Reminiscing About Christmas Decor. Sigh.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Phew! We’re on our way back from our 4-day road trip. I am SO excited to get home and see how our refinished floors look. We won’t be able to put any furniture back down on them until Monday or Tuesday but that won’t stop me from walking on 'em and kissing them all over. I’ll post some pictures of the floors tomorrow! Did I mention that I am so excited???

Since I have not one single Christmas ornament or decoration out I thought I would get all sentimental about some holiday decorating that we did last year. Maybe it will inspire me to dust some boxes off when we get home tomorrow. Or put our tree up since it’s still in a trailer in the backyard. :S

So here are some photos of our Christmas decorating last year. Please forgive the photo quality. These were all taken pre-DSLR.

I made a go at my own version of a burlap stocking using inspiration photos from the web. I wrote a tutorial here. I think I promised a mini-tutorial on how to make that little rosette thingie but it's still on my to-do list. Whoopsie.

I sewed up a matching stocking, this one with buttons.

I hung a fresh boxwood wreath in the centre of our mirror in the living room, and hung the stockings from the console table. 

I set the dining room table with some plain white and green dishes, candles, mini-pinecones, and fresh greenery.

I made a simple garland with some spray-painted bells and braided twine.

I set up a little vignette on our dining room hutch using all natural stuff. I had a green and white theme goin' on.

I put up a real Chrismas tree in our sunroom. I ended up taking the red decorations off because apparantly I had time last year to be picky. (Picky is not an option this year I'm afraid!)

And finally, I wrapped all of our gifts with brown paper and ribbon. I even hand-stamped all of the gift tags. Sigh. They were purty.

Well, that's how our place looked during the holidays last year. No pictures this year as our mattress is still in the middle of the dining room floor and our clothes are in garbage bags all over the house.

Oh, renovations. What would I do without you?


  1. I am so excited to see your burlap stocking!! I will for sure keep the tutorial for next years decorating! Time to make some new stockings and burlap was on my list!! We will be adding a stocking to our mantel as our son, Kaleb, is engaged! I bet your floors look amazing!! Hope you get your tree up and looking all pretty before the 25th ..Merry Christmas!

  2. I can't wait to see the floors!!!

    And I love your console table. Did you buy it new or is it something you refinished?

  3. Beautiful!
    ...absolutely stunning :) Thanks for sharing.

    Christmas greetings from Australia♥

  4. Melissa,

    The console table was actually a Homesense find!!!

    It was hard to find one that was narrow enough to fit into that space, but I was patient and eventually found one.


  5. I started following your blog last year at this time when you were posting all of your fabulous Christmas decor!! Been following ever since! :) So, so, cute!! I'm sure you are excited about your floors!! Can't wait to see them!


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