Drooling Over Doors and a Floor Quote

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lowe's had a sale on their interior doors last week. We didn't end up making any purchases yet.But we did go in to drool and to get some ideas for the basement. I think we're going to end up using two different door styles, even though I usually like to have everything pretty consistent.

You see, we have a storage room with one window and a laundry room with two windows. We want to let as much natural light as possible into the living space down there. So we've pretty much decided to use frosted french doors on those two rooms. 

They would kind of look like this:

We will also need a few other doors for a bedroom, a bathroom, and the furnace room. Since we already used shaker-style bifold doors on the main floor closets, we are thinking we might also use 5-panel shaker doors for the other rooms in the basement (and eventually to replace some plain doors upstairs as well).

The solid doors would look like this:

Even though they're different, I think they'd both look good down there. What do you think? A cute door is a cute door, right?


I finally made the big call to a local floor refinisher for a quote on getting our hardwood floors refinished. I've wanted this for sooooooooooooo long. Even though it's a chunk of change (we're talking 4-digits, oy) I know it will be so worth it once they're done. This guy has been recommended by several friends so now we just have to decide if we're gonna go for it. We also have to decide when to do it. He gave us two possible dates before Christmas and will need about five days to finish the job since they will be doing three bedrooms, a hallway, and a staircase. The dates he gave are: December 5th or December 12th. Uh, that's coming up kinda quick. The fun part will be camping out on a mattress in the living room and having no shower or tub to use during the work week. What a fun little adventure to look forward to!!! Any tips on that one?



  1. I love your door choices. What a difference new doors make! We have replaced most of the hollow core doors in our upstairs with six-paneled doors, painted white. Boy, what an improvement. We have plumbing issues here too. We are working on a new water heater (some tricky issues) so we haven't had hot water for a week. It reminds us of early marriage when we lived in a tiny apt. in Germany for 14 months with no hot water. But we were younger and more adaptable then! :) I'm sure your floors will be beautiful!

  2. I love your house and think you have great ideas. At Home Depot they have a frosted french door that would match your shaker style solid door. You can see it here on my bathroom makeover.


  3. How beautiful! Love those sliding doors! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  4. We did our hardwood floors ourselves about this time last year. We did a living room, dining room, bedroom, and small hallway that added up to 700-800 square feet. We worked for 3 days solid over the long Thanksgiving weekend and got it all done. It only cost about $400 - including sander rental and some extra pads. It actually could have cost less because we ended up using a belt sander instead of the rental. I'd try doing one of the bedrooms yourself and save some serious dough!


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