Old, Antique Windows Are Pretty In Your Dining Room

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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About a year ago I bought an old, antique-looking window for our dining room. About six months ago, I dug it out of hiding and contemplated cleaning it up and hanging it somewhere (to read that post click here). But then...... I didn't. I put it back in the basement and forgot allllll about it.

Yesterday the weather was miserable and I was feeling lousy from a poopy cold so I decided to clean it up and finally hang it up somewhere.  

I used a razorblade knife to scrape off any paint that was on the glass. Then I used some paper towels, q-tips, and windex to clean the glass in all the little nooks and crannies. (I held my breath in case there was any lead paint involved. Don't try my technique at home.)

I decided to hang it up over the doorway of the dining room. Here is a photo of the spot before:

Here is the spot now with the window hung up all fancy-like:

I love how the chippy, brown paint ties in with the bamboo shades in the living room, the rattan furniture in the sunroom, and the barnboard top of the dining room hutch.

It was reallllly heavy. We attached two brackets to the back of the window that can hold up to 35 pounds each. Alex really liked it when I asked him to hold it up once twice three times okay ten times.

It has a number on the bottom corner. I love that you can see it when you're walking by.

Now that I took this window out of the basement I have more room to put stuff that I find at the antique show this weekend. Woot woot!

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  1. it looks great! good idea to hold your breath :)

  2. I love chippy old windows. I hate that our town did away with big trash day b/c I could always find great ones sitting out on the curb on the day. Your window looks fantastic there!

  3. that is awesome! what a unique window.... love its details!

  4. Love it! It looks fabulous above the doorway. I must admit, I'd never heard the "hold your breath" method for working with lead paint dust/debris. Ha ha.


  5. Super cute window!! Love it!!

  6. Ohhh...I LOVE, love, love that window. It looks like a piece of art!

  7. GASP! GREAT choice to not paint it! I would have not even thought about the lead paint!
    I also think the number on it is cool as well.
    Have a pretty day!

  8. That's the perfect spot for a chippy window!

    A few bloggers are meeting up at Christie. Details on my blog. Hope to see you there!!

  9. Amazing, I lake it!

  10. I love old windows. This one has so much pretty detail and chippy character. Great spot for it! :)


  11. I love the old window! Thank you for sharing it on Masterpiece Monday. I'm going to feature it this week on my top 10 fav picks. Have a great week, Mary :O)

  12. I have to tell you, I am always on the prowl for new blogs to stalk that will inspire me. Especially when it comes to decorating/renovating our house. You have the cutest house and fabulous ideas, I've already stolen your bench cushion idea and your roll up shade... next is the shutters and window boxes.. (my husband is hating you right about now) I just wanted to let you know that finding your blog was the best time I've wasted on the internet in a very long time! So thanks for your hard work and the inspiration!

  13. Loving your window above your doorway!

  14. that is really beautiful! chippy perfection! found a great spot for it!! susan

  15. I love the way it looks over the doorway- will have to keep my eyes open I think!

  16. I love that piece , it was so nice to meet you today , hope you have a safe trip home

  17. I can't say enough about how much I love this window. I can't believe you had it stashed away all this time. Crazy lady! It looks fabulous up there. Perfect spot!


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