My Top 5 Outdoor Project To-Do List

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maybe, just maybe, if I write down my top five projects for outside it'll stir up some motivation to actually get them done. 

So here we go. 

1. Make some board and batten shutters for our three, second-story windows at the front of our house. I already wrote a post a long time ago with some shutter inspiration here. I could do this project, right? A few pieces of wood, some screws, some paint?

Obviously not my house.

 2. Make two more large window boxes for the two sets of double windows on the south side of our house. We already have a giant one on the front of the house which you can see here. Alex promised that he would make two more (slightly smaller though) so that I could write and post a tutorial for you. Hmmmm, I'm going to go and "remind" him about this as soon as I'm done this post.

Not my house either.

3. Repaint the wood siding exterior of our side entry. Right now it is looking g-h-e-t-t-o. The paint is peeling and there are huge chunks of paint that have chipped off. It really doesn't help that it's on the north side of the house that gets zero sun. It's always damp and dark and ugly. I am not looking forward to this project but trust me when I say that it needs to get done.

Random picture of wood.

 4. Plant another Annabelle Hydrangea shrub in the front garden. I planted five along the front of the house and three along the side. At the corner of the house where they meet, I've had a Hydrangea tree (because apparently you can't have too many hydrangeas) but the tree never did well in that spot. Even after a few years it had tiny, pitiful blooms. I'll try moving it to a different spot.

Someone else's hydrangea bloom.

5. Overseed the lawn and plant grass seed in Roary's nasty pee spots. This project is pretty simple and straightforward. I guess I could technically be doing this right now. Considering that I was too lazy to go outside and take my own photos for this blog post I don't think I will be tackling it today. Plus, it's too windy. And the couch is comfy.

No bare spots in this person's yard.

Have you finished any curb appeal projects yet? I can guarantee that if you tell me about them I will think you are awesome but I will be jealous at the same time because I am lazy and you are not. ;)


  1. Somehow, I managed to get off my sofa long enough to 1) plant a few impatiens in front yard flower day 2) plant a few more impatiens in same day 3) plant a few more. See, you gotta break up the trips off the sofa into short little spells. Don't want to overdo it, right? :) Good luck with your yard projects, I'd rather do anything inside!!!


  2. Well, at least you are focused. Five projects seems much more do-able than my never-ending list of a gazillion things. Which means I accomplish little things, but nothing major. I've been wanting window boxes on the two windows at our rear entrance for a long, long time; but, right now, that probably will not be on the list :).

  3. I have several projects that I need to do as well so I decided to host a link up party on May 06. It's called Show Us Your Yard. Hopefully it's the motivation to get my rear in gear so I will have something to show! Maybe you could get something done and come join in.

  4. I just came in from doing some yard clean up...ohh my aching back!! We will be finishing our front deck this summer,,,have some plans for a fireplace out there too. Our farm yard is soooo big, and then there is the BnB yard to maintain as well. Somedays I need to hire a yard person!! Oh,,and there is the fence that should be repainted too..Okay,,,just made myself real tired,,time to call it a day!

  5. Hello I found you over at Restoration House, I love your blog. I too have so many outdoor things to do if it would only quit raining.. glad I found you .. your newest follower. stop by and visit when you get a chance..


  6. I did do a little front yard clean up this past Saturday. I wish I had known that I would love hydrangea's as much as I do...I would have planted as many as you. I have one little plant that gives me beautiful blooms. This summer I am going to be creating my backyard garden and I promise you I will be adding MANY hydrangea plants. I continue to love your posts...they always make me chuckle:o)

  7. I am hoping to add some more shutters & a few window boxes myself this summer!! It was on the to-do list last summer too but, maybe, just maybe, I will get it accomplished this time around!

  8. Your blog post about outdoor jobs made me tired, so I am going to go lie down. Post when you are done..

  9. I'm blaming the looong winter on the lack of motivation! My girls surprised me with a new Annabelle hydarangea, this one is pink all season, so hopefully that will give me some mojo!! meanwhile the to-do list is getting bigger!!

  10. I would have to have a top 10 list here!
    The weather hasn't been cooperating so at least my honey has an excuse!

  11. We have been working on building a picket fence for our front yard. Plus, we built a picket fence around our garden and painted it blue. We are working on rounding up some old pallets to build our front yard picket fence with, so it might take us a while to finish it. But we have one section done, and I have started painting it white, so it feels good to be partially done!
    Build those shutters! They are really, really easy to do. Plus, you can build them inexpensively, especially if you can find some wood that someone is getting rid of. They will make a huge difference in the way your house looks!
    We are also planning on building some window boxes and planting more Hydrangeas. In fact, I want to plant Hydrangeas in my window boxes. :) The weather is finally starting to get a little better here, so maybe we'll finally be getting outside. I hope so!
    Have a great week!

  12. as long as the weather stays nice here ( it hasn't been to spring like lately) my project list will slowly get finished....hopefully, giggle. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog . Hugs!

  13. Well girl, if all you've got are 5 things on your list, then you are doing good!! My list for outside includes all of those things + more! Although I didn't think about the window boxes... please do share how to make those!!

  14. Always nice to have a list because it feels so good when you start crossing off.

  15. I am so tired just from reading your post and all the comments that I am going to make a tea and have a wee lie down on the couch. I am exhausted from all the reading. Its still cold and rainy here so not much chance to do anything outside even if I wanted too.Frances

  16. You go girl, it's going to look fabulous!!

  17. Great list! I love the Annabelles! I hope to find a place to plant them at our new house.

  18. Love them all!! You can never have too many hydrangeas and I think I may need more as well. I only have one and it is still alive! :) I can't wait to see everything.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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