Open Shelving Details and Some Questions Answered

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oops! I forgot some details about the open shelving we installed and posted about yesterday.

Here we go: 
  • We installed the shelf brackets directly onto some studs for extra support and so we wouldn't have to bother with pesky drywall anchors
  • We pushed the fridge to the far right of the wall (you can kind of see it beside the mixer)(it's ugly, so it stays out of the picture)
  • The dishwasher that was originally on that wall went to the dump since it stopped working a few months ago (and was a total eyesore)(and it made me flood the kitchen three different times)
  • The shelves are off-center to the wood counters below so that the hubs could have his way as he wanted to make room for the dog bowls (oh, boys).... all I have to do is roll the carts to the left a little when Alex is gone and everything will be centered and perfect again
  • So as not to be wasteful, we plan to reuse the open shelves for storage in our laundry room once we decide to go ahead with a full kitchen renovation

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Now, I've been the worst lately at answering questions. I'm never sure whether to answer questions in the comments section of the post, send direct emails to the people asking the questions, or answer them in a specific, separate post. I'll do my best to answer them here for today:

Where'd you end up putting the fridge and dishwasher? (Ugly Kitchen Quick Fix: Open Shelving)

Instead of leaving the fridge in the middle of the wall, we pushed it over to the right as far as it could go to leave us with lots of open space. We brought the dishwasher to the dump since it stopped working a few months ago, was super ugly, and was taking up usable space.

Isn't it wonderful when you can make a small change in a room without spending a huge amount of money? (Ugly Kitchen Quick Fix: Open Shelving)

Oh yes, yes it is. Alex and I both can't stop talking about how we should have done these little, inexpensive changes a long time ago since they have made such an impact already. :)

And I love your console table. Did you buy it new or is it something you refinished? (Reminiscing about Christmas Decor. Sigh.)

The console table in our living room was actually an inexpensive Homesense find! We were on the hunt for something very narrow so as not to block the doorway into the living room and we found this console table kind of by accident. I still love it! And Homesense!

Love your blog, where is Lexie during all of the chaos? (Nothing Like a Little Christmas Chaos)

While the floors were being refinished, we sent both dogs (Roary and Lexie) to my in-laws for a week. Lexie is still very afraid of unfamiliar men (we are fairly certain she was abused before we adopted her, boo hoo) and we didn't want her causing a fuss with the floor guys here. We also didn't want dog fur blowing around on the floors OR the dogs to smell the stinky fumes. So they both had a little mini vacation thanks to Alex's parents!

The floors will be beautiful. What kind of finish will stand up to the 4 legged ones? (Nothing Like a Little Christmas Chaos)

The floor company we used recommended oil-based polyurethane for extra durability with the two dogs. They also recommended a satin finish (rather than semi-gloss or high-gloss) to hide any scratches. That worked out perfectly because I really wanted the least shiny finish as possible. 

Gorgeous windowboxes, but how do you water them? Are they on a drip system? (The Longest Windowbox Ever)  

I just water the windowbox with a spray nozzle attached to a regular garden hose. We have drainage holes drilled all along the bottom of the windowbox for excess water to run out. So, nothing fancy!!

Once the floors are done, won't you have to put the trim back and paint it too? (Vintage Highchair Find and More About Floor Refinishing)

We left all of the baseboards as is while the floors were being refinished. At one time, there was quarter round all along the baseboards but it must have been removed when they installed carpeting in the house a long time ago. We've been meaning to put the quarter round back on but it didn't really make sense to do it until the floors were redone. The sanding machines did scuff up the painted baseboards a bit but we went around and touched them up with some white paint already. We are hoping to paint some quarter round and install the finishing trimwork this week sometime. Woohoo!

Have you heard of rust-o-leum's cabinet makeover kit? Looks amazing. (Ugly Kitchen Quick Fix: Paint)

No, I haven't heard of the kit! I have tried Benjamin Moore's new cabinet paint but it was so sticky to work with. I'll have to check out the kit you mentioned the next time I'm at the hardware or paint store!

Approximately, how much fabric did you use for the entire stocking? You didn't mention how much fabric you needed for each piece. I really want to make these, so I would love to know..thanks! (Burlap Stocking Tutorial - Just For You)

Oh geez, I really have no idea since this was over a year ago and I haven't even taken those stockings out this year to see how big they are. I'm pretty sure I purchased a meter of fabric per stocking just to be on the safe side (in case I messed up) and had lots left over for other projects. I think it would also depend on the dimensions of the stocking that you choose. Obviously more fabric for bigger stockings!!!

I'm considering blinds like those for our bedroom, would you mind sharing the source? (Tiny Bedroom Progress)

We purchased the bamboo roller blinds from a company called Linens N' Things that used to be in business in our town. They went out of business a few years ago and we were able to buy seven sets on clearance. I think the company is still in business in the States but when I checked the website awhile back it didn't look like they carried those exact shades anymore. Boooo!

Congrats on reaching the double digits! I will do my own awkward dance for you when your file lands in Ethiopia! P.S. Does this mean you will resume making your awesome dolls soon?!? (A Small But Exciting Adoption Update)

Ha, ha! I am SO out of practice with making those dolls. I always intended to make some more but never got around to it. How about I'll say maybe. Haha.

Hi, this is a great tutorial - thanks. I'm about to make one for my bedroom window, but it really needs to be lined (to keep the draft out). I was just wondering if you can see the back of the blind when it rolls up? (Tutorial - Fabric Tie-Up Shade)

I rolled the fabric under so that you only see the finished side!

Nice ... what are your favourite shades? (Tiny Bedroom Progress)

My favourite shades are the chocolate brown ones that you can see in the above post. They are the same ones I mentioned a few questions up from Linens N' Things.

Do tell about your shades...I think I want them! (Tiny Bedroom Progress)

 See answers above. :)

So where's the after shot of the newly painted kitchen? (Our Kitchen Is Oogly)

I put up some pictures, I put up some pictures!!!! I'm just slow is all..... :) The pics are here. :)

I've just found your blog and love your style!! Would you please please share the color on your walls here? I'd love to paint my kitchen like this. (Shelf Before & After + A Shelf Vignette)

The colour in our little breakfast nook is called Seagrass. It's a Sarah Richardson colour with her new line of paint called Para Paints. We found it at Lowe's but I know that other paint stores carry it also.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Phew. I think that was all of your questions! Thank you so much for your comments, questions, and continued blog love. If you have any more questions for me.... leave 'em here. I think I'm on a roll today!


  1. Sarah :) Here is a before & after of my kitchen cabinets that we transformed with the Rustoleum cabinet was a lot of work, but definitely worth it!

  2. Hi,
    I'm Jackie and your newest follower having just discovered your blog. I love it!! What caught my attention is the open shelving in your kitchen! Very nice and an idea I'm also playing with for the future. Thank you for sharing.

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    Hi Sarah,

    I love what you did to your kitchen! I love the way you used the Ikea islands together. I have a super ugly kitchen, too ( I even have a portable dishwasher, yeah! not really...) Anyway, your kitchen is an inspiration to me and gives me some hope.

  4. I think this one would be great in my Kitchen.

    Vertical Blinds & Venetian Blinds


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