A Not-So-Productive Day

Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, I think my productivity is officially slowing down. I had so much that I wanted/needed to get done today.

I heart Instagram.

My list included:

going to the post office to send off some adoption documents
- laundry
- vacuuming
walking the dogs
- driving to Lowes and Homesense for some small errands
- tweaking the last little details in Ninja's room 
- taking millions of pictures of Ninja's room
- writing super detailed nursery blog post
- making supper

Less than half. Humph.

Alex just got home from work and I've already instructed him on how to make pogos and then deliver them to me in bed so that I can continue to lie here and finish watching:

How 'bout you? Were you productive today?


  1. not productive here either , finished grouting (which I needed to do, appliance installer called to push back 1 day, boo) made two shelves and that's about it because I pulled a whole bunch of muscles in my back leaving me in too much paint to make a dent in my to do list.

  2. Love that movie. I got up at 1, not so good.

  3. I had one of those days too hun!
    I am new to your blog, so I just wanted to extend my best wishes on the adoption process!

  4. Youre growing a human- Id say you had a VERY productive day!

  5. Nope! haha Unfortunately not. I had all these plans as well, as today was the warmest day of the year so far, but the hub caught the flu. :P So I spent all day babying/taking care of him. ;) Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  6. i'm the same way! i think it's the baby in our bellies, taking all our energy!

  7. Yes, what Bethany said... take it easy and don't feel bad. :)

  8. Let's see...made breakfast for little grand daughter, washed her face and hands, brushed her teeth, she changed her own clothes, I picked up her pjs, she changed her outfit again, I picked up clothes she took off, played "babies" with her, she changed clothes again, I picked up clothes again, read books to her, played a game with her, she changed clothes again, I picked up all her clothes again (she gets them ALL out each time), sang songs with her, worked on abc's and numbers, she changed her clothes while I was making her lunch, she ate while I picked up clothes, cleaned up after lunch, helped her pick up toys-made a game of it, took longer than if I would have done it myself, but..., remembered I still hadn't combed her hair so I did that, it's curly and tangled so takes a long time, then she changed her clothes again-yes seriously...she's just like her mother was at that age, I hid all her clothes-or so I thought, she found them, changed again, I had her help me pick them up, convinced her to leave her grandpa's office and put the guitar picks back, she left the room and changed her clothes again, I had her pick up all the clothes herself this time, played with her, read books to her, made dinner while she changed again, I left the clothes on the floor, she helped me set the table, cleaned up after dinner, she helped clear the table, then changed her clothes, gave her a bath & brushed her teeth, combed her hair, had her put on pjs-praying she would keep them on, read a bed time story & tucked her in. Throughout the day gave her lots of hugs & reminded her how much I love her & told her she is very special-I did that more often than she changed her clothes. Yes, seriously. The clothes and toys are still on the floor. She's sound asleep. I'm wiped out. I say I had a very productive day investing in the life of a very sweet little princess. Rest while you can, dear. You'll be very productive very soon!

  9. We all have days like that!! Most days I have a long list of to-do's, but never get to them all!! What is your username on Instagram?! I would love to follow you!

  10. Rest....I think you need it, believe it or not you have been very busy by what you have posted all month. Now it's time to rest, enjoy!

  11. Great post! Sounds like a productive day to me! I spent most of my day yesterday procrastinating but right before my husband came home, I accomplished almost everything on my list. lol! ;)

  12. I am glad to hear you are resting!! Enjoy the final few days doing whatever YOU want...rest is highly recommended! I am so excited for your baby! And for lil ninjas room reveal. I am STILL not done Alexanders room, though getting closer. If only IKEA was down the street! Still need some frames...to make a bedskirt...the material is ready and willing!
    Hope you are comfortable and relaxing!!!

  13. Hi, my name is Jenny. I found your blog and loved so many things. I am among other things, an adoptive mom, a creative decorator, a lover of all things white. I thought you might like to read my adoption story here. http://glitterfarm.blogspot.com/2012/02/im-12-years-into-my-adoption-story.html I love to connect with ether mom's who are as crazy about white as me.



    1. Thanks for the visit and for the link to your adoption story. I'm off to check it out right now!!!



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