Ugly Kitchen Quick Fix: Paint

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I gave you a peek at our ugly kitchen last week. We've left it as is since we moved in with the intent that it would get a full overhaul within the first few years.

Hmmm. It's been more than a few years. Five actually. With no kitchen reno in sight.

I finally had enough of the crusty walls and trim and decided to put in a little effort to spruce them up with some leftover paint that we had on hand. 

Even though I already know that paint is the easiest (and usually the cheapest) way to transform a room, I still left this easy quick fix for way too long. 

First I painted the walls with some leftover 1/2 tint Gray Owl paint from the living room / dining room.

Today I finished painting the window and door trim, baseboards, and pantry door with some leftover Simply White.

Now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to do this. Silly, silly me.

Here's how it's looking now. Still ugly, but not as bad.

Except now that the walls and trim are nicely painted, the cupboards look extra dingy and chipped.

Hmmm, do I see more painting in my future???

Maybe a light fixture?

Maybe a window treatment?

Maybe new cabinet hardware?

Uh oh. ;)


  1. I say go for it! It won't cost that much to make those changes {in comparison to a full blow makeover}. Love your blog!

  2. Have you heard of rust-o-leum's cabinet makeover kit? Looks amazing. I'll help you do your kitchen if you come and help me do mine! :)

  3. Looks great so far. Go for it!


  4. I have said it before I thinks its a cute quaint kitchen.

  5. I don't think your kitchen is ugly at all!! It has a lot of charm to it and your paint job looks really great. With some of the other changes you mentioned, it would be so cute!

  6. Looks much brighter, but maybe 'cause it's daytime? I like it, either way!

    Also, LOVE THE PIE PLATES!!!! LOL!!!!!


  7. It's amazing what a little paint can do, eh? I think it's a charming little kitchen and could be quite cute with a few touches. Maybe paint the cabinets, add some new hardware... a rug and some window treatments. Cute!

  8. I'd be so happy with your 'ugly' kitchen :-)

  9. Wow what a difference just the paint made! Your hard work made a difference for sure. New hardware can also make a big change. We bought some cheaper hardware in our last house and spray painted it to get the oil rubbed bronze look. Good luck with your projects!

  10. so much brighter... keep going! ; )

  11. it looks really fresh, and your kitchen is not UGLY! i am sure you want other things in there as I do in mine, so i understand where you are coming from. I bet you would love it even more if you added new hardware! i bet if you keep going, you would love your WHOLE kitchen :)


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