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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm pretty sure I perfected one of my muffin recipes this morning. I tweaked the spices a bit, and used some mini chocolate chips instead of cream cheese icing. I had quite a few cans of pumpkin in the pantry so I decided to use some up. They're not very "Christmas-y" but they're still delicious.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
The tweaked recipe can be found here.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
I went to the grocery store in the afternoon to get some ingredients for the Coopster. Over the next two weeks we'll be trying: Banana and Blueberry Medley, Zucchini and Pea Soup, and Salmon with Carrots and Tomatoes. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love making food for him? It's how we start almost every morning.
While I was at the store I picked up a box of mandarin oranges. Alex calls them Christmas oranges and always puts them in my stocking.

I put them on the beautiful white ceramic tray that Cooper got me for Christmas. He must have been listening when I pointed to it on one of our Homesense trips. What a good little shopper he is. {Thanks, Al!}

I've been on a mad hunt to find Cooper another snowsuit. He's almost outgrown his current one already! We tried three different stores online (The Children's Place, Old Navy, and The Gap) on Boxing Day but they were all sold out. 
I finally found one on the clearance rack at the Superstore for $19. Phew. We'll be able to leave the house in January and February now. ;)

Baby snowsuits are cute.
It was snowing just a wee bit today. Roary sat out on the deck for awhile enjoying the snow. Then he started barking like a lunatic dog and I had to bring him back in the house.

I had to swap toy baskets in the living room. The little basket wasn't cutting it anymore. I'm still really happy with the amount of toys that Cooper got for Christmas. He has just enough new ones to keep him engaged but not so many that he is overwhelmed or that our house looks like a toy store.

The little guy turned 8 months old on Christmas Day. I'm hoping to share an update soon.

P.S. I've got a few posts lined up about our new bed AND the basement AND the Fixer Upper. So exciting!
P.S.S. I finally cleaned out the spice cupboard. No more bay leaves from 2006. I'm so proud.
P.S.S.S. All the other bloggity blogs are doing posts about their top ten projects / posts of 2012. I feel like I should join in the fun but don't want to bore you guys with old stuff that you've already seen. Hmmmm, what to do what to do.
P.S.S.S.S. Is it too early to start switching up Cooper's Nursery?

P.S.S.S.S.S. I guess I just broke my 'No Taking Pictures of Muffins' rule. Doh.


  1. Hi Sarah! Long time reader, second time commenter (was looking for the cute print in your living room above the couch, found it!) and thought it would be fun to write you back since you are constantly sharing your life. I love the pumpkin muffin recipe! I'll be doing that tomorrow. I need it to use up that last can of pumpkin pie filling. You can never tell us too much about Coop or what going on around there, since that's what we show up for :) Bring on the 2012 reviews! As for Cooper's nursery, you might want to go for it if you have the energy and time. It turned out perfect on the first go-around and you may not have the energy to do it again until he's 16. Thank you for sharing so much on your blog. I'm a North Dakota transfer stuck in California and all the blogs I love are Canadian so I get a taste of home by reading. Congratulations on Cooper (8 months late) I am so happy for you both! How is the fixer-upper coming along? Can you remember what the sun looks like? Have a blissed out New Year! All the best to you and yours!

  2. Hey chica-
    Love this pic of Cooper in the high chair. Cuteness. I am slowly gathering items for AJs nursery to big boy change. SO I say go for it :) Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas again and much love and happiness in 2013.
    p.s. my goal for 2013? better blogger...better pics! ;)

  3. We went looking for ski bibs and everything was sold out already! I'm not a serious shopper and am not savvy enough to know when is a good time to buy seasonal items...I was apparently too late.

    Happy New Year! Enjoy making the baby's food--it passes by way too fast. My youngest "baby" is two now.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Thank-you so much for stopping by. I was thrilled to see your comment. Your little baby Cooper is too darn cute, and your pumpkin chocolate muffins looks yummy. I've never tried muffins together like that.

    Take care and Happy New Year to you and your family ~Michelle

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog (from Australia)! I love your photos - you are very good, and I enjoyed the pumpkin muffin recipe and will try it this week. The photos of the muffins are nice too! It's funny because while you're buying snow-suits, we're buying more swimmers! But I do wish we had a white Christmas! And I think a recap on your year's efforts is a neat idea! Take care :-)


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