New Pendant Light

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When we got back from our trip on Saturday there was a message saying that the pendant light we ordered for our breakfast room was in. Woo woo!! We picked it up this afternoon and installed it lickety split.

It was like opening a present.

I love presents.

Since this room is so close to the kitchen we wanted the finishes of the fixtures to be somewhat consistent. So we went with brushed nickel.

It's pretty darn cute. The smaller version of this light is adorable, too. Possibly for our kitchen reno later on.... ?

And this is how you see the light as you are walking into the room.

Next up for the breakfast room is:
  • curtain rods (I've got some crackled glass knobby ones picked out)
  • curtains (possibly the white Lenda curtains from Ikea)
  • round rug (from Pottery Barn)
  • repaint table and chairs (Cloud White by Benjamin Moore)
  • recover chairs (possibly with striped fabric)
  • door?? (there used to be a bifold door)

So much to do, so little time!

P.S. Here are the links to the light fixtures: Brookside Pendant (12") and Brookside Mini-Pendant (8").


  1. LOVE IT!! We are looking for one for our new kitchen reno project! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Ohhh it looks as if it was made for that spot!

  3. love it! it's perfect, shiny, understated.. love it!

  4. it looks great :) I love it

  5. It looks great above your table and your plans for the table and chairs will be adorable.
    Love your pics from your vacation...we leave for Jamaica April 5th, can't wait!


  6. Very simple and stylish. If you are into gauzy white curtains, I've been taking white twin flat sheets from Target and hemming them. I have a pair in progress right now.

  7. It looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier & leaving such a sweet comment! Please come back again soon!

  8. looks perfect!

    also, I desperately need decorating suggestions... see yesterday's blog post... feel free to chime in. (HELP ME, in other words. Heh.)

  9. I already have said how much I love this light. Looks even better hung up :)

  10. Wow, so cute! You have a beautiful house! I love brushed nickel too.

  11. Love it! Ooh and can't wait to see these crackled glass knobby curtain rods you speak of!

  12. Love it, Sarah--it's adorable!

  13. Oooo I love!!!!! I think that that is a great choice and have been looking at lights like this for my kitchen!!

  14. I found it so simple yet elegant. So clean. It suits the color of table and chairs.


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