New Book

Monday, December 28, 2009

This is the book that I got for Christmas. It is soooo adorable! Many of the little dudes are made out of socks and old sweaters. When Alex isn't looking I'm going to cut up some of his shirts. Hee hee, don't tell him!


  1. Ah ha - that's the book my husband picked out at Chapters a few weeks ago - it's awesome! I guess you may recognize his fox and hound dog on our blog, if you have a peek ;)

    And yes, I am diverting my attention from other things right now by reading backwards through your whole craft blog. Now I want to continue diverting my attention from other things by doing crafts.

  2. Oh, and we have the opposite situation - Geoff keeps wanting to put holes in my wool sweaters so he can claim them for crafting. I (and my sweaters) have to be on the lookout these days.


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