Five Fall Decorating Inspiration Pictures

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I really want to do some fall decorating. And drink a pumpkin spice latte. And knit some cozy slippers. And curl up with a good book that isn't late to be returned to the library.
Here are a few of my fall inspiration pictures. Pretty right?

Image: BHG
Image: French Larkspur

Image: Dreamy Whites
Image: Craftberry Bush

Image: Dear Lillie

How are you decorating for fall this year? Going all out or keeping it simple?

P.S. I still have a ceramic bunny on my dining room hutch from Easter. Shhh, don't tell anyone. ;)


  1. The lantern in that first picture just kills me. So good.

    1. I know! I just need a giant front entry to put one. :)

  2. I confess that I still have a bunny on my front porch! Yikes!

  3. how sweet are those simple little candles? love those.

  4. Hi! I have read your blog for a little while now and love it and your home. I know that you have the Ikea Ektorp sofa. I just got this sofa yesterday and do love it although I do have a few concerns. One the seat depth seems to be short and was wondering if you noticed this or if it has affected you when using it. Also the slipcover that goes over the entire sofa seems kind of thin especially the part you don't see and I wondered if you had any problems with it tearing. I would love your thoughts.

    Thanks so much!! Angie Rice

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    1. Hi Angie. We have two different sets of Extorp sofas. The second set we purchased a few years after the first set and noticed a few changes in the design. It's even been a few years now since we bought our second set so I'm not sure if there was a change in the depth of the couch compared to when we bought ours. We haven't had any issues with the depth of the couch.

      As for the material they use for some parts of the slipcover, I agree that it does seem rather thin. However, I haven't had any tears in those sections. I did get a small tear on the arm of one cover when I was wrestling it back on but the cover was several years old, had LOTS of washes, and we were due up for a new one anyway. For the wear, tear, and washing that our couches get, I am really happy with how they have held up. I hope that helps!


  5. um, totally loving that ridiculously large lantern!

  6. Love the simplicity of the scenes in these images. I can't find my box of Fall decorations (I know, mysterious how a box like that can go missing) so I'm going simple this year with natural items.


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