January Sponsor Love + 25 Bits of Random-Itis

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is one of those posts where I get to highlight some cute stuff from some cute Etsy shops. Check 'em ouwwwwt!

If you love vintage / antique finds but don't have the time or patience to go searching for them yourself, then Coco and Bear is the Etsy shop for you. Kim carefully handpicks all of the items in her shop for their charm and patina-y goodness. It's amazing how much interest and texture a time-worn piece can add to a shelf or vignette in your home. In the photo below, I've showcased my favorite items. However, the shop has quite a selection of vintage / antique suitcases, kitchen utensils, sewing gear, books, tools, children's toys, and more. You'll just have to head on over and take a peek for yourself. :) 

Vintage Singer Copper Oil Can
Vintage Red Industrial Kerosene Gas Can
7 Vintage Blue Book Collection
Vintage Lesney Matchbox Toy Car Collection

Enrouge is your one-stop shop for adorable nursery art. Karla's lovey-dovey bird prints are the sweetest.things.ever. How cute would it be to get a family of three little birds to represent your own little family of three? As you browse through the shop you'll notice that some prints are bright and vibrant while others are soft and subdued. I love that there are subtle differences in the prints to suit different d├ęcors. If one of these lovely prints catches your eye, you can apply a 15% off discount code that will run through February 28th. Sa-weeeeeet! {Discount Code: cozycottagecute15}

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and showcasing your Etsy shop, blog, or small business just send me a quick email at cozycottagecute@hotmail.com or check out my Sponsors page for more information. :)
25 Bits of Random-Itis
1. Choosing a new pair of glasses has been on my to-do list for, oh, the past few years. I loved the pair I had but they were kind of bent and the color had worn off in spots. Well, the other day I just happened to sit right on them and they snapped clear in half. I'm not sure if it was a sign to splurge on a new pair or a sign to lay off the Oreos.
2. Alex helped me pick out a new pair of glasses yesterday. They're very Lisa-Loeb-ish. You can call me cat eyes from now on if you really want to. 
3. I very rarely wear glasses out of the house. They're usually only a part of my pajama-bed-head-hoodie-slippers ensemble.
4. We were supposed to stain our fence five years ago and never got around to it.
5. I'm a bit intimidated by the whole "1st birthday party" hoopla. Since when did baby birthday parties get so over-the-top? Was it Pinterest?!?!? Yeah, it was probably Pinterest.
6. I still really love Pinterest.
7. Sometimes I forget that we own two houses. Until I get to cash the rent cheque and then I'm all like, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh we own two houses."
8. Coops and I used to spend quiet time together at least two times a day loungin' on our bed with no toys - just chattin', being silly, and having some down-time. Except now that he started crawling I'm pretty sure he's made it his life's mission to nosedive off the edge.   
9. I have a giant stack of decorating magazines that I don't know what to do with. I don't have a great spot for them and I never really look through them but it kind of kills me inside when I think about getting rid of them. I'm pretty sure that only hoarders say things like that.
10. Mini-Coop gets really clingy / needy / tired around dinner time and I find it challenging to make supper most nights. I should really bust out the crock pot more often but that requires, you know, planning in advance.
11. I wish my local Homesense carried cute cushions. The ones they do have are all shiny, silky and / or full of sequins.
12. Sometimes one or both of the dogs will bark after I just spent 30-40 minutes getting Cooper to sleep for a nap. When he wakes up after only 5 or 10 minutes of sleep after all that effort I seriously feel like screaming at the top of my lungs in frustration. I don't scream though. I just get him back to sleep again, give the dogs dagger eyes, and then reward myself with a cookie for being a good mom and not yelling at the dogs.
13. I'm really into cookies lately. I'm so glad I didn't make a New Year's resolution about getting in shape or eating healthy.
14. I only write with black ink. I'll avoid writing in blue ink at all costs. Black just goes better with everything, don't you agree?
15. If I make a mistake while filling out a form, grocery list, etc., I always restart and write the whole thing over again. I'm pretty sure there's a word for that kind of behavior. {OCD.}
16. The last time I slept through the night was just before Christmas in 2011. It was dreamy.
17. We've been without cable for a few weeks now and we don't miss it one bit! (We still watch t.v. some nights but we just watch a series at a time.)(Totally legally.)
18. I love vacations but I start getting homesick before we even leave.
19. We want to go on a vacation this winter but it's tricky to get away since we have two dogs. We've had multiple offers from peeps who are willing to look after Roary, but no-one wants to look after Lexie. She is such a maniac!
20. a) I dropped my favorite glass measuring cup yesterday. I'm so grumpy at myself for doing it! If only it had been Alex who broke it instead. ;)
20. b) I forgot to tell Alex that I broke the measuring cup and even after sweeping three times he still stepped on a piece of glass. {Whoopsie.)(Wife fail.)
21. Sometimes technology annoys me and I just want to hide all of the computers and iPhones and videogames so that Alex will spend the night playing card games and board games with me. Like Scattergories. Or Cribbage. Or Battleship.
22. I'm glad that I'm a spender and that Alex is a saver. It's a good balance. Plus, I really like spending.
23. I weigh the same amount as I did before I was preggers with Cooper. Except now I have ZERO muscle tone. How did that happen? I decided to do 10 lunges for fun one day and then I couldn't walk down the stairs for a week. Getting in shape sounds dandy but I'm not ready to put in the commitment yet. Plus, I'm into cookies remember?
24. I've never tried cottage cheese. Ever. It looks like brains.
25. I wrote this whole list of 25 things on a tiny piece of paper while sitting in the car waiting for Cooper to wake up. #mynewhangoutismydriveway
P.S. Cooper's leg and foot were draped over my laptop the entire time I typed these 25 things. He rolled over to cuddle with me and ended up cuddling with me and the computer. Hee hee!
P.S.S. I am way too tired to go back and see if there are any typos or swear words in this post. I hope that's okay. :)


  1. I'm with you on the first birthday party business. I feel like doing something over the top, but then I get lazy just thinking about it. By the way, I live in Australia, and I think Cooper and my daughter were born on the same day, or maybe a day apart.

