Just Checking In

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh hi. I'm just checking in to say that I officially suck at being efficient, organized, on-time, or anything else that sounds grown-uppity.
Our patio cushions are strewn all over the decks, soggy and full of leaves. My child has only one pair of shoes that fit him right now. I'm afraid to look in the back of the fridge because I'm pretty sure there is a container of leftovers from many, many weeks ago. I currently have two pairs of work pants that fit which I have been alternating since school started in September - a giant pair of dark, wide-leg jeans that I pretend look dressy and a pair of skinny black khakis that have a super saggy butt. I'm supposed to have three photo sessions edited and ready for viewing by Saturday. I'm late submitting this month's ideabook for Houzz.com. We still haven't given my mom, dad, or brother their birthday presents (their birthdays were over a month ago). And I have kindergarten progress reports looming on the horizon.
I am totally not overwhelmed.
P.S. I did have time to bake cupcakes for our class party tomorrow.
P.S.S. I also had time to taste test one of them.
P.S.S.S. It was a boxed cake mix. And I still liked it.
P.S.S.S.S. Here is a picture of Cooper. He likes when we play cars together in the afternoon.


  1. Just have to say--even though you don't post as often as I would love to have you post, since I adore your posts....I simply love your blog and regularly steal your decorating ideas. And your little guy reminds me so much of my grandson, he just is just too adorable!

  2. I feel like you just described my life! I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up. I've been doing better with just letting go sometimes and ignoring the clean laundry that has been folded in the laundry basket for a week that I have yet to put away and reading a book or watching TV anyways!

  3. You certainly have a lot going on right now. Can you delegate anything? Shop online? Try to stay calm through it all and have lots of good foods and vitamins. It does get better - promise! Oh, and love the photos of young Cooper! :-)

  4. Thanks for taking the time to post. I love your blog. I was excited to see your post. Cooper is so cute. Take a deep breath and take care of yourself.

  5. look how big cooper is getting! he's adorable. hope you're well.


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