Three Things I Learned From an Experienced Sewer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1. There is a tread-cutter built in to my sewing machine. Who would have thought? Not me of course.

2. You can swap out the needles on the machine fairly easily and the needle that was in my sewing machine was a bit too heavy for the fabric I was using. Now I have a new, smaller, better one. Yeah!

3. Those dreaded thread jams that kept happening to me are because my sewing machine is sensitive or picky or something and doesn't like reverse stitching. It wasn't just me!

Oh wait. There are FIVE things you might learn from an experienced sewer-person.

4. There is a way quicker way to iron seam allowances than the way I was doing it. Duh. Why didn't I think of that?

5. If you cut the seam allowances with little notches on curved edges they will look nicer when you pull your fabric inside out.


  1. Hey Sarah!
    My name is Nicole and I work with your hubby, he told me about your upcoming adoption and now I am excited to read about progress. My aunt adopted two children and I think it is great!!
    Anyways, now I see this news year resolution is to be more crafty!! so I may have to follow this blog too, to learn some tips so, one day my kiddies will have homemade costumes instead of store ones!! So Good luck! and keep posting I enjoy reading!

  2. Hey Nicole, Al mentioned before that you had checked out the adoption blog. Hee hee!

    I'm excited 'cause I think you're the first person to read this one.

    Some of my friends laugh at me when they hear that I have a blog about learning how to sew but it's actually kind of motivating, especially when you know that people will be looking at what you make (makes you want to do a good job). Thanks for reading and I'm wishing you good luck on your crafty projects. I'd love to see 'em!


  3. hey sar!!!! it's me...your fellow sewing student...heeheehee. still haven't been able to get the sewing machine over here from my mom's house, but don't worry, i plan on doing it in the next few days. i really want to "get my sew on!!" heeheehee...maybe next week will be better - gosh i hope so! anyway, did you know that you used the same fabric for your doll as the one posted on the website??? where did you get the same fabric?? baaahhhaaahaaa!!! silly me - see you at sewing class ;-)


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