A Photo A Day For Seven Days - Day 3

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't know what the weather's like around your parts at this time of year, but up here in the frigid north it's still pretty chilly. We've got about two feet of snow on our front lawn, and the driveway is literally like an ice-skating rink. I can only imagine how ridiculous I must look in the mornings as I shuffle/slide my way to the car juggling my purse, schoolbag, lunchpail, coffee mug, and car keys. The ground is frozen solid and there won't be any yard/garden work going on around here for quite awhile yet. 

BUT, there is one plant in the house that is blooming. Hot pink flowers even. Oh yeah.

At Least Something's In Bloom

Four adventurous little picture-taker-bloggers decided to join me for the photo-a-day thingie that I made up the other day. Let me know if you want to, too. :)

B & B's Mama from B & B's Nest
Robyn from Out of Ours


  1. Beautiful flower and picture!
    Kisses and greetings.

  2. It took me all of 10 seconds on your "cute" little blog to fall in love with it! New follower recruited! :)

  3. I have that same plant and love it! I can actually keep it alive =)

  4. Love this! Just beautiful!!


  5. Hi Sarah,

    Fab pic! Wish mine were like that. Going to have to work on it over the next 4 days ;)

    Here's todays;

    Robyn x

  6. I can't believe you all still have that much snow!! We live in Southern Illinois, we had some beautiful days last week where I was able to get out & work in the yard, but since then it has cooled off again & its just gloomy. We had some rain & a few snow flurries, but no accumulation! I am so looking forward to spring/summer! Your little hot pink bloom is very pretty...I hope you take pictures when it opens up!!

  7. It's so fun that you're doing this... I have been doing 365 since Jan 1, and taking a photo a day... and I'm addicted to it now! In fact, today's post was my March recap, and all my photos for the day in March.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Sorry it's still snowing where you are. Maybe Spring will be around the corner. Love the indoor flower. I always kill indoor flowers. No green thumb. Stay warm!

  9. Sure! Why not join? I'll start with my picture tonight.
    Carmen from This is what I Love


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