Nursery Plan Part 2

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So you can probably start calling me the nursery over-decorator right about now. I juuuuuust might be trying to cram too many things into one tiny little room. It is just a plan though, so if I need to eliminate an idea or two, I can always do that down the road......

I already shared my plan for one of the small, awkward walls in this post: Nursery Plan Part 1.

Now I'll share my plan for one of the other walls in the room: the window wall.

Again, there isn't room for much. But here's what I plan to cram in anyway:

1. Two white curtain panels, one for each window. (I found some ca-ute white-on-white polka dot fabric at my local fabric store that I'm thinking of using to make my own.)
Image: Pottery Barn

2. Rustic metal letters, possibly spelling out Little Ninja's real name, whatever that may end up being.
Image: Restoration Hardware Baby 

3. Bin pulls for the dresser, probably in pewter or brushed nickel.
Image: Unknown 

4. Chunky window hardware for each window. I'm only going to use one finial on the inside of each window - the other end of each rod will go right up against the walls and will be covered by each curtain panel.
Image: Pottery Barn

5. Two tiny book shelves underneath each window. Gotta promote reading early. I'm a teacher, remember?
Image: Pinterest

6. A tall, narrow 6-drawer dresser that I bought two years ago at the Christie Lake Antique Show. It will painted in white (and distressed of course). My awesome dad is currently in the process of stripping the 10 layers of paint off for me since I'm afraid of lead paint fumes and paint thinner creating third eyeballs on Ninja baby.
Image: Unknown

7. A round, natural fibre rug to soften up the square shape of the room and to add some texture. I actually ordered that exact rug yesterday. Yippee!
Image: Pottery Barn

And just for fun, here are both pictures one after the other so that you get an idea of how everything'll look together:

So, whattaya think? I love your input, yes I do.

I found an ad on Kijiiji yesterday for some wooden crates that said "dynamite" on them. How perfect would those be for a boys room? Except I emailed the seller and he wrote me back saying his wife changed her mind about selling them. Doh.

The good news is that there is an antique show in the next city over (only about an hour and a half away) coming up this weekend. I'm heading there on Saturday morning on the hunt for some wooden crates, a chippy bench, a stool, some metal letters, and something I can use for a change table. Fingers crossed that I find something good. Ooooh, the thrill of the hunt..... :)

{P.S. If you guessed Smith, you were right. Coolest name ever! Although there are a few others still in the running.....}
{P.S.S. Happy Valentine's Day!!! If you don't have time to leave a comment tonight I'll understand. I know it's because you're too busy smooching with someone special.}


  1. Already did my smooching so I can comment:) The room is going to be fantastic, with your decorating skills it's bound to be! Good luck for the hunt on all want!

  2. You have such a wonderful vision when it comes to decorating. That nursery for your little Smith is going to be perfect! I can't wait to see it when it's all done!


  3. It is really sad and pathetic that when I get an email with one of your updates, I feel like I got an email from my best friend. Well done. :)

  4. It is really sad and pathetic that when I get an email with one of your updates, I feel like I am hearing from my best friend. Well done. :)

  5. I love your ideas! I too plan on bookshelves in a nursery (when the day comes). And I hadn't thought of just having curtain rods go to the wall - great idea! It would probably have been possible in my bedroom, but now the rod is up I probably won't change it ;)

  6. one comment (it all looks LOVELY, by the way. try for a change table w/ lots of storage that CLOSES (so you don't see the inevitable mess that you will be perpetually cleaning up :) a dresser, etc, all work great as change tables--and then you can keep onesies, sleepers, extra diapers, etc etc all right there, so you don't have to pick up the baby for those trips to the closet/other dresser when your baby spits up/pees him/herself, etc etc.

    also, i would like to offer you a note of caution re using white curtains--naptime. you will probably want to darken the room, and with white curtains that can be difficult. we have white curtains, and my mom put a darkening panel behind them (that snaps off for laundry, etc), but the panel material is somewhat stiffer, so the curtains don't hang *quite* as nice. but it still works for us.

    but in the end, whatever you decide will looks FABULOUS, as usual!!!

  7. Sounds like an awesome plan, Sarah! I looove the idea of low bookshelves under the windows, so cool! Super nice of your dad to help you with the paint stripper! Reading the previous posters suggestions, I do agree with the whole dresser as changing table idea. Are you going to be looking for another dresser to use as a changing table or an actual changing table? Also a good point about having the room be dark for when "Smith/aka other cute baby name" is sleeping/ will want naps to last as long as possible;) Are you keeping those lovely bamboo shades up there? As much as it pains me to look at them every day, I kept the ugly, nasty plastic roller shades that were in Maura's room when we moved in because man, they make that room dark!!!

    Ok, this is going to be a long comment, sorry! Signed up to follow you through the linky followers thingie. Was wondering what everyone was doing about this whole google friends/followers thing. Such a bummer. Got an email about the linky follwer and thought about adding it. WDYT? But if I stay on blogger my thing won't disappear? What about my dashboard, do I have to come up with a new way to get updated posts on the the tons of blogs I follow? Urggghhhhh.

    You should totally get around to hanging your gallery wall!!! I set up everything where I wanted it to go on my dining room table, then traced the frames and taped them on to the wall to match what I had on the table. All that prep (plus framing everything) was the hardest part. Banging the nails took like 20 minutes:)


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