Nursery Progress - Finally a Light Fixture

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another decorating dilemma that was stressing-me-out-biggy-time was finding a light fixture for the baby's room. It turns out that buying 5000 white picture frames eats up your decorating budget so there wasn't much left for a fancy-dancy light fixture from Schoolhouse Electric, Restoration Hardware, or Barnlight Electric. (Eye candy over there, much?)

In my last post about possible light fixtures, I had found four fairly inexpensive, local lighting options that I was debating. You peeps helped me narrow it down to two of them:

Schoolhouse Light - Home Depot
Fabric Pendant Light - Lowes

Except as my luck would have it, the schoolhouse lights from Home Depot online were/are back-ordered and the fabric pendant light from Lowes online was only for and not 

Waaaaaaaaaaaah. I just knew the world was against me.

Alex and I decided to take a trip to Lowe's a few nights ago to look at their outdoor furniture cushions and I decided to walk the lighting aisles one last time to see if there was anything, anything I could use for Ninja's room.

(P.S. Aren't I dramatic with all the italics?)

That's when I saw a mini-version of the fabric pendant light that was supposedly only available at Lowes in the States. I checked the box and it was the same brand and everything (Good Earth Lighting). We snatched it up and installed it yesterday. 

Dude has a light! Now I'll be able to find his teeny tiny bum to change his teeny tiny diapers.

Here is a picture with the old light fixture:

Here is a picture of the new light fixture:

I still have to get Alex to twist the shade around so that you can't see the seams but overall I think it fits in nicely with the room. In my dream of all dreams I would have had some kind of rustic / cottage-y metal light but for $59 and off-the-shelf I'm pretty happy with how this one looks instead.

Now, 'member that tiny diaper that I mentioned?

That is one seriously small bum! ;)

P.S. Leave a comment on this giveaway post if you'd like a chance to win your choice of stencil from Royal Design Studio.


  1. Lucky you found the mini-version. Cute!

  2. Awe, love the new light {and the tiny diaper!} Keep one of those for your baby box!


    Happy Easter!

  3. That room is too cute! It won't be long now, huh?
    xo Becca

    1. Nope, less than three weeks to go. AHHHHH! :S

  4. Oh my gosh things are looking so great in there! Congratulations on your little boy... and thanks for giving the rest of us some great nursery decorating inspiration : ) Love the stenciled wall!

  5. It goes great with everything in the nursery, such a tiny diaper but don't forget they grow out of those fast!

  6. Love how it's coming together! The light looks fantastic. Such a calmin palette.

  7. I love that light and everything else looks so cute! The stencilled wall is beautiful. Congratulations on your little ninja :)

  8. The nursery is so sweet, you have done an amazing job. It will be a perfect place to sit and rock your little one and his little bum. :)

  9. I love your light and the whole nursery is just darling! Stop over and see what I blogged about today - a little coincidence!

    1. I SO wanted that light!! So jealous. :) It looks great in your laundry room. :)

  10. Oh my gosh, are those diapers just the cutest thing ever??? I love them too because they contain the poop really well. Gotta love Pampers. The light turned out great! We just installed our new kitchen light over the weekend, which I will be sharing this week too. I might have to go to Lowe's and pick up a similar light. Right now I just have two exposed bulbs on the ceiling. lol

  11. hi! came across your blog through pinterest - just wanted to let you know that i think your nursery is so super cute! and that light fixture is awesome! whenever i see a tiny diaper i can't help but say 'awww!' too bad they don't stay cute for long ;)

  12. What a beautiful nursery. Love the new light. Great choice! Perfect for your little bum! ;)

  13. Such an adorable room and blog. The new light looks great, and I'm also excited about the light that you didn't chose - we are working on a bath remodel, and that type light is one of my choices so why not find it at a better price. My husband keep naying all my light choices - there is one other I'd really like, and that one which are up next for approval. I think he is to the point where he isn't going to receive a vote :) Have a great day!

  14. I love the last shot, the one with the diaper and the toy doll. Thanks.


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