    1. I feel the exact same way! I see the pictures on Pinterest and get excited in my mind but then can't seem to put forth the effort to make it a go.

      Coops was born on April 25th. I'd love to see a pic of your daughter!!! That would be so cute if they were born the same day.


  2. I have to start lists with mistakes again too! Even if it is just me who is going to read it.... and I also only write in black. Blue or colours = yuck. Soon i am going to write a post dedicated to my new personalised Filofax (complete with my version of fancy photos - ie. rubbish!) you should check it out, i think you will like it! x

    1. Okay WHAT, my dear, is a Filofax? I will definitely have to check it out for sure.


  3. Sarahhhhhhhh, black pen is the one I absolutely avoid. Colour, colour, colour :)

    And cottage cheese - oh man! Cottage cheese on toast with a cup of tomato soup = my favourite winter lunch :)

    1. Maybe I'll have to add eating cottage cheese to my list of challenges for 2013.

      Fear Factor. Ahhhhhh!

  4. Sarah- I know what you mean about being out of shape! I weigh the same thing I did as before having my boys as well- but I am not toned or in shape, but I guess since I see the same number on the scale I think I am doing great, and like you just pick up a cookie because I am proud of myself? ha! With three boys and working full time I can't imagine feeling in a workout time too- just sounds too exhausting, so I just stick to the fact I am glad I lost all of the weight! lol

    Birthday partys are exhausting- I can't help myself and I am either all the way over the top or nothing at all! Ha, which we have never done nothing at all even though I tried to convince my Husband to let me do that last year and just take the boys to the beach, so he convinced to have a "small" party, which wasn't small and over the top! I can't wait to see what you do for Cooper's birthday! :)


    1. You are working full-time with your three boys? HOW do you do it girl? Because in your Instagram pics you are always dressed and so are your boys. And they look clean.


  5. Black ink for sure. That's not weird, is it? I love your random thoughts. I have those too but I'm afraid to reduce them to writing. I totally get the re-starting lists when you make a mistake. Sometimes I make a mistake right at the beginning of the list (usually my grocery list) and have to start again. OCD? Whatevsies ... Love your blog and love checking in to see how you and the fam-damily are doing. Keep it up. I'm Canadian too and I've been trying to figure out where you live (my guess is Sudbury). Love that you're Canadian and that us here in the Great White North can relate to you.

    1. I'm figuring that the OCD personality trait is what keeps us interesting? Let's just tell ourselves that, haha.

      I agree. Us Canadian gals need to stick together. Whereabouts in Ontario are you?

  6. This is such a fun post! Random thoughts are really what we're all thinking anyway, so why not write a post about them?!
    B-day parties are way over the top...as are weddings, which I'm planning with my daughter now. Remember when you just had some friends over for some cake and then you played outside? Those were the days! No themes, or goodie bags or extravegant gifts...a simple toy and some fun. And weddings? Save the date? favor bags? REally????
    The magazines...I love magazines and it is so hard to let them go. Your local library will probably take them and then patrons can buy them for a pretty cheap price and get to enjoy them just like you did...just a thought!
    I miss snuggling my babies.
    I love blue ink, but use black. Even better? red ink...just looks happier!
    I have never, ever gotten back to my pre preg. weight and never will. Nope. Won't happen. I should lose some, okay lots, of weight and get in shape for the wedding...only 6 mos away. Shoot.
    Technology. I'm not good at it. I can, however, sit for hours and look on pinterest and read people's amazing blogs, all while sitting in my pj's.
    You will get a full night's sleep again...someday...buy you'll miss the days you didn't!

    1. Holly, your last sentence is so sad but so true :-/

  7. I'm the same way with the no muscle tone thing. Total bummer. How is that even possible?! I'm pretty sure before I got pregnant I never lifted something as heavy as a baby multiple times on a daily basis...

  8. I don't know if you have many Asain Fans, but i'm from a small country, Cambodia. And I truly love your work and all decorations. I hope with my small salary saving will have a small house and could use all your inspiration style for my future house.

    your blog is way too awesome. oh your family is so lovely.

  9. You know that time in the afternoon when you are trying to get the house tidied before hubby gets home and prepare some sort meal even though you would rather eat toast? That time when babies start getting whingy and whiney and cling on to your ankles while you are trying to walk from the fridge to the stove and you end up stirring the pot while jiggling the kid on your hip and watching the clock until reinforcements arrive??? Know which time I mean?? We called it arsnic hour at our place. My daughters call it cactus hour!!!

  10. I love your blog! You are refreshing and your baby is darling. I am a Grandmother to three. My oldest Grandson we raised from birth, who is now 21 and a junior in college. I feel fortunate as it seems that I have had two lives, raising three boys and then the Grandson. Your random thoughts made me smile and relate to those years of youth. Your decorating style is awesome. Bobbie from the Northwest

  11. So much good stuff here! Love the vintage books and oil can :)

  12. I so agree with Anonymous! You made me laugh when you said cottage cheese looked like brains.lol I do eat it but never thought that...still laughing!
    I do have to check out the Etsy shop!

  13. What a cute post, Sarah! I enjoyed reading it. I have a feeling you might be a fan of Jack Handey-isms. http://www.great-quotes.com/quotes/author/Jack/Handey


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