The Making of Doll Number Two

Friday, January 1, 2010

List of Things I Think I Did Sorta Better on Doll #2

1. Her head stays up! I made sure to sew the head onto the body before stuffing it this time. It was quite a bit trickier to tell you the truth, but well worth it in the end.

2. She has more hair and isn't completely bald at the back.

3. The hair is more securely attached (at the top and the pigtails) with double thread.

4. The necklace is stronger (quadruple thread) and is attached more securely at the back.

5. The whole doll is wider and not as weirdly skinny.

6. The whole doll is firmer. I really jammed the stuffing in this time.

7. The hands are shaped like little hexagons to make it look like little fingers.

8. The arms are angled down instead of sticking straight out like a crazy person/doll.

9. I had (a bit) more control when sewing curved bits on the sewing machine. That means a rounder head and rounder feet. Don't want a block-head doll!

10. I got to pick the fabric this time. Way cuter.

Top Three Things That Irk Me The Most About Doll #2

1. She's lumpy.

2. Her neck is kinda wrinkly. She wasn't supposed to have a wrinkle neck.

3. The limbs look at bit stubby.


  1. Did you use a pattern or just make it up? If so, where did you get the paa=ttern?

    You did a fab job!!!!!

  2. Nice work, Sarah!!!
    Love to get my hands on the pattern, too.
    A :)

  3. I'll take a picture of my little cut-outs but I just drew some shapes on paper and cut them out. I don't have any patterns! I tried to look for some online but couldn't really find any.


  4. You should check out you might like it. Not all sewing but some, and some knitting and other "gettin' your craft on" stuff :) I got her book "Handmade Home" for my b-day a couple weeks ago after many not-very-subtle hints and it rocks. You might enjoy it...

  5. I checked out the book (already) heh heh, and it looks really cute. I love that style!

    I've been looking at these two online and really, really, really want them. Although I think I'm getting waaaaay ahead of myself. ;)

    Sew Liberated
    I Love Patchwork

  6. Sarah, too cute, and hair on the back of her head!!! Hooray! hehe
    So I am going shopping for stuff to make my first throw pillow (ahhh)
    Did you find it tricky? I’m sure you think it is easy now that you are making these adorable dolls.

  7. Sarah,
    I've heard Sew Lib. is great. Not read either one though, myself.
    Do you have a pick of the back of the doll's head? (You know...the hair, and all!) :)
    You've inspired me...I'm usually more a clothes and stuff kind of girl but, well, you've got the wheels turnin' in my mind. However, w/ 2 little ones running around my time's limited like yours...we shall see :)
    Hope your first day back @ work was good...the pocket's not crooked. You did that on purpose so she would have character.
    Ashleigh :)

  8. awesome job!!!!!


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