Our Ikea Haul

Monday, September 16, 2013

While out of town for a wedding this past summer we ended up stopping at Ikea on our drive home. Since we had our larger vehicle with us, and since we hadn't made any other purchases on the trip, we decided to bite the bullet and get a few items that we had talked about possibly getting forever and ever.

Ikea - Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser - White

We chose the white, 8-drawer, Hemnes dresser for our master bedroom to replace an old, painted mid-century modern dresser that family had loaned us when we moved in. While the old dresser was solid and provided much-needed storage, we always knew that it was a temporary solution. Plus, I thought the Hemnes dresser would look great alongside the two tiny bedside tables I found at Homesense last year.
Ikea - Hemnes Shoe Cabinet with Two Compartments - White

Now that we have a king-sized bed instead of a queen, there just isn't room for another dresser in our bedroom. We decided to use the white, 2-drawer Hemnes shoe cabinet for........socks! Trust me when I tell you that Alex's sock collection is ridiculously out of control. He keeps buying new socks and never gets rid of any old ones! It's totally not one of my pet peeves at all. ;) The cabinet fits perfectly on the little wall beside our two closets that yes, are still missing doors.
Ikea - Expedit Shelving Unit - White

After deciding to turn our front sunroom into a temporary play space for Cooper, I brought down the bookcase from his room for toy storage. After a few weeks I realized that it just wasn't working. I had no place to store toys or books in his bedroom anymore! So, we moved the bookcase back up to his room and we are now using the white Expedit bookcase for toys in the sunroom.
Ikea - Ribba Frame - White

I thought it was about time I framed my cute Etsy print from Enrouge. So I bought the white Ribba frame as motivation to get 'er done.
Ofelia Vass Duvet Cover Set - Ikea

I already told you the most boring story ever about choosing a duvet cover. If you missed it, you can find that very interesting and enlightening (not!) story here.
Ikea - Variera Pot Lid Organizer - Stainless Steel

By the time we got through the showrooms our little guy was getting antsy so we didn't have much of a chance to look through all the fun little doodads and thingamajigs on the main floor. We did, however, make it a priority to get a little rack for our pot lids. Best $10 spent e-v-e-r. My life makes sense all of a sudden now that I've tamed those unruly pot lids.
Ikea - Heat Trivet - Cork

These little trivet-things are the best. We already had some but snatched up another set because we use them all the time!
Ikea - Gosig Mus - Soft Toy
Our little super shopper deserved a little treat after spending a good four hours in Ikea. He pulled one brown and one white mouse out of a bin and didn't let go of them until we got home. They are adorable, and at 99 cents each, the perfect price. ;)
P.S. I am beyond surprised that we actually committed to buying so many things all at once. We're those shoppers who fill our cart to overflowing at Costco and then put half of the items back before heading to the check-out. ;)


  1. You didn't put any back because they are all such awesome finds. Four hours was good sitting for the little guy - no wonder he deserved a mouse or two.

    1. He had a blast climbing on all the furniture in the showrooms. :)

  2. I LOVE IKEA!!! We had two Hemnes dressers, several Expedits of varying sizes and loved them all!! We sold them before our move from WA to CA this summer (lots of sad face icons up in here...about the stuff being gone, not the move!!) and will buy them again when the time is right.

    1. I'm really happy with our so far. Thanks for sharing your positive experiences! :)

  3. I have the white hemnes dresser and absolutely love it.

  4. That was a good haul - sometimes you just need to go for things. I'm totally that shopper that over thinks every purchase. Thank goodness my husband is not :)

  5. Where do you get a duvet to put in the cover?

    1. The duvet cover set comes by itself and you have to buy the duvet separately. I picked one up from Homesense a few months ago! :)

  6. Husband and I spend a lot of (valuable) time at Ikea! It's like going on a date for us! Our son hates it so Grandma gets to look after him, while we enjoy ourselves! We've brought him back several mice - they're so cute! We're buying a kitchen from them shortly - can't wait to do THAT shop!!! :-D Looking forward to seeing your "reveal". Take care.

  7. Finally just catching up with my reading. Love what you got at Ikea, Sarah. I'm hoping to make a trip there myself soon. Starting my shopping list! J

  8. The Hemnes dresser has been on my wish list forever. So glad to see you snatched it up with the match shoe/sock cabinet, lol. When I lived in the country, a trip to IKEA was a big deal, usually planned around an event in the area (I wasn't always so lucky to have the big car with me).


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