Tiny Bedroom Progress

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm heading upstairs to show you some progress we've made on the tiny bedroom. Yup, that's what we call it. It's a cute little 9.5x11 room that's had a few improvements since we moved in.

Here's how the room looked on move-in day:

Ahhhh, pink carpet with blue walls and trim. So dreamy! Not. 

One of the first things we did was to rip out the pink carpeting to reveal the hardwood floors underneath.

Then we sanded all the walls and trim, patched and sanded all the cracks, and painted. The colour is called Old Prairie by Benjamin Moore and it's the same colour as the stripes used in the stripey bedroom. The colour is actually a lot subtler in person but the photos are trying to trick you. It's a lovely light greyish-green colour that looks green in some light, grey in other light, and cream in others. It's purty.

I painted out the ceiling, window trim, baseboards, doors, and the interior of the closet in Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

Alex changed all of the painted electrical outlets and light switch thingies to new ones.

I spraypainted the metal heating grates with white to blend in with the baseboards.

And last, I installed my favourite roller shades of all time on both windows for a bit of privacy since this room faces the street.

If you're wondering where this post is coming from since we're all over the place over here, blogging about renovating the basement, repainting the main floor, building the deck, decorating the breakfast room, etc. It's because I've finally convinced Alex that it's time to refinish the hardwood floors on the whole second level.

I've been giving, selling, and tossing old furniture and decor items in an attempt to declutter and empty out the rooms. Alex will have to move everything from the second floor down to the main floor while the floors are being refinished. My goal is to call and get some estimates from two recommended companies this week so the floors can hopefully be done by Christmas. 

What!?!?! We're not DIY-ing the floor refinishing ourselves, you ask? Nope. We were gonna, but we just have too much on our plates right now. Alex is working full tilt on the basement and I have a million and one projects to finish before we host Christmas dinner and my cousin's wedding shower here in the new year. 

Plus, workers can get our floors done and the whole place spotless in like, two days. Totally worth it if you ask me. 

So, that's our progress on the tiny bedroom so far. The next few items on the to-do list are:

- refinish the floors
- install crown moulding
- intall quarter-round along bottom of baseboards
- stencil one wall (more on that later!!!!)


P.S. I've got a bit of an adoption update to share tomorrow so come on back!


  1. I can't wait to see the update of bedroom....I hear so many comments on BM paint, will have to try it once I move into my new home in a couple of months.

  2. It's looking fantastic and wonderfully fresh! I love all the white trim and the neutral wall tone you chose. Beautiful job!

  3. Good call on hiring out the floor work. We (my husband) sanded and stained three bedrooms, which was painstaking (beautiful, but painstaking). We hired someone to do the master bedroom (which was a new floor we had done in inexpensive oak, but wanted to match to the cherry/mahogany elsewhere) - and how wonderful it was to have it done so quickly and simply. We do pretty much everything ourselves, but some jobs really are worth the money (and the extra time and sanity for other projects).

  4. very nice! It's amazing what just a little change can make to a space! Great job!

  5. It looks lovely!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's update.....


  6. I love the look of this little room. The hardwoods and shades do it :)

  7. I just love a sparse room and admire all the trim work. Do tell about your shades...I think I want them!

  8. Nice ... what are your favourite shades?

  9. How lucky you are to have wood floors under the carpet. I like what you have done with it so far. Just about ready for holiday guests?

  10. The room looks so cute!! I love those roller shades too and I don't blame you for wanting someone to do the floors, that is a big job.
    Good luck with everything!

  11. Lol....the blue walls and trim are just like our house was here!!! Lookin' good girl!

  12. It's looking great and I'm loving that color! Looking forward to seeing more! :)

  13. So fresh and pretty! Well worth the effort of sanding and repainting the walls, trim etc. Old Prairie looks like a lovely colour too. I'm considering blinds like those for our bedroom, would you mind sharing the source? Congrats too on getting so much closer in your adoption quest.


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