A Crazy, Busy Week and An Old, Basement Window

Saturday, March 5, 2011


(Is that a word? The more I look at it the weirder it seems.)

Anyway, I'm back from a last minute, whirlwind trip to the big T.O. Some work pals and I left for Toronto after work on Wednesday, attended a two-day conference, and got back home on Friday night. I spent the beginning of the week getting my class ready for when I was gone. Any fellow teachers out there know that it's often more work to be away from work than it is to actually be there.  :)  So needless to say, this week has been ca-razy.

I kind of already knew it, but this trip made me realize how much I'm a small town kinda girl. Me walking around downtown in my jeans and pigtails saying hi to strangers. All the other girls walking around with knee-high boots, scarves, and other fancy things. Like bangles. And Louis Vuitton purses.

The trip was really fun. I got a cute ruffly tank top and a cute ruffly skirt to wear when we go to the Dominican. (I've got a thing for ruffles lately.)(I promise I won't wear the ruffly tank top and the ruffly skirt at the same time.). But, I have had zero time for any blog reading or blog post writing. Boo hoo. I miss you guys!!!

Yesterday though, I started working on an old, basement window project. Alex took this window out of our laundry room a few months ago.

It's going to get a little makeover. Maybe I'll even finish it tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you so much for your feedback on my living room / loveseat dilemma. I still haven't figured out what I want to do just yet.

P.S.S. If I love dutch doors, you love dutch doors, and everyone who reads or owns a blog loves dutch doors, then why don't they make them anymore???

P.S.S.S. If the grammar in this post is worse than usual, I'm sorry. It's way past my bedtime. :)


  1. Hmm...I wonder what you are going to do with that window?

    About the Dutch doors...I am convinced men run some of those companies, and they are not listening to consumers, especially what the female wants. They certainly do not have the pulse of the blog world!

  2. Love the window, I am always on the lookout for old windows. Can't wait to see the finished project.:)

    Sounds like you had a fun trip. I would have to say I am a "small town girl" too. I am the one in jeans and a t with my tennis shoes! :)

    Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  3. Hi Sarah! Oh, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with that window!! I'm sure it is going to be lovely!
    Dutch doors aren't made anymore?! I didn't know that. It figures, though. It seems like all of the things that I like, they are either discontinuing or don't make anymore. I guess door makers are too busy making cheapo contractor doors out of paper to make doors with anything different or with any architectural detail! Grrrr.
    I am a small town girl, too. I like going to the city once in a while, but I always end up feeling out of place, or having anxiety attacks because of all the people and traffic. I like the slow paced small town life. It's where I came from, and where I belong. I admit it, I'm a barefoot hillbilly! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Have fun, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    Donna xx

  5. Have fun, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    Donna xx


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