Mini Shopping Road Trip

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sigh. I love road trip shopping days. Al had the day off so we hopped in the truck yesterday a.m. and headed to a few of our favourite shops a couple of hours away.

I had a secret list of things that I was on the hunt for: vintage tart tins, an old alarm clock, a vintage camera, and a chippy green bench.

Everytime I saw a sign like this I would squeal and yell at Alex to pull the car over. It was fun. He really enjoyed that part.

I saw many, many cute things. I tried to control myself but it was hard.

This basket was ca-ute. I didn't get it though. Apparently I already have a lot of baskets.

I saw a few cameras but didn't buy any. I'm waiting for the perfect one. In white. Haha, just kidding.
Do they come in white?!?!?

This bucket on castors wanted to come home with me real bad.
The tag said it would be perfect for beer. SOLD!
Oh wait, it was $95. Didn't get that one either.

Jackpot! I WANTED THESE SO BAD!!! There were six of 'em at $5 each. But, I left them behind.
{This part of the story has a happy ending.}

Oooooh, an already painted white little rocking chair? Hello, my pretty.

As we drove through one of the little towns we spotted a sign for a Farmer's Market. As you can see from the picture it was hard to get a parking spot. We only had to cut off one two three people to get one.

Where is he running to anyway? To get some Farmer's Market cheese? Bahahaha.

We tried some freshly squeezed lemonade. It's my new most favouritist thing.

At 12:14 I saw this sign:

At 12:15 I ate this:


After I was fed we headed to some interior decor stores. I drooled. Then cried because I couldn't afford anything.

Like this coffee table and rug. When I looked at the tags I swear they had my name on them. With a heart.

Other interesting events of the day included trying to take a picture of a deer but scaring it away, eating a giant cookies n' cream ice-cream cone with real cookies in it, and almost getting pulled over for speeding because we were in a rush to get home to see the pups.

I did make it home with four incredibly cute finds. They're sitting here on the table with me as I type these but I'm too lazy to take pictures of them right now. 

I'll show you tomorrow. And of course I'll let you know what I plan on doing with them. 

And the moral of this story is: smoked beef sandwiches are wickedly awesome and you should eat one.

{Update: I posted about my loot here.}


  1. Oh! I can't wait to see your finds tomorrow! I love going to antique stores and finding gems!


  2. can't wait to see what you scored! YAY!

  3. LOL! You crack me up! Can't wait to see what you got!!

  4. Love saw some CUTE stuff! Hope you got those tins, but glad you waited for a better price? You must have great antique shops where you live!

  5. My kind of perfect day!

  6. I love antiques markets. Thanx for sharing.

  7. Hello! I'm a new follower. I always pull over at the antique stores too. Love your home pics. You found some great stuffHave fun!


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