Maybe I'll See You At The Christie Antique Show

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not this weekend but next (that's so soon, woot woot!) I'll be heading down to the Christie Antique Show in Southern Ontario. I've been formulating my shopping list over the past few weeks and will be on the look-out for the following items:

1) Some corbels/brackets

Image - Country Living
2) A collection of vintage keys

Image - Handmadeology

3) A few chippy benches

Image - Heather Kowalski
4) An old ladder

Image - Pale and Interesting

5) Anything else of the cottage, cozy, or cute variety


Anyone else out there going to the show? Will I see you there??? :)


  1. Sounds really good! I'm on the lookout for some corbels for my kitchen, thanks!


  2. I just love antique shows! You have a great list, I hope you find everything! Take pictures, so we can see! :)


  3. I'd love to go and it is fairly close, but it is my brother's surprise 50th that weekend. I might be able to squeeze it in once I hear more deatils of party date/time. I plan to hit Aberfoyle a few times this summer.

  4. Oh, I'd love some of those benches. The corbels and ladder would be great too. I hope you have luck and find what you want :)

  5. That's a good list. I'd love some corbels too. I just saw a ladder the other day for $30, which I thought was a good price. I didn't get it though...I already have one. Good luck shopping :)


  6. Oh how I wish I could be there! I hope you do go , and share lots of photo's!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. I hope you get everything on your list and MORE! Be sure to share pics with us when you do!

  8. Oh, I want some chippy benches like that! Send one to me when you find them! ;-)


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