Project One: The Cushion

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I told the lady at the fabric store that I would need to get some extra fabric. Just in case I messed up. She was so sweet! She said, "Oh, you won't mess up."

Lesson One: Don't cut a huge chunk of fabric without measuring twice. I told the lady I would need extra.

First, I cut out the fabric squares. I borrowed Alex's metal square to make sure the fabric was all lined up and perfect. Then I made the first cut. Ooops. Refer to lesson one. How on earth did I cut a square two full inches smaller than I was supposed to?

Next, I pinned everything together. So far so good. Good thing I kept those pins that my Mom got me when I was a little kid.

Then I had to go upstairs and dig out my trusty sewing machine that my Mom also bought me years ago. It took me about an hour to figure out how to wind the bobbin. Who named all the parts of the sewing machine!?!?!?!??!? Why are there so many parts!?!?!?

Lesson Two: When trying to wind the bobbin (whatever that means, I'm still not sure), make sure to lift up the little metal piece on the top of the sewing machine that holds the thread in place.

I kept pressing the pedal down and the thread-thing kept flying off the top of the machine. I tried it about 5 times before Alex said, "I think you need to pull that metal thing up." Oh. Duh.

After a few practice runs, I sewed. I sewed, and it worked! I left a fairly large hole in the side of the cover to mush the cushion through.

Lesson Three: Don't get all frustrated (swearing and frothing at the mouth) when the pillow form won't fit in the hole. The fabric will rip. Be patient. Stay calm.

Finally, I needed a way to sew the cushion closed. Apparently people do some sort of a "slipstitch." My trusty book called Sewing 101 really didn't describe it very well so I resorted to You Tube. Five videos later, I was ready. I slipstitched. I finished the cushion.

All in all, project one was a success. I learned three very important lessons that I will try my very best to remember when I make the matching cushion later today.

Everything layed out the night before. Psyching myself up to actually sew something.

The final product. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

My first time slipstitching. The fabric even kind of lines up!

And it wouldn't be my project if I didn't leave a huge mess behind. :)


  1. measure twice (three times?) cut once, my dear. a tough lesson to learn :)

  2. Hahahahaha, thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh for frick's sake...peeing myself here.... I am a sewing-mess as well. I thought I'd be all domestic when I got married and got me a spankin' new sewing machine so I could make hubby a pair of flannel pj's. Manual? Who needs a manual? I needed a one-on-one tutorial!!! Took me forever to FIND the bobbin and thread the needle through all those loops and stuff! I ended up making him a pair of pants that, when the drawstring was completely let out, could have fit about 10 Mall Santa's in them. My hubby is 6'2 and 240lbs, and they swamped him. I have never sewed again! But, I have been tempted to learn to make a quilt for my baby girl when she comes home. I figure if I start learning now, I may have something half-decent when she comes 2 years!

  4. measure twice (three times?) cut once, my dear. a tough lesson to learn :)


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