great. My favorite are the burlap ones but the new ones are pretty too.

      Happy New Year!

  8. I love your stockings, and all of your gorgeous Christmas decor! I would love to have you join the twelveOeight Pretty Things party:

  9. I love this. You are a step ahead of me. I was wondering if my ready-to-combust pine was still worthy of a photo! I also was the crazy lady sewing a stocking for my son at 10pm Christmas Eve...oops. Then realized I sewed it the wrong way and my sweet husband ripped it out for me so I could re-sew. Fun times. The wooden letters and twine are adorable, love anything with twine. Always giddy to find Canadian bloggers too :)

  10. Gorgeous! I hope some year I'll have it together enough to put such touches around my own house. Once I have a house that is... We're looking for the perfect little place at the moment, but it's slow searching. I suppose the longer it takes the more we can afford. :)

  11. Lovely! The simple color palette makes your holiday displays look like they came straight out of a magazine :)

  12. Beautiful stuff! Where did you get the walnut stain?

    1. Hi Katherine, it's Special Walnut by Varathane purchased at Home Depot. :)

  13. I totally already commented on this post last year, but here I am again! Love your cookie cutter ornaments. I'm including them on my fave DIY ornament round up tomorrow. I'll link back to this post. Thanks for the great idea!



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