Some Cute Little Finds

Friday, July 8, 2011

During a few of my trips around town this month I ended up finding some cute, fairly inexpensive trinkets for around the house.

I picked up this little plant at a greenhouse on the outskirts of town a few days ago. I put it on a little side table in the living room since I killed the last plant that was there. Whoopsie.

I found this little stone plaque thing at a local home decor store called Rustic Craft. I loved the grey-blues and purples. I plan on using it on this shelf in the breakfast room (once I finish stripping and painting it).

I almost dropped dead when I saw this rug at Homesense a few weeks ago. They never, I repeat, never have jute rugs. I snatched this one up reeeeeal fast. It's currently at the back door in the breakfast room. It's doing a pretty good job of hiding pieces of grass and dirt that the dogs track in.

On another trip to Homesense I found these adorable little bowls. I've got one on the counter right now with some dog treats. They're not any old dog cookies though, they are specially made to prevent icky brown spots on your lawn from you-know-what. These bowls are also the perfect size for a handful of chips or berries. Mmmm, chips and berries. I'm making myself hungry.

I thought the texture of this woven tray would be a nice contrast against all the white in the house. It doesn't have a permanent spot as I keep moving it around the house. It was also from Homesense.

That's it, that's all. For today, anyway. ;)


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    We had a new deck pergola and railing built on to our house. We used vinyl and trek decking no wood all maintance free. Very expensive $12,000


  2. I want the rug. Does it have a slight rope smell? The one I did see at Home Goods had a really STRONG smell so I didn't buy it.

  3. I am off to the city today and Homesense is always one of my favorite stops...always look for white items,,,it is the best store ever!! Meant to say on my other posts, that you have an awesome backyard!! It will look great when you are done the deck, and the new door is in a perfect spot!!

  4. Love that tray!! I actually bought one similar a couple weeks ago at Hobby Lobby on clearance! I love it! Its currently sitting on my coffee table with some magazines in it, but still missing something...would LOVE to find a large mason jar to put some hydrangeas in to top it off!

  5. Hi Sarah ~ great finds! We don't have Homesense here in northern IL, but we do have HomeGoods. I wonder if they're similar? I love jute and sisal rugs.

  6. The finds are all cute, but I am most enamored by the dog biscuit description. I need those! My brand new sod is now patchwork sod. What kind are they??

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments!!

    Alright now for your questions....

    I didn't notice any smell to the rug so far which is a good sign... stinky = bad.

    I think that HomeSense and HomeGoods are very similar although I've only been to the Canadian one so I couldn't say for sure.

    We got the dog biscuits at PetSmart in the aisle where they sell the poop bags n' things. They take a few weeks to start working so you have to be consistent and feed them to your dog daily. I threw out the box already so I forget what they were called but I do remember they were peanut butter flavour!



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