Mission Organization Part I - Front Entry Closet

Friday, January 25, 2013

What's behind door #1?

I'm pretty much doing the running man in my head as I type this. Because I finally got a whole area organized from start to finish. It was hard, but I did it.
Yay! Organized!
The photos aren't going to be glamorous or pin-worthy. However I'm posting them anyway because, well, I said I would and I like to stick to my word even if it takes five and a half years.
My scatterbrained self started to go on an organizing rampage all over the house during the holidays. Except I was doing one drawer here, a cupboard there, and I couldn't really say that any one particular area was fully organized.
Last weekend I was inspired by our new, cute bench and decided that the front entry was where I was going to start.
Here's how it went down. I took absolutely everything out of the closet and dumped it all onto the floor. Next, I sorted everything into three piles: garbage, donate, keep.
I have no idea how I had so many things jammed into that closet but we ended up with one garbage bag full of garbage (Alex's old work boots, a pair of my runners that were almost worn through in spots, a mitten without a partner, etc.) and two garbage bags full of items to donate (old purses, old jackets, etc.). 
Once I had my pile of "keep" items, I started grouping everything into categories. These are the categories that I ended up with:
- mittens / gloves
- hats
- scarves
- high heels
- flats
- boots
- girl flip flops
- boy sandals
- spring / fall coats
- winter coats
- tote bags
- purses
- miscellaneous items (diaper bag, baby carrier, snow pants, laptop bag)
I also created a pile of random items that I wanted to relocate to difference places in the house and not the front entry closet (for example, I had been keeping my tripod in the front closet, don't ask why because I have no idea).
Top Shelves
I used a set of three matching baskets that I already had on the top shelf to organize purses (top left), summer flip flops (top middle), and tote bags (top right).
On the lower shelf I used three new wire baskets from Homesense to organize hats (bottom left), scarves (bottom middle), and mittens / gloves (bottom right). I like how the wire baskets are open enough to see the items that are inside.
Top Shelf: Purses, Tote Bags, Flip Flops

Bottom Shelf - Hats, Scarves, Mittens/Gloves
Thankfully I already had a set of nice, wooden hangers for our out-of-season and extra coats.
Wooden Hangers, Hooks
Notice that there are EMPTY HOOKS!?!? Wahoo, it's a miracle.

Out-of-Season Coats, Extra Coats

To the right of the coats I used three extra hangers to store my snow pants, laptop bag, and baby carrier.
Underneath the coats, I used a cheap, wire shoe rack (that we already had) for some shoes. I used the top rack for some tall boots and runners, and the rest of the racks for my uninspiring flat collection. Please don't judge this girl by her shoes.
Wire Shoe Rack - Flats, Runners, and Boots
Since I hate wearing high heels and only wear them to weddings when I absolutely have to, I only needed a small, canvas hanging shoe thingie to store my whopping six pairs that date back to 1995.

Hanging Shoe Rack - High Heels, Boy Sandals

I was able to use the bottom three slots to store a few pairs of Alex's sandals. There is only one item that is stored on the closet floor, which is Cooper's diaper bag. I wanted it in a handy dandy spot because we use it every time we leave the house. Aside from the diaper bag, the floor is completely junk-free! Amazing, yes I know.

Since our side entry is so tiny and cramped (with dangerous stairs everywhere), I've been getting Cooper dressed for outdoors in our living room / front entry.

I decided to use our new front bench baskets to store his tiny hats, mittens, and shoes.

So, that's that. Our front entry is officially cleaned out and organized. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

How's your front closet looking these days? Have you been hit by the organization bug or is it just me?


  1. I absolutely love this. I am a super organized person, but I can never figure out how to make it look pretty. Love your ideas!

  2. This looks great! I need to find some of those cute baskets and re-organize my front entry closet too!

  3. I have been on an organizational rampage lately, and organized spaces make me HAPPY! Do you find yourself just admiring your front closet, now that it's done? (Yeah, me too.). ;-)

  4. Wow. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before even though I read every post but this one is very inspiring! I'm impressed and am going to organize something (I live in Florida so probably just a guest room closet. Thanks for showing that it's never too late to get it together. :-)

  5. Um, thats where my tripod is too in the front closet! I don't know why either because I use it once a year for our family Christmas picture. I started out the new year talking about organization and apparently thats all it was, just talk, because it hasn't happened yet! :( That basket of baby shoes made my heart melt! Oh my, the cuteness! (is that even a word?) Have a great weekend!

  6. Well done! I like your wall colour too! I just love American architecture - even your doors are nice! And nice skirting boards too! It's such a good idea to have a cupboard by the front door - that isn't done here in Aussie. We don't really need a place to hang coats though, probably because it's a tropical climate! :-)

  7. It looks so tidy and organized. I'm sure you are enjoying all your hard work. We have 4 of us so we have quite a few more coats, work/barn wear and big boots so the overflow goes to the furnace room in the basement. I also keep the dressy shoes for all of us in our bedroom closet 'cause with 3 guys with size 11+ there just isn't enough room. I love wood hangers in the front closet. They are the best for heavy coats. Love Cooper's little shoes!

  8. Love it. And you know what I like equally as much as all the organization...the closet door. I do. I want one for my closet.

  9. FABULOUS! I did something similar to this a couple of years ago in our hall closet (we don't have a front entry) and our cupboards in our back porch... and since it's not overflowing with stuff now... they've both stayed this way for the past 3 years! I think that's the secret is everything needs it's own spot :)

    Now if I can just make it happen in my sewing room one of these days....


  10. You did a great job and I especially love Coopers little shoes!

  11. Thanks for sharing! You gave me some good ideas :)

  12. well done my friend. Coops shoes are so small :( I miss that. Love all you did. SO nice to feel like to finished something. I reside in the Land Unfinished! lol! Hope you are well! xo

  13. Beautiful! Those tiny shoes in that basket made my hear swoon. I miss that! I'm so glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower! I can't wait to see more of your house. It's beautiful!! : )

  14. REALLY makes me itch to organize something!!!
    should go to bed, but might need to just clean out a drawer! just found your blog and love it :)

  15. Why do you have a blog if you never post anything new???

  16. where did you get your closet door and knobs...love them!!!

    1. Both the bi-fold door and the glass knobs are from Home Depot!



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