A Wooden Box

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey there. How are you doin' this week?

I'm doing reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal good. Four-day week this week, tomorrow's Friday, got my stencil in the mail today, fun rock concert with the hubs last night, and Alex is making me a surprise supper at this very moment.

Life is good. :)

So 'member I was on the hunt for some wooden crates to use as toy bins? Well I was a bit grumpy that the only ones I could find (and ended up buying) were coated with a shiny, orange-y varnish. My mom offered to strip the varnish off for me and she was able to finish one the other day.

She brought it over the other night so I took a few pictures to show you. I know you love old wooden boxes as much as I do.......

I still need to do a light sanding in some spots as well as add some casters to the bottom. I went looking at a local hardware store and most of the casters were plastic and really ugly. I'll have to check Lowe's and Home Depot this weekend.

I'm really loving the dovetailed corners. I also like how narrow the boxes are so they will fit all snug against the little wall in the bedroom.

Hopefully my mom will bring over the second one this weekend (hint, hint if you're reading this) so I can finish 'em both off and show you how they look in the room.

Oh yeah, here is another inspiration picture for you. I know you like those too.

Image: Pinterest
Original Source: Home Made Simple

Well that's it for me for tonight. I'm hoping to catch up on my lack-o-projects this weekend. See you soon!


  1. LOVE the wooden crates!! It's gonna look amazing when you're all done!
    ~ Jamie Asper

  2. Perfect! Love the idea and the rustic look of the crates.....great job!

  3. These are gorgeous as-is so I can't wait to see how you make them even better! If Home Depot and Lowe's don't have the castors you're looking for another place to check (if there's one near you) is Princess Auto. They have more industrial looking metal castors to go on the base of dollies etc. for shops.

    Claire - http://alittlesomethinginthemeantime.blogspot.com

  4. Claire!!

    Thank you so much for the tip!!! I NEVER would have thought to look there. Now I will check for sure.


  5. Those are super cute!!! What a great find!

    Claire (the other Claire!)

  6. Did you know that Canadian Industries Limited is C-I-L? As in, the ones who make paint? Seems appropriate. :)

    (Also, Brainerd is in Minnesota, dudes, not Manitoba! Hee.)

  7. How come toys look so cute and decorative spilling out of boxes in photos, and so incredibly chaotic and messy when attempting to achieve the same effect in reality?

  8. Your boxes are going to look wonderful on casters. I would love to find even one.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Your mom rocks!!! So nice of her. The crate looks gorgeous. Your little guy is a lucky one:)

  10. Wow! I like yours better then the inspiration photo. Your mom did an awesome job! Glad you had a great week, happy weekend!!

  11. Cute idea ~ enjoy your weekend!

  12. those will be really cute. if you are needing another box like that and you are a handy woman, the house of smiths have a diy tutorial on boxes like these. the casters make it a lot fun!


